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Foam Mattress in Waterloo | Free Delivery

Two customers reading in their room on their Polysleep foam mattress in Waterloo

Hey Waterloo, discover the all-new Polysleep foam mattress! A unique design, entirely made in Canada, our online mattresses are available in every size (Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King beds); so your whole family will be able to enjoy better sleep! Also, Polysleep mattresses can be delivered everywhere in the Waterloo area!


What is viscoelastic foam?

Developed by our expert high-density foam chemists, all our Polysleep mattresses for sale in Waterloo are made of ventilated viscoelastic hybrid foam to give you restful sleep, so you get up fresh and full of energy each morning.

Designed to mould itself to the shape of your body and to identify pressure points, this foam then reduces the temperature and firmness of these points; in this way, you’ll be even more comfortable during your sleep. After all, that's the objective when shopping for a mattress, isn’t it?


How are our Polysleep mattresses made?

Our mattresses are made of different layers: the base that acts as a boxspring, the transition layer for optimal support, the antimicrobial top layer made of viscoelastic hybrid foam, an extra-firm frame, unique on the market, that prevents the mattress from flattening out, and lastly, a liquid repellent cover that protects your mattress.


A fast and simple delivery process

Once you have completed the online purchase of your foam mattress, it’ll be compressed, rolled and put in a box to be delivered to you in Waterloo! But don’t worry: your mattress in a box will take back its original shape in just a few seconds, once you have taken it out of its packaging!


An exceptional purchase experience

By purchasing one of our foam mattresses in Waterloo, you’ll moreover enjoy a 100-night trial period; and if you wish to fully take advantage of your experience, try our Polysleep pillow as well! Its various sizes of foam layers can be removed, added and even rolled, so you get a unique pillow!

We are convinced: once you have tested our Polysleep mattress, you’ll never want to sleep on any other mattress!

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