Discover Polysleep in Laval’s mattress stores!



For the last 2 months, your sleep has been very uncomfortable… Your mattress is dead!


As a result, you embark on a hellish search to get your sleep back to normal as quickly as possible. Only, there’s a problem: you live in Laval!


You can already see yourself spending endless hours wandering around in the car to find THE mattress that will replace yours (not counting the half day it takes just for Carrefour Laval).


So it doesn't feel like you're buying a mattress, but your first home. You tell yourself it's hopeless. Then, when you start your web search with a Google query like “best mattress on the North Shore of Montreal”, you come across this article that will change your life.


In fact, you discover the Polysleep mattresses in a box. Awesome, right?


Choose your mattress, order, and we’ll deliver directly to your home in Laval!


The digital shift is not new. It’s indeed well under way! We can shop for everything on the web, including for a car. Why not for your mattress?


Just like you, we didn't think it was funny to spend our weekends going to all the mattress stores in Laval. That's why we decided to make the process of buying your mattress as easy as possible! As you would say in plain English: “It’s easy like 1, 2, 3!”. Go to our "products" section, choose the model and size you want, and we will ship your mattress in a box directly to your home. Free shipping? Of course, free shipping! Once you receive your mattress, simply take it out of its container and let it return to its original shape. That's all there is to it!


But, how can I try it?


It couldn't be simpler! Polysleep is a partner of several mattress stores in Laval! Go to the store and try the Polysleep mattress: sit down, lie down, jump on it (well… maybe not).


Is it right for you? Don't waste another second waiting for the mattress section salesperson who has just left for his lunch break. Go home and order it online from the comfort of your living room!


Exceptional warranties for your peace of mind!


Once your Polysleep mattress is delivered to your home in Laval, you will have a period of 100 nights to test it (Origin, Polysleep and Zephyr mattresses). For the Baby mattress, you will have 30 nights.


Not satisfied? No problem, we'll pick it up at your place! And if you keep it, you can sleep with peace of mind: we offer a 5-year warranty for the Origin mattress and the Baby mattress, and a 10-year warranty for the Polysleep and Zephyr mattresses.


You will never be more satisfied: no waste of time in Laval mattress stores, no need to go by truck to pick up your mattress, no need to find the best angle to pass the mattress on the stairs, and also no need to end up with a lumbago… You will receive your mattress rolled up in a box on your doorstep. Period!


We offer an excellent price-performance ratio, as well as unique guarantees for long-term quality sleep.


Polysleep mattresses: unparalleled comfort and support on the North Shore of Montreal!


But the Polysleep mattresses available in Laval are a lot more than a one-click purchase and outstanding warranties. It’s above all mattresses that offer very high quality viscoelastic hybrid foam, as well as a simply incredible balance of support and comfort.


As for the Zephyr Mattress, it goes further. It offers personalized support for your hips, different from that provided to other parts of your body, allowing you to sleep in the ideal position. This mattress will also mold itself to your body perfectly without making you sweat! This is possible thanks to its mattress topper made of memory foam with GelFlex Plus technology, which gives it thermo-regulating properties.


The result: you'll always get a good night's sleep at the right temperature, summer and winter!


So, instead of going to every mattress store in Laval, order your mattress online on the Polysleep website from your home on the North Shore of Montreal!


If you’re still not convinced by our foam mattresses in a box, made in Canada, consult our Foam mattress guide. If, on the other hand, you would like to buy your own, please take the time to consult our guide on mattress sizes to order the right one. See you soon!

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