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Foam Mattress in Regina | Free Delivery

 Woman showing the box of her new Polysleep Canadian mattress in Regina


If you’re looking for a foam mattress in Regina and the surroundings, you’ve probably realized that there are several brands available; but how do you find which one is the best and offers the most advantages? By comparing the various models, you’ll see that the Polysleep mattress is a smart choice;


Entirely made in Canada.


Unlike some of our competitors, the Polysleep mattresses, available in Regina, are fully made in Canada. What is better than supporting the local economy while enjoying a product of outstanding quality?


You can buy it online.


Our online purchasing process is very easy, since you don't need to leave your home to shop for a mattress. You have to admit that in the middle of January or during the dog days of summer, you’d rather stay inside, right? Selling our mattresses online also allows us to eliminate intermediaries, so you’ll pay a fair price for your foam mattress in Regina—on top of not wasting your Saturday afternoon testing mattresses in a store!


Quickly delivered to your door, in a box.


Thanks to its construction, our Polysleep mattress can be delivered everywhere in Regina, rolled in a box! One great property of our foam is that it can be compressed, folded and rolled, so the mattress is put in a box and delivered to your home! Once unpacked, it’ll regain its original shape in just a few minutes, and you’ll be able to use it right away!


Foam that moulds itself to your body.


Thanks to its ventilated viscoelastic hybrid foam, our mattress—offered in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and Californian King bed sizes—will give you the best sleep ever by moulding itself to the shape of your body. It’ll also identify pressure points and then reduce the temperature and firmness there in a few seconds. You’ll stay cool all night while enjoying optimal support.


And what about the pillow?


Having a comfortable mattress is nice and all, but we must also make sure to support our head properly! By pairing your mattress with a Polysleep pillow, you’ll enjoy amazing sleep! Thanks to its adjustable foam layers, you’ll be able to customize your pillow any way you like!

Our Polysleep foam mattress offered in Regina also features many other advantages, such as a trial period of 100 nights and a 10-year warranty. Join the increasing number of local customers that opted for a Polysleep mattress and enjoy the best there is!

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