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The Scariest Games I’ve Ever Played
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The Scariest Games I’ve Ever Played

Video games

The Scariest Games I’ve Ever Played

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Halloween 2020 will not be like previous years, obviously due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, in order to dive into the atmosphere of this holiday, I propose a special list of the scariest video games I've played. I have to admit, I suffered from sleep disturbance after playing some of the games on this list.

Not to the point of spending a sleepless night counting sheep or shivering under the covers, being careful not to let a foot out from under the sheets, but I did have trouble sleeping a few times. You will see that through this article, I have a love-hate relationship with the genre.


Here Are My 10 Most Scary Video Games:


1. Alien Isolation

Scary game #1: Alien Isolation.

Why?! But why did I decide to buy a 3D headset when I chose to get into the Alien Isolation adventure? The sound environment is mind-blowing, the immersion is incredible and the experience... traumatic. I dreamt about it for days! Knowing that the xenomorphs, these extraterrestrials with elongated skulls and double dentures, already frightens me (seeing the movie Alien too early in my life traumatized me), playing this game was far from a walk in the park.

In the game, you find yourself alone (in appearance) on the space station Sevastopol. You play the courageous Amanda Ripley through a game of hide-and-seek with a huge, particularly fast and brilliant Alien. It is one of the scariest games I have ever played and one of the causes of my temporary sleep disorder.


2. Alien vs Predator 2

Horror Game #2: Alien vs Predator.

Aliens! Again! I played this game on PC in the fall of 2001. Although it is divided into three stories, the story following the Marine is particularly terrifying. I remember it like it was yesterday! That moment when I had to lead my soldier into the heart of an Alien's nest, underground, submerged by dozens of particularly ferocious xenomorphs pouncing on me. Stressful, but also very exciting to play!


3. Dead Space 1-2

Scary game #3: Dead Space 1 & 2.

These two games are great (the 3rd one a little less). You are the space engineer Isaac Clarke, at the edge of space on the USG Ishimura, invaded by murderous Necromorphs. The first is definitely the scariest game I played that year.

Luckily, the weapons have punch, the game is fun to play and well done, but at the same time so stressful! The enemies are varied, original, and you can cut them with your Plasma Cutter, which is cool. A little plasma shot and you can scream ¨Good night!¨ to those naughty monsters!


4. Outlast

Horror game #4: Outlast.

There are two Outlast games, but I never managed to finish the first one because of the stress it caused me! Does that shivering feeling of seeing your hair physically lift up from your arm when you see a mysterious shadow turning at the end of the lane ring a bell? The story is fascinating and its playability is rather original with this unarmed hero who must hide to survive. Without forgetting its particularly effective general atmosphere making this horror game one of the most frightening.


5. Resident Evil 4

Scary game #5: Resident Evil 4.

Definitely my favorite of the series. Not necessarily the scariest, but still very stressful. This passage through the sewers with those powerful invisible creatures, this sequence at the cemetery with the church in the background, or those villagers at the beginning! Ouch! I didn't play the whole series because of my love-hate relationship with horror games, but from what I know, the 7th is something... Oh yes, and a special mention to Resident Evil Revelations 2, which is also very effective!


6. ZombiU

Horror game #6: ZombiU.

The WiiU version of this game offers a unique experience due to its asymmetrical playability. Survival game by excellence, you have access to your hardware in real-time (no real PAUSE) via the screen of your GamePad. Ammunition is scarce, the handling is anything but precise, you feel fragile and vulnerable. The graphics are good, the concept of the base camp, where you regain strength, is also well thought. Nothing better than a good mattress to get a fresh start, right?


7. Condemned 2 Bloodshot

Scariest game #7: Condemned 2 Bloodshot.

I loved this game some much at the time. Immersive to the core, full of hallucinations and very naughty people. One memorable moment (which looks like nothing) that I remember well is when this dozen plastic mannequins appeared a few seconds in front of me, before leaving as nothing had happened. Well, it wasn't THE scariest moment of the game, but I still had that famous little shiver on my back. This game is scary and it's very original! Now, I wonder if it has aged well...


8. Silent Hill: Downpour

Horror game #8: Silent Hill: Downpour.

Obviously, hallucinations in games scare me badly! The atmosphere of this Silent Hill is really efficient, its artistic direction is superb, without forgetting this good layer of fog, these unreal nightmarish moments, these weapons breaking (aaargh!), and above all, the breathtaking sound atmosphere. Poor Murphy, he had a hard time (and so did I).


9. Amnesia Collection

Scariest game in the world #9: Amnesia Collection.

I had never played the Amnesia series games until recently for my blog. Some would say that, of course, I had to test this scary compilation! Therefore, listening only to my courage, I plunged myself into this endless nightmare, full of hallucinations and creatures wishing me dead. A game where you have to bet on discretion and take advantage of the darkness.


10. DOOM 3

Horror game #10: Doom 3.

I played this science-fiction game when it was first launched on PC. Visually impressive, immersive, and addictive, it was the scariest game of the series. These appearances of demonic entities gave me the creeps! Not to mention the particularly effective sound effects... I still remember those mechanical noises, those guttural sounds of blood-thirsty bugs and... those lights that suddenly go out...

You see, I really have a love-hate relationship with horror games, especially those that create "jump scares". I'm the kind of person who looks at the logo of the game in my console with hesitation (because of memories of terrifying sequences) and then finally decides to go back to it with the hope that everything will be okay!


But hey, now I avoid this kind of game a little more and my sleep is much better! There's nothing like sitting in bed, under soft and fresh sheets, closing my eyes, and seeing beautiful and pleasant things and not a xenomorph with a dripping jaw...

Don't hesitate to share with us what you think would be the scariest game in the world. This one game that has kept you awake or procured beautifully horrible sensations.

And if you are a victim of sleep disorders because of horror games, there are some natural treatments that may be able to help you!

Happy Halloween to all, have fun and sweet dreams! Mwah Ah Aaaaaaaah!


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