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Are silk pillowcases really good for your hair?
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Are silk pillowcases really good for your hair?


Are silk pillowcases really good for your hair?

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You’ve probably heard about silk pillowcases and how amazing the fabric is for your hair. But is it actually true? Is silk really the way to go? Polysleep is here to break this down for you and offer our real, honest advice to get your feeling - and looking - your very best.

1. Less Hair Damage

Let’s cut right to the chase: Studies show that silk pillowcases cause less hair damage and frizz overall. The smooth surface reduces friction and breakage, whereas some fabrics, like cotton, can actually catch the cuticle layer of hair.

2. More Moisture Retention - Especially for our curly-haired girlies!

On top of that, cotton pillowcases tend to absorb more moisture in your hair overnight than silk does. The same applies for your nightly face cream. It’s important to note that the benefits are even more pronounced for curly and textured hair.

3. Looking Young and Fresh!

It turns out that silk pillowcases could be an important step in the anti-aging skin routine! The slippery, silky surface has been found to create 43 percent less friction on the skin than cotton, which could actually help reduce facial wrinkles - especially if you tend to sleep on your side or face.

What’s the main takeaway?

If you toss and turn a lot and have curly, damaged or treated hair, then it could be the optimal time to give silk pillowcases a chance. On the other hand, if you have straight or undamaged hair then the benefits are still there, but are less significant.

Important Tip

Whether you have a silk or cotton pillowcase, changing and washing your pillowcase regularly is essential. It’s recommended that you wash your pillowcases at least once per week. This will help ensure a better night’s sleep and reduced issues with skin conditions.

Polysleep’s Takeaway

A great pillow is an even better upgrade for your overall sleep and well being. We recommend The Polysleep Memory Foam Pillow to help transform your nightly sleep routine. It’s the only 4-in-1 customizable and antimicrobial memory foam pillow on the market. The memory foam literally conforms to the natural curves of your neck and head, reducing pressure points and aligning your spine for optimal sleep posture. Not only is it adjustable, but it’s soft and squishy!

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