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Energizing Breakfast Bowls: Bye Bye Morning Fatigue
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Energizing Breakfast Bowls: Bye Bye Morning Fatigue


Energizing Breakfast Bowls: Bye Bye Morning Fatigue

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Are you already a fan of breakfast bowls?

If so, this article will serve as an inspiration to boost your creativity.

If not: I invite you to discover simple, delicious, and energizing breakfast bowls recipes, guaranteed to give you a boost in the morning!

Breakfast bowl boost in the morning.


You may already know that Breakfast means "breaking out the night's fast"?

So in this context, it is important to use the right elements for this crucial moment of recovery.

The idea is to bring vitality, mainly by consuming fruits whose sugars will naturally fuel up the body and help it fight against morning fatigue.

And we know that eating well is just as important as sleeping well and physical activity to be in shape!

That's why today I'm offering you my energizing breakfast bowls that will get your day off to a great start.

Δ Breakfast Smoothie Bowls

So the base of our smoothie bowl is fruit. And here, nothing could be easier: we take fruits we have at home that seem tasty and mix them! We try to respect color associations that will not give a brownish "muddy" look to it, which would not be very appetizing ;-). We stay as much as possible in palettes of similar shades.

To do this, in addition to fresh seasonal fruits that you can easily find at the market or grocery store, I advise you to always have some in your freezer! Because it doesn't matter if the fruits you use are in season or not. And it's a good way to treat yourself with a little exoticism in the middle of winter, for example.

My usual go-tos are mangoes, blueberries (or wild blueberries), raspberries, and strawberries. And I always fill a special bag for the peeled bananas that I freeze in pre-cut pieces.

Breakfast bowl with raspberries, blueberries, mangoes and kiwis.

Because personally, the majority of my breakfast bowl bases are made with bananas.

Small note: the banana must be ripe with some brown spots to fully enjoy its benefits (especially never green because at that time it has an acidifying action on your body and it is difficult to digest)... and contrary to popular belief, no, it won't contribute to weight gain. Consider that it provides you with the calories your body needs to function all day long, and so many essential nutrients like potassium, for example! In short, it would be a shame to do without it. I think it's a key part of breakfast.

  • The more you want a creamy base, the more you add bananas, avocados (yes, avocado is a fruit!), or even zucchinis (zucchini is also a fruit!) which will easily be concealed in your mix without any awkward taste (I promise!). Vegetable milk or yogurt such as coconut milk or yogurt also work very well.
  • The thicker you want the texture, the more you add frozen fruit or dense/creamy foods as well. You can also add chia seeds, for example, because it will thicken the smoothie when swollen.
  • Spices, ginger, lemon, and fresh herbs can be used to enhance the overall flavor.
  • If you want to intensify the sweet flavor, add dates or other dried fruits, maple syrup, or coconut sugar.
  • And don't hesitate to add leafy vegetables such as spinach or kale for maximum bioavailable protein, but also iron and many other quality nutrients.
  • The same goes for superfoods, we add without counting (raw cocoa, maca, lucuma, goji berries, pollen, barley or wheatgrass juice powder, chaga, carob, hemp, moringa, spirulina, etc.).

Some other ideas:

  • Bananas, mangoes, turmeric, cardamom, and coconut milk
  • Bananas, wild blueberries, maple syrup, and cinnamon
  • Avocado, spinach, pineapple, lime, mint, and dates
  • Carrot, orange, ginger, maple syrup, and oat milk

Δ Overnight Oatmeal Breakfast Bowls

Energizing bowl with oatmeal.

The oatmeal base really has a comforting effect (in winter for example, or for nursing mothers, or people in need of food that will have a soothing effect on the heart and the emotions).

The night before, prepare this base in a jar: mix vegetable milk with the cereals or seeds of your choice. You add the spices, superfoods, or other ingredients of your choice, and leave to rest overnight in the fridge. The next day, your base is ready, if you want you can warm it up slightly. And then you can finally add your toppings!

This is a practical solution also for those who are in a hurry and don't have a lot of time in the morning.

My favorite oatmeal preparation: Cashew milk, dried figs, almond powder, gluten-free oat flakes. And its fillings: pistachios, dried rose petals, and honey. A great morning getaway in the Middle East!

Δ Pudding Breakfast Bowls

A pudding breakfast bowl.

The idea is simple: for this one, the base ingredients aren’t mainly composed of fruits, but more often of oilseeds or cereals that are mixed in the blender in less than 1 minute.

I give you here some more ideas of associations that I like very much:

  • Cashew nuts, banana, chai spices
  • Coconut, hemp, turmeric, ginger 
  • Tahini, raspberries, cardamom, lemon 
  • Buckwheat, cocoa, maple syrup, maca 
  • Avocado, cocoa, coconut cream, dates...

And there is also the famous chia pudding!

Easy: we prepare it the day before or about ten minutes before eating it.

We use a ratio of 1 dose of seeds for 4 doses of liquid. So it can be coconut milk, a mix of banana and almond butter and cocoa, but also a smoothie base, or coconut water...

My must is: coconut milk, matcha, and maple syrup.

Δ Fruit Purées Breakfast Bowls

Fruit Purées Breakfast Bowls.

These are fresh fruits that are mixed together or by adding rehydrated dried fruits for a sweeter side. Mix until you get a compote texture, and voilà!

Caution: as there is no cooking, the fruits oxidize very quickly.

So we add a drizzle of lemon juice, but the idea is to enjoy your meal without waiting too long. I love the mix of apples (organic and with the skin), rehydrated dried mangoes, turmeric, and vanilla.

Δ Breakfast Bowls With Vegetable Milk or Yogurt

A breakfast bowl with vegetable milk and fruits.


For our breakfast bowl bases, we can also use vegetable milk or yogurt. Ideally homemade.

My favorites: hazelnut milk, but also cashew milk which for me is the closest to cow's milk by its smoothness and its neutral taste.

And if you want to thicken them to get closer to a yogurt or cream texture, you can add almond or hazelnut powder, for example.

Otherwise, all types of milk can be made into yogurt by a fermentation step. Quite simple to make yourself too.

And once again we can play with the flavors by adding other ingredients to our milk or yogurt.

Finally: Think About Your Bowl’s Look!

Nice looking breakfast bowl with oranges, kiwis and other fruits.

What's great about eating a breakfast bowl is that you can have fun with its look. Why not? Since the first sense with which the feeding process begins is the sight!

It is through the ability to first see food that the production of digestion enzymes is activated.

So, taking care of your bowl’s look will already be a real energy starter.

Long and complicated digestion takes up energy and tires the body. So the more we digest efficiently, the less we are tired and the healthier we are!

And last but not least: in the morning if you wake up tired and feel that you need support to help you face the day, I advise you to avoid coffee. It will make you feel more awake, but temporarily and at the expense of lowering your energy reserves. Coffee is a stimulant that breaks the body's natural biochemical balance; the more caffeine you consume, the more tired you get.

So try a good breakfast bowl that will allow you to fill up on nutrients and help you feel in great shape!

So, have you decided what you will put in your tomorrow morning bowl?


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