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2 Out of 3 Have Experienced Sleep Deprivation
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2 Out of 3 Have Experienced Sleep Deprivation

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Sleep deprivation isn’t something that the 20th century invented with machines, work stress, and blue lights. Since the time of Greek mythology, sleep has always been neglected.

But what are the dangers, exactly? What happens to your body when you lack sleep? Let’s discover all the ways a lack of sleep can negatively impact your day-to-day life below.

The Dangers of Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation is damaging to our body, both psychologically and physically. The lack of sleep compromises our health and ability to take proper decisions. It can even sabotage our work, personal and sex lives.

Let’s look at some numbers provided by the National Sleep Foundation:

   ✓ 20% of all car accidents are due to a lack of sleep;
   ✓ 73% of people who suffers from sleep deprivation are more likely to gain weight;
   ✓ You have 10 times more chances to develop depression when dealing with sleep deprivation;

Now that we understand how damaging sleep deprivation can be, let’s learn more about sleep and its benefits.

Benefits of Sleep

Sleep has become a hot topic due to many people suffering from sleep disorders. People are starting to understand that a good night’s sleep will help them in their everyday lives. It allows our minds and bodies to relax so that we wake up refreshed and ready for the day ahead:

   ✓ Sleep will improve your memory;
   ✓ Sleep will make you live longer;
   ✓ Sleep will spur your creativity;
   ✓ Sleep will sharpen your attention;
   ✓ Sleep will help you have a healthier body;
   ✓ Sleep will lower your stress level;
   ✓ Sleep will reduce inflammation and risks of heart disease;

So, believe us it’s Time for YOU to get Good Night’s Sleep!!!

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Wait…. before getting the sleep you deserve, you will need to learn how to fight that nasty sleep deprivation.

How to Fight Against Sleep Deprivation 

Many studies state how much a good mattress will lead to a better sleep and can improve your quality of life. When we sleep well, we tend to look, feel and perform well.

“92% of people say a comfortable mattress is important for a better sleep” according to the National Sleep Foundation. People are also starting to understand that to get a better sleep, you need to find a mattress that fits you well. Healthy sleep starts with the right mattress to sleep on.

However, there is more than just buying a good mattress to get rid of sleep deprivation. For example, you could try these tricks:

  • Stop eating high-calorie meals before bed, it gives you too much energy and will just enable the symptoms of sleep deprivation;
  • Drink a soothing, warm tea such as chamomile;
  • Get rid of your cell phone in bed, blue lights stimulate brain activity and encourage sleep deprivation;
  • Take a warm shower and adjust your room temperature. It is easier to fall asleep in a cold room than a hot one;

We hope you find these tips helpful and wish you the best in your quest to get the best night’s sleep!


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