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Catch Me If You Can: the Montreal Polysleep Bike Messenger Hunt
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Illustration of a Polysleep bed in a box mattress being delivered


Catch Me If You Can: the Montreal Polysleep Bike Messenger Hunt

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From OCTOBER 9th to the 28th,
Over the next three weeks, the Polysleep couriers will take to the streets! 

You familiar with the movie Catch Me If You Can? 

Then make like Tom Hanks and catch a Young Leo at a main Montreal artery! Listen, we'll admit, it's not the real Leo; we tried, but it looks like he's booked straight through October. His loss!
You, however, are in the position to win big, more specifically the Sleep-Guaranteed Polysleep Pillow, which could be yours if you catch a messenger!
Polysleep mattress being delivered in Montreal

How to participate if you cross paths with the elusive Polysleep Messenger:

1. Whip out your cell phone, John Wayne style,
and snap a pic of the messenger! 

2. Share the photo in your Instagram story,
and tag @poly_sleep*

Each participant will be contacted by the Polysleep Team (with a little somethin’ special 😉 ) and will be automatically entered into the contest.
The winner will be announced October 29th

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for up-to-date clues on the messengers' whereabouts! 
*Don’t have Instagram? Don’t worry, we don’t discriminate: share the photo via Facebook on our pinned post or send it to us via


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