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Make a Bed in Only a Few Easy Steps
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How to make a bed


Make a Bed in Only a Few Easy Steps

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If you want to make a bed properly, adopting hospital corners might be a good idea.

A well organized, clutter-free environment will improve your focus, sleep and lower your levels of stress, say studies. It sets both your mental and home space in the direction of an easier place to navigate. This is why it is important to make your bed every morning!

Here are five easy steps and one additional tip to develop your new neat look with hospital corners!

Step 1: Use a bed skirt

You want to start with a bed skit. A bed skirt is a sheet under the mattress and above the box spring. 

Ranging in colors and textures, to some it may seem like an unnecessary addition, but it is one of the items that brings the whole look together. 

It’s also a nice way of concealing any items stored under the bed if needed and is one of the elements that create a finished clean look. 

Step 2: Add pillow and mattress protectors

People who suffer with allergies or are sensitive to dust will benefit from having an antimicrobial mattress and pillow protectors.

You can find a range of products at Polysleep, from mattress protectors to waterproof mattress protectors to antimicrobial toppers. The unique memory foam construction turns these products into true comfort zones and strong antimicrobial barriers. 

Pillow and mattress protectors will allow you to keep your mattress in great condition by protecting them from liquids, and dust mites that may cause issues with allergies. 

Take the extra step in purchasing them––they are an essential foundation for the longevity and preservation of all parts of your bed. 

Step 3: Position the bed sheets

Position your bed where you have enough space for navigating the sides of the bed.

Then, position your fitted sheet and bed skirt to cover your mattress and mattress protector - if you have one.

Make sure all three sides of the mattress have an equal amount of sheet hanging over the edges. 

A helpful little hint––most sheets have a border to indicate the top edge in which the sheet will be aligned.

Stand at the foot of the bed and tuck the fabric into the crease of the mattress. Shifting to the left side of the bed, grab the bottom of the sheet, a few inches in from the corner. 

Pull that section up, so it’s lying across the top of the mattress at a 45-degree angle. 

Tuck the excess part into the mattress with a strong, tight hold on the sheet.  Execute this while holding up the triangular portion with your other hand. 

Allow the sheet to fall back down over the side of the mattress. Don’t forget to follow this process on the right side of the bed as well.

Step 4: Add some finishing touches

For the finishing touches, remove any wrinkles by tightening the sheet and smoothing over with your hand. 

Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to a spray bottle and give the sheets and pillows a bit of a spritz. It’s always nice to cuddle up in your bed and smell something soothing while trying to fall asleep.

Duvet covers or comforters? It's up to you! If you use a duvet cover, place it on top of the mattress and straighten it out. 

Step 5: Lastly, prop up your sleeping pillows 

If you have Polysleep Pillows, their height can be adjusted to suit your personal comfort level. Ranging from 2" up to 9" inches, the pillow's height is dependent upon the number of layers you decide to use. 

You can place your throw pillows over your sleeping pillows, at the top of the bed, and arrange them in a visually pleasing manner. 

The final touch to complete framing out the bed is a stylish and cozy throw blanket.


By now, you know how to make a bed social media worthy!

An additional tip is to learn to select the correct size sheets. Measure the mattress dimensions so that you can choose the appropriate sizing for your sheets. 

The depth of your mattress is also another important component.

Congratulations, you now have a polished bed look!


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