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How to Choose the Best Gaming Chair?
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How to choose the best gaming chair?

Video games

How to Choose the Best Gaming Chair?

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If you suffer from back pain, it is more than vital that you select a gaming chair that offers excellent lumbar support. And for that, the height and the width of the backrest should be taken into consideration. 

The same goes for the cushions’ firmness, whether it be in the back, arms, or buttocks. Because the old wooden chair your Grandma gave you will become particularly irritating for the buttocks after 20 minutes of play!


Comfortable for a Long Time, Like on the First Day

Is the inclination optimal? Are the cushions feeling too hard or too soft? What about your feet? Do they properly touch the ground? 

No one wants to end up on the floor because of a bad chair… and being in a position where they need to let out all the blasphemies they've learned throughout their lives to ease the pain! 

So ideally, you want a chair that is comfortable but not only for a day or two. Therefore, you should be looking for quality and not focus on the price only. And when it comes to the world of gaming chairs, you’ll see that many, many, options are available.

I can hear you shouting in the distance! "Steeve, can I have a gaming chair with a cold drink holder on the side?" Well, I don't think there is such a thing. Or maybe there is? If I've thought about it, maybe someone on the planet has thought about it too!.. "OK, but Steeve, can my chair be heated? Or can it give me massages?" I don't know and... why would somebody even want that?!

Anyway, as I said, many options are available. But to find a great chair, I think you should be focusing on comfort, and not only on gadgets. Gadgets are a plus. Remember that you won’t be sitting on your drink holder all day long.


How to Find THE Best Gaming chair? 

To help you find the right answer, I asked the question to my friend, Erik Gosselin, who knows more about this field than I do. 

So he gave me a list of his top 5 greatest gaming chairs.

"My best gaming chairs list is based on comfort and product quality", said Erik. So forget about the "flashy" aspect of the object, the colors, and all that. We're betting on comfort, as we naturally do when buying a mattress!"


  1. Titan 2020 Series, SecretLab

Best gaming chair Titan 2020, Secretlab.

For Erik, the real deal when talking about gaming chairs is, without a doubt, the Titan 2020 Series, from SecretLab. 

"A class of its own in terms of both quality and comfort". Adjustable armrests, full lumbar support, cervical pillow, and more. Note that the price is rather high (around $580* CDN). But with such a chair, great comfort and no back pain on the horizon!"

*I would like to point out that the prices mentioned in this article vary from one store to another.

  1. G Series Modular, DXRacer

G Series Modular, DXracer.

His second choice goes to the G Series Modular, from DXRacer. An extremely comfortable gaming chair. Slightly smaller than the previous one, it isn’t built to support the same weight (243 lbs vs 290 for the previous one), but the price is smaller too: $500 CDN.


  1. Omega 2020, SecretLab

Omega 2020, Secretlab.

For third place, Erik is vouching for the Omega 2020, another chair from SecretLab. Offered at $540 CDN, it is less wide at seat level than the Titan 2020 (the model in the first position). But apart from that, it has comparable dimensions to the Titan 2020 and shares its ergonomic options.


  1. EPIC Black Edition, Noblechairs

Epic Black Edition, Noblechairs.

The fourth position is held by Noblechairs' EPIC Black Edition. The chair is sold for $450 CDN. 

A nice gaming chair that can support 250 lbs, with specifications comparable to the DXRacer (2nd position) and a comparable inclination, from 85 to 135°. 

Note that the possible inclinations are comparable from one model to another in this selection.


  1. RSP-205, Respawn

RSP-205, Respawn.

Finally, to conclude this best gaming chair TOP 5, here’s another one that will help you avoid back pain and maximize butt-comfort for long gaming sessions: the Respawn 205. Sold for $600 CDN, this chair also has adjustable armrests, lumbar support, and a cervical pillow. 

Supporting up to 275 lbs, this pretty "racing style" chair is very comfortable, durable (but also the most expensive of the five suggested models). But like I said, prices will vary a lot from one place to another. So it might be cheaper somewhere. You never know. 

This chair is used, among other things, for car racing simulations.


Comfort Comes at a Price

There you go! Hopefully, this article has helped you to find the best gaming chair, or at least, the most adapted to you.

And if not, I hope this at least gave you a good idea of how much you should be spending for a great gaming chair. 

Aiming for a pro-gamer career? Don’t even think about it and buy a real gaming chair!

Of course, there are cheaper models available, but these chairs are at risk of breaking more quickly, of seeing the upholstery accidentally tear, of seeing the cushions lose their roundness and firmness prematurely. 

Remember, no one wants to end up with grandma's old wooden chair!


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