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How to Use a Wedge Pillow for Sex
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Sex pillow how to use.


How to Use a Wedge Pillow for Sex

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Do you find yourself thinking about new ways to spice things up in your sex life? Varying sex positions can undoubtedly help break the routine, and with the use of a wedge pillow, you can add extra pleasure and comfort to these positions. 

A wedge pillow is not any regular sex pillow that flattens and provides little to no support. A sex wedge pillow allows you to elevate different parts of your body and support your back. It comes with a sturdy, yet plush, wedge that is put under your hips. It also features a smaller part that goes under your back. 

Not only does a wedge pillow support you sleeping better by releasing pain and discomfort caused by acid reflux, sinus pressure, and sleep apnea, but it is specifically designed to support different sexual positions.


How to use a wedge pillow for sex

A sex wedge pillow has many benefits. It is used to increase or decrease the height of your body and release pressure on sensitive areas.

For vagina owners, using a sex wedge pillow for sex provides greater sensation and deeper penetration. For penis owners, a sex wedge pillow will give you more comfort. It will alleviate any back or neck pain you may experience during sex.

You can have sex with a pillow to bring your hips up higher during oral sex. Your body will feel completely elevated, increasing blood flow and sensation. It’s also great for masturbation. If you haven't humped a wedge pillow yet, you should give it a try! Last but not least, having sex with a pillow will offer more comfort and increase the pleasure of certain sex positions.


Top 3 sex positions using a wedge pillow

Here are a few of my favorite sex positions where you can add a sex pillow. 


Upgraded doggy––the lazy dog

how to have sex with a pillow doggy style

  • Place the higher side of the wedge on the crease of your hips and the thinner side on your stomach. 

  • Bend over the wedge laying downward on the sex pillow. 

This position allows you to concentrate on the penetration. When you use a wedge pillow in this upgraded doggy style, you strain less of your back and reach deeper penetration.


Spicy missionary

Wedge pillow spicy missionary.

  • Lay down with your hips faced up on the higher edge.

  • Place your shoulders on the lower side. 

  • Extend your legs long over their shoulders. 

The pleasure in this position is very satisfying as you can embrace the deep penetration it provides. You can easily hit the G-spot, which provides mind-blowing and very intense orgasms.


Dreamy 69

Sex pillow wedge 69.

  • Have them lay down just as you would for the missionary position. 

  • Place their hips on the higher side of the wedge. 

  • Then, sit on their face located near the lower side of the wedge. 

This position is especially beneficial if there’s a large height difference between the two of you.


If you haven’t had sex with a pillow yet, don’t wait any longer. A wedge pillow is a tool that allows you to experience more comfort and pleasure during sex. So, if you want a more passionate sex life, you need to invest in a sex pillow. The Polysleep Wedge Pillow provides everything you need.

Remember to keep your wedge pillow clean. Most sex pillows have a removable cover that you can throw directly in the washing machine.


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