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How to sleep and preserve your curly hair?
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Woman with curly hair sleeping in bed


How to sleep and preserve your curly hair?

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No one wants to wake up to frizzy messy curls that were bouncy and shiny right before bed. 

This is so disappointing, especially after spending hours watching curly hair tutorials and using various products to achieve the most appealing curls. 

But, if this keeps happening to you, it's about time you found the answers on how to sleep with curly hair and how to keep your curls overnight

The Best Sleeping Position to Preserve Your Curls

The best sleeping position to preserve your curls is one that puts little pressure and friction on your hair while you sleep. 

Your head's weight can exert too much pressure on your follicles, causing your hair to frizz and knot if you sleep on your back. Additionally, the friction between your head, hair, and sleep surface could lead to loss of moisture and oils in your hair, resulting in brittle, dry hair.

On the other hand, sleeping on your sides and stomach doesn't expose your hair to as much friction and pressure from your head. Instead, these positions allow your hair to rest behind your head freely. 

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How to Keep Curls Overnight

In addition to the right sleeping position, there are a few more tricks that can help you keep your curls overnight. These tips are also useful for hair maintenance and reducing damage that leads to hair breakages and loss.

Use a Silk or Satin Pillowcase

The use of silk or satin pillowcase is an ancient technique that's been used for many years by women with curly and coily hair. It protects the hair from losing its moisture and oils that keep your curl pattern defined and healthy-looking. 

Satin and silk pillowcases are slippery, allowing your hair to glide smoothly without forming knots when you turn your head. These types of pillowcases also don't absorb moisture from your hair as cotton pillowcases do. Therefore, you won't need to worry about waking up with brittle, tangled, and frizzy hair.

Woman sleeping on Polysleep memory foam pillow
Smiling woman wearing satin cap, advantageous for curly hair

Use a Silk or Satin Bonnet or Headscarf

If you don't prefer sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase, you may opt for a hair bonnet or scarf of the same fabric. Like pillowcases, satin and silk bonnets have similar advantages for curly hair. 

They'll keep your curls looking fresh the following day. Additionally, you'll not have to worry about hair oils transferring to your face from the pillowcases.

These bonnets and scarves also don't feel too tight on your head because of their soft, slippery nature. They are also suitable for short curly hair that can't be tied up in a bun or braided into simple chunky braids or twists. 

Put Your Hair in a 'Pineapple'

Another effective tip on how to sleep with curly hair is to tie it up into a pineapple-shaped ponytail at the top most part of your head. Alternatively, you can separate your hair into three sections to create three 'mini pineapples,' one at the front and two at the back of your head.

While using this method, be sure to use a fabric-covered hair tie or a scrunchie to protect your hair from breaking and the curls from deforming. Then, in the morning, all you'll need to do is to spray your hair with your favorite curl refreshing spritz before styling.

Profile view of a woman with curly hair wearing a fabric covered hair elastic
Barber styling his client's black braids

Do Twists or Braids

If you're skilled at twisting and braiding your hair, you can put it together in simple knots to protect your curls when sleeping. Twists and braids also enhance the curl patterns and protect the hair from breaking. 

You can make two braids or more, depending on how long your hair is. Twists and braids are excellent for keeping your hair from rubbing against each other and from destroying the follicles. 

Do a Bun

Another tip on how to wrap curly hair for bed is to tie it into a loose bun. A bun works best for people with long curly hair that can be held in one piece on top of the head. 

You can do this by holding your hair up, twisting the ends loosely, and wrapping it around the tie. Next, secure the hair with a few pins to prevent it from unraveling.

Buns also keep your curls intact and give you more styling options when unraveled.

Young smiling woman wearing a bun sitting on her bed

How to Curl Hair Overnight Wet?

If you want to curl your wet hair overnight, then you can do braids, twists, or even Bantu knots. Secure them, use a bonnet and undo them when it's dry.

The bonnet will allow your hair to properly dry overnight without sucking the moisture and oils you've used to set your curls. Additionally, you'll have shiny curls instead of dry and dull curls when you undo them.

How to choose a pillow?

FAQ: Polysleep Answers!

One of the biggest concerns about wearing a bonnet or sleeping on a silk or satin pillow is feeling too hot at night. If you worry about this also, Polysleep has a solution for you. 

Polysleep mattresses guarantee a cool night's sleep all year long. You'll also love the Polysleep pillow that supports your head properly while sleeping on your sides or stomach to keep your curls from frizzing overnight.

You can choose to tie your hair up in a bun, a pineapple, or wear a satin bonnet or scarf. If you're a hot sleeper, the double-sided PolyCool mattress topper is an ideal option. It allows you to choose whether you want a cooler or a warmer sleep with just a flip-over. 

Wet curly hair is best kept in a bonnet or tied up in a scarf to allow it to dry without destroying the curls or robbing it of its moisture.

You can spray your hair with some water and a leave-in conditioner to revive the curls in the morning. Also, consider adding your favorite oils and sealing the moisture in with butter to keep your curls fresh all day.

Wavy hair has looser curl patterns that can easily be frizzed and flattened overnight. Therefore, you may want to keep your hair in loose braids or twists to avoid losing the wavy pattern of your hair.


Taking care of your curls involves choosing the right sleeping surface to protect your hair from becoming brittle and frizzy overnight. For this reason, you need a Polysleep pillow

This pillow is specially designed to offer excellent support to sleepers who are also mindful of their hair.

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