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Delivery man bringing a boxed Polysleep mattress to a customer's front door.

Are you shopping for a foam mattress in the surroundings of Vancouver, and can’t make heads or tail of any of it? At Polysleep, we know that it’s far from easy to find a mattress offering proper support and unswerving durability, all of this without having to rob a bank (or better, a bedding store) to pay for it. So, to assist you in keeping it legal, we’ve decided to help with the very innovative Polysleep Mattress, a mattress that you can buy online on our website. You’ll enjoy free delivery at your doorstep everywhere in British Columbia, without it costing you an arm or a leg!

Buying a foam mattress in Vancouver, BC, has never been this easy!

This mattress in a box that you’ll receive at home from Polysleep isn’t like any mattress. We’ve really ensured we thought of everything to offer you the best experience with a bed, from delivery to the moment you’ll fall asleep every night for many years in Vancouver. Once taken out of the box, the previously compressed mattress will progressively take back its shape after being unwrapped, and you’ll be able to sleep on it that very night. What is more, you’ll get a trial period of 100 nights to see if it suits you (even if we already know the answer to that)!

With the Polysleep Mattress, you’ll breathe in Vancouver!

But you’ll surely take a step back at bedtime, because you’ll be struck by its cover, amazingly soft while also liquid repellant. On the sides, we used a superior quality mesh that enables optimized air circulation across our foam mattress to prevent any dehydration in the middle of summer in Vancouver. On top of that, the top layer itself is made with a breathable hybrid viscoelastic foam, also helping to regulate your temperature in any circumstance, even if the humidex is close to reaching records in British Columbia!

Support but also comfort, every night, for a looooong time!

But the core of comfort for our Polysleep foam mattress in Vancouver, that’s the job of its central layer! The latter ensures the transition between the top layer and the base, to offer you utterly unparalleled comfort in British Columbia. As for the base layer, it’s developed with a high-density foam, allowing you to enjoy outstanding support night, after night, after night. You’ll also get an ultra-firm frame exclusively designed by Polysleep, preventing the sides of the bed from flattening while reinforcing its structure. And since the Polysleep Mattress is available in several sizes (Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and Californian King), you’ll inevitably find the one you need! If you still don’t really know what you need, you can always turn to our Foam Mattress Guide or our blog post about How to choose the right mattress size.

So, you have no more excuses to sleep better or almost! And the best in all this is that by purchasing the Polysleep Mattress from Vancouver, you’re helping a Canadian company that sells mattresses made in Canada. You’ll sleep better while keeping our local economy rolling! What a good citizen you are by purchasing your mattress online! Now, all you need is to answer the question on your mind since the start (How to choose your foam pillow?) to sleep soundly!

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