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Bed Meditation: To Start the Day Off With Serenity and End It Calmly
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Bed meditation.


Bed Meditation: To Start the Day Off With Serenity and End It Calmly

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The last thing you need in the morning when you wake up is to suddenly enter the vortex of job responsibilities, bad news, or anything else that instantly puts you in a state of stress.

And in the evening, when you go to bed, your mind needs to be calm and soothed for quality sleep.

For these 2 important moments of your day, bed meditation can offer you incomparable benefits, even if you only devote a few minutes to it.

In the morning, the practice of mindfulness allows you to align yourself for your day, to condition it in a positive way, and in the evening, it allows you to slow down the flow of your thoughts, like an anti-stress decompression chamber before going to sleep.

Neuroscience has proven it, meditation is one of the most accessible and powerful tools to reduce stress and anxiety, better manage your emotions, be more focused, more productive, creative, limit the risk of depression, stimulate the brain, promote immunity, help cardiovascular health and finally to avoid insomnia, access quality, deep and restorative sleep.

So, How Do You Meditate in Bed?

Bed meditation is done in the "savasana" position: directing the head upwards to keep the neck straight. Your hands are along the body, palms are open, facing the sky. Your legs are spread the width of your hips, feet inclined outward.


Bed meditation savasana position.


If you need to be initiated or accompanied, there are thousands of guided meditations available online, including some very well-designed applications.

Inhale, exhale, release the pressure.


Positive Visualization: A Great Way to Meditate Before Going to Sleep

A place of refuge in case of an inner storm, a peaceful place where you feel good, where everything is soft and light...

The positive visualization exercise is about imagining and creating that unique place that you return to whenever you feel the need, especially in difficult times.


How to meditate in bed, positive visualisation.


Lying down, with your eyes closed, you breathe in and out deeply. Once you are completely relaxed, visualize a place you particularly like: a beach, a forest, a meadow, a house... observe everything around you, the landscape, the setting, the sounds, the smells, note all the pleasant sensations related to this place. The more details you add, the more realistic this projection will become, and the deeper the relaxation will be.

Use this relaxation tool as often as you need. Little by little, this secret place will become a cozy cocoon where you'll feel instantly comforted, a little like being in your mommy's arms.

The power of imagination is very powerful to cope with hardships or simply to do you good. Because images are a way to give shape to our thoughts. These same images can have an impact on our behavior and well-being... and therefore on our sleep.

In the Morning, You Can Practice the Gratitude Bed Meditation

Practicing gratitude upon awakening is, in my opinion, one of the most effective methods of bed meditation to ensure a positive start to the day.

The technique is simple: just get in touch and associate yourself with the feeling of fullness and abundance that you have in your life. It's about all the reasons why you feel grateful for concrete things in your personal and professional life. All the things and all the people that you appreciate and that make you feel rich inside.

The question to ask yourself when doing this exercise is: what are you grateful for or what could you be grateful for in your life?

You can choose 3 items, for example.

Then finish your bed meditation with the affirmations that come to you, what you need to see happen in your day. Of course, it can be as simple as: "Today could be one of the best days of my life if I believe in it."

Why is it so effective?

Simply because the brain doesn't always know the difference between what is real and what is imagined.

Not complicated to set up and interesting this concept of bed meditation, don't you think?


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