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Duvet cover size guide
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Duvet cover size guide

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The comforter apparently dates back to the Middle Ages and appeared in Northern Europe first as a mattress topper, and then became an essential part of winter bedding in the form we are familiar with today. First less used in the second part of the 20th century because of the allergens supposedly contained in the animal down composing its filling, it now replaces the post-war sheet + blanket system as standard bedding, especially in France, but also in Canada, where it’s very practical with the warmth it brings! In fact, we have totally adopted it at Polysleep. However, if buying a comforter for your bed remains simple, choosing the size of your duvet cover is much less obvious. Polysleep tells you everything about the dimensions to consider for your comforter cover!

How to choose the right duvet cover size?

The first thing that will necessarily play on the size of the cover you will choose: the type of duvet or comforter. Indeed, the size of the covers will vary according to whether your duvet is standard or made from silk. For example, a standard comforter cover of Double/Full size will have to be 193 x 229 cm, against 193 x 218 cm if you have a silk comforter. Same for the King size: the duvet cover will have to be 264 x 229 cm for a normal comforter, against 264 x 218 cm for a silk comforter. So you will first have to look at the type of comforter you have to know if you should rely on the sizes for a standard comforter or the sizes for silk comforters when choosing your comforter cover!

The material of the duvet will influence its size

Size chart for duvets in North America.

Based on the statement above, below is a chart incorporating North American duvet cover sizes for both normal and silk duvets:

Duvet Cover Sizes (length x width) for North America



Size of covers for standard duvet

Size of covers for silk duvet


68 x 90 in

68 x 86 in

173 x 229 cm

173 x 218 cm


76 x 90 in

76 x 86 in

193 x 229 cm

193 x 218 cm


90 x 90 in

86 x 86 in

229 x 229 cm

218 x 218 cm


104 x 90 in

104 x 86 in

264 x 229 cm

264 x 218 cm

California King

108 x 96 in

108 x 94 in

274 x 244 cm

274 x 239 cm


Beware of geographical specificities in terms of cover size if you buy on the web!

The second thing you should know is that comforter cover sizes change according to the regions of the world. Indeed, in Europe, the choice is more restricted in terms of bed sheets (Single, Double, King, Super King), compared to North America (Twin, Double/Full, Queen, King, California King). In addition, there is a second variable: the same name to describe the dimensions of a comforter cover. For example, a "Double" duvet cover size in Europe is about 200 x 200 cm, while in our country, this cover will be 193 x 229 cm. The same goes for the King size which, on the other side of the Atlantic, measures 240 x 220 cm, whereas here we talk about a comforter cover of 264 x 229 cm. It is therefore necessary to be very careful! If you buy locally in a store, the problem will not arise. On the other hand, on the Web, be sure to pay attention to the dimensions indicated and the geographic area where the cover comes from!

Depending on the region of the world, the size of a duvet may vary although it is has the same name.

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Conclusion: Pay special attention to the size, type and origin of the duvet cover.

Therefore, the most important thing will be to determine the size of your comforter first. Once this is done, you will have to determine what type of comforter you have: standard or silk? Indeed, this will directly affect the size of the comforter cover to choose for the same size in the table above. Finally, you will have to pay more attention to the size of the comforter cover you want for your comforter. For example, the size may differ if you order your comforter cover online from a non-North American website. Now you know as much about comforter covers as we do!

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