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How to store away a foam mattress?
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How to store away a foam mattress?

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Do you own a foam mattress? Good for you! Now that you are enjoying the best sleep of your life—at least we hope so!—and you know how to take care of your mattress so that you can keep it for years to come, here are a few tips on how to store it, in case you have to do so for a move, renovations or any other reason!


How to store away a foam mattress?

Many foam mattress companies, such as Polysleep, deliver your mattress directly to your home, rolled up in a handy carrying box. However, since it has been rolled and placed inside with special machinery, you will be unable to put it back in its original box! So you’ll have to use other means to store your mattress!

However, some thinner foam mattresses can be rolled for easier storage—like some IKEA mattresses for example—but many mattresses can't be rolled once they're out of the box. This is something to consider when you're shopping, for example, if you just want an extra mattress, or if you're short on space! This way, you can avoid turning it into a work of art in the corner of your living room!


Polysleep mattress being delivered to a customer's front door

Mattress Cover

Practical mattress covers are available on the market; you can slide your mattress into them and store it safely in the basement, for example. However, make sure that the storage temperature is adequate and for heaven's sake, do not store it in your shed—even when it’s protected by a mattress cover or storage bag!—because your mattress could well become a cozy haven for rodents and other critters...


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Also, do not lay it directly on the ground in the basement, whether the basement is finished or not! This will not only prevent your kids from happily using it as a trampoline, but will also avoid damaging it in the event of water hazards. So, be sure to choose an elevated location in case of flooding!

One thing is for sure: a few precautions must be taken when storing a mattress, regardless of its type, so that you can enjoy it for many years to come!


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