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The ULTIMATE guide to choose the PERFECT mattress for your baby!
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The ULTIMATE guide to choose the PERFECT mattress for your baby!

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You’ve just become a parent. Congratulations by the way! But you’ll realize that it’s no picnic, especially at night in the first months! You’ll soon stop counting the various iterations of the following words: “Honey, could you check on the baby, I hear crying?” (2:53 a.m.) and “I’m going, I’m going…” (2:54 a.m.)! And very often, you’ll see that the issue isn’t with the diaper, but with your little munchkin not being able to sleep because of the bed’s lack of comfort. And of course, that’ll be your fault because you’re the one who chose the wrong mattress for your tiny tot, and you’ll suffer the consequences! If you want to avoid arriving at work in the morning with your back bent, shirt undone and, above all, with dark circles the size of an eclipse under your eyes, you have better take all the advantages you can get to ensure your small dictator sleeps at night so you too, can sleep! At Polysleep, you know it, we’re nice, so we’ll give you a hand to choose the right mattress for your child, before the birth or after, in case you haven’t slept in the last three months!

The most important: safety, safety and safety!

You’ll see, in the first months, your baby will seem like quite the little Stalin. When hungry, you’ll need to feed him immediately. Wet diaper? You’ll need to change it right away. Your baby will rule unchecked during the first months of his or her life. But you’ll bear it knowing that he or she will return all this love you’re giving a hundredfold over the years.

To take full advantage of the wonderful moments that await you, you may want to acquire a safe mattress with a design that’ll allow you to avoid any accident. To that end, you should follow some rules when choosing your baby’s mattress. Health Canada states that the most important things are for the bed to offer firm support, not soft, and that it doesn’t flatten out under the weight of your little one nor shows sign of wear.

Also, before buying a mattress, check that its thickness doesn’t exceed 15 centimetres (5.9 inches), and that the space between the bed and the crib doesn’t exceed 3 cm (1.18 in). That’s why it’s better to purchase the mattress at the same time as the crib. Might as well hit two birds with one stone! In terms of sizes, every crib built and sold in North America must be able to house a full-size baby bed, measuring from 51 ⅝ to 53 inches in length and from 27 ¼ to 28 inches in width. So, this is the mattress size to favour for your baby’s bed.

Also put emphasis on acquiring a new mattress rather than a used one, unless you are aware of its usage history.

Mom holding her baby with a Polysleep Pillow next to them.

“I hope we’ll get more choice for the mattress’ composition?!”

Yes! There are several types of mattresses, you’ll be able to get more creative there, as long as you’re not building your little George’s mattress yourself.

The first kind, foam mattresses, are the least expensive. Your wallet will say thank you if you opt for this type of mattress! Some of those have holes for ventilation, while not strictly necessary. However, they’ll be very convenient to avoid George waking up in the middle of the night because he’s too warm! If the mattress you chose isn’t fitted with these holes, beware George’s clamminess during summer nights because of the PVC cover. Finally, last advantage: these mattresses are relatively lightweight.

Next come spring mattresses, containing a foam layer above the springs and, over that, very soft cotton fabric. But the cotton is only on one of the bed’s two sides, the other side being covered in leak-proof plastic. The advantage of this is to offer two beds in one: in the winter, you’ll be able to rely on the plastic side to keep baby warm while in summer, the cotton side will be perfect to keep George cool. The major disadvantages of these mattresses are their maintenance (they must be vacuumed regularly to fight against mites) and, in particular, their price. They are undeniably more expensive than mattresses made only with foam.

Natural fibre mattresses are the third option. Their interior generally contains coconut fibres encased in latex, which is liquid repellant. Their surface is commonly made of soft cotton or bamboo. These mattresses are very durable, keep their shape in the long term and are environmentally friendly. But they are harder to find due to their rarer availability on the market, and even more expensive than the first two types of mattresses for babies.

Lastly, hypoallergenic mattresses. One particular feature of these is their removable cover, machine washable at 60°C to kill mites. It’s the perfect solution if your baby has allergies or asthma. But their easy-to-clean property has a price: they can be more expensive than other types of mattresses. So, choosing this kind of mattress will depend on George’s sensitivity to allergens and on your budget.

The Polysleep Baby Mattress, a full-blown mattress, just for George!

With all the types of mattresses we just talked about, you should now be even more confused than at the beginning of this text. We apologize on behalf of everybody at Polysleep, we just wanted to keep you informed! But we have the solution to your headache caused by the question of George’s mattress: the Polysleep Baby Mattress.

This bed for babies has everything of a large bed! To be sure, we’ve decided to use our open-cell foam for this mattress that, as you might have guessed, is made of foam. This enables optimal air flow that’ll allow George to sleep at the perfect temperature at all times, but also thanks to its organic and breathable Tencel exterior cover. For all that, this mattress won’t be hard to keep clean during George’s first attempts to potty train. In fact, our Polysleep Baby Mattress is waterproof!

You know everything about mattresses for babies and even have a ready-made solution!

You’re now a real baby mattress expert and could even work for Polysleep once George is grown. Besides, he’d be proud of you if he could talk.

Mattress types for George:

Mattress Types Advantages Disadvantages
Foam The less expensive
Very lightweight
George could be too hot because of the PVC cover.
Spring Two beds in one (cotton side for summer/plastic side for winter) More expensive than foam mattresses.
Natural Fibres Expands George’s eco-friendly side.
George will sleep at the perfect temperature at all times.
More expensive and rarer on the market. George better be worth it.
Hypoallergenic Perfect if George sneezes at the first flower smelled in the spring or if he has asthma. More expensive than other types of mattresses.
Polysleep Breathable (open-foam structure, breathable cover) and easy to maintain (waterproof cover).

George won’t have to hold back when being potty trained.

Reasonable price.
George won’t stop reminding you in 20 years how well he slept thanks to this mattress with revolutionary technology and comfort, even telling his grandkids.

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