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Sleep and Libido: How Sleep Affects Your Sex Drive
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Sleep and libido.


Sleep and Libido: How Sleep Affects Your Sex Drive

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A good sex life requires quality sleep


Are you in need of a libido boost? Try to sleep more. 

Many individuals or couples attempt to increase their sex drive by turning to exercise or spicing things up in the bedroom. But one of the most significant factors in our sex lives is our sleep. 

Both men and women need good sleep for their sexual health, but for different reasons.

When I wasn’t getting enough sleep with my partner, I noticed that I had no sex drive. I was worried about my lost sex drive, so I tried hard to make things more interesting sexually instead of taking care of my body. But today, I know that sleep is associated with low sex drive in men and low libido in women. By increasing my quality of sleep, my sex drive came back in full force.

Here is the science behind getting a good night’s sleep and improving your sex life. 

#1: Low sex drive in men

Sleep low sex drive men.

Men with lots of testosterone report high sex drive, but low testosterone levels are responsible for low sex drive in men. 

Men receive their daily testosterone in the early hours of the morning. It is a once-a-day delivery from the body, and if the body lacks sleep, then men lack testosterone. Testosterone is generated overnight while the body recovers. Testosterone levels suffer if men don’t receive enough sleep and low testosterone means no sex drive. 

Lack of sleep in men is associated also with infertility and erectile dysfunction. So, the easiest way to improve a sex drive in men is to increase the quality of sleep.  

#2: Low libido in women

Sleep low sex drive women.

Sleep and libido are closely linked for women. Libido plays a major role in women and sexual desire. Without sleep, women report low levels of libido. They can be too drowsy and too tired to generate any sexual interest. 

One in three women report having a low sex drive, but sleep is an easy cure. In one study, women were 14% more likely to engage in sexual activity with their partners if they got an extra hour of sleep. 

Sleep and libido go hand in hand in a woman’s life. So, quality sleep is essential for women to feel sexual desire and interest in engaging sexually with their partners at night. 

#3: Sleep helps you staying attractive

Sleep and sexual desire.

Sleep is a major factor in attractiveness. It makes us sharp, beautiful and rejuvenated in the morning. Lack of sleep is associated with aging skin and gaining weight. And sleepy people are also more likely to make errors and seem unintelligent. 

Men’s sexual attraction for women will go up if she looks younger with a slimmer waist. And women will be more attracted to smart men who don’t forget to bring home milk when they are asked. Sleep and libido are linked for men and women when it comes to sexual attraction. 

Good sleep allows us to age with grace and keeps our minds flexible, sharp. It increases both gender’s sex drive and sexual attraction for one another.

#4: Too tired

Lack of sleep sex drive.

Sex and sleep are closely linked because they both happen in bed. Being too tired for sex is the number one reason couples report not having sex, linking sleep and libido once again. A lost sex drive or no sex drive in a couple can be easily fixed by sleep. 

Sleep and libido affect each other in other ways, too. When a couple’s sex life is thriving, the couple sleeps better. Sex increases ‘happy’ chemicals in our brains, allowing us for a better night’s sleep. When we wake up refreshed, we are more likely to have a high libido.  


Sleep and sex drive are interlaced, getting more sleep can increase your libido quickly. And, consistency is key when it comes to sleep and libido. You can’t just sleep for 10 hours one night and then 4 the next. Get between 7-9 hours of sleep every night to increase your sex life. So, go to bed one hour earlier, on a good mattress, and watch your sex life change dramatically.


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