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Why use a mattress topper for back pain?
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Polysleep antimicrobial mattress topper being rolled out on top of a mattress


Why use a mattress topper for back pain?

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Unfortunately, we’ve all experienced back pain before. But when it becomes recurrent or chronic, we should ask ourselves about the comfort of our mattress! In fact, if the mattress is too hard or too soft, it may be partly responsible for your back pain; but does this mean that you need to change your mattress? Not necessarily since you can add a mattress topper to remedy the situation! A mattress topper can help fight back pain by providing adequate support, making a bed that’s too hard more comfortable, or firming up a mattress that’s too soft.

What is a mattress topper?

Like the name implies, a mattress topper is placed "on top" of the mattress; it can be simply placed on the bed or secured to the mattress with straps, depending on the model you choose. Toppers made of down (natural or synthetic), latex or memory foam are available on the market and vary in composition depending on the brand and model. Depending on the brand and composition of the mattress topper—and the size of your bed—the price range varies greatly, from less than $100 to several hundred dollars.

3D rendition of Polysleep's mattress toppper placed on top of a mattress.

How can a mattress topper help me with back pain?

According to the osteopath Jean-François Duranleau, a mattress that’s too soft doesn’t provide enough support for the spine, which could lead to back pain. On the other hand, a mattress that’s too firm can also give you back pain because only certain parts of your back will be in contact with the mattress, and tensions will build up.

By adding a mattress topper, you could resolve much of your back aches, but be careful: you’ll have to choose the best mattress topper according to your type of back pain! For example, memory foam toppers are ideal for scoliosis, hernias, and other back pain, while down or latex toppers will work wonders on sciatica!

3D rendering of a the memory foam of a mattress topper

Firm, soft, latex, down or memory foam, there's nothing better for your back pain than adding the right mattress topper to your bed; your back will thank you!

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