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5 tips on how to wash your mattress protector!
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A person installing a well-cleaned mattress protector


5 tips on how to wash your mattress protector!

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Are you wondering how to wash your mattress protector? 

It's a common question and definitely worth exploring here. Your protector has an important job after all — keeping your mattress protected so it lasts longer.

In this article, learn how to wash your mattress cover with Polysleep, your hybrid mattress specialist.


What is a mattress protector and why use one? 


Mattress covers are removable beddings that you put on top of your mattress to protect it. They're an essential accessory that your mattress requires.


A waterproof mattress protector to protect the mattress


They help:

  1. Keep your mattress clean: 

When you’re sleeping on your mattress, your skin produces oil and you perspire. You also shed dead skin cells. These all soak into your sheets and penetrate into your mattress. It can be hard to get them out once they get there which is where a mattress protector comes in handy. You can remove and wash your mattress protectors at your leisure.

  1. Prevent allergic reactions caused by dust mites

Dust mites are commonly found on mattresses. Why? Because they feed on our dead skin cells which shed when we lie on our mattress. Because you can easily wash any decent mattress protector, they help keep those mites at bay.

  1. Protect the mattress's warranty: 

All it takes is one stain on your mattress to void the warranty, regardless of where you buy your mattress. Therefore, using a protector will help you keep your warranty intact.


Can I wash my waterproof mattress cover?


When wondering how to wash your mattress protector, you might ask yourself if that’s even okay to do. The answer is, yes you can, as long as you follow the instructions in this article.


Can you put your mattress protector in a washing machine?


Can we put this mattress pad in a washing machine?


You can but be sure to use a front load washing machine. These work best for mattress protectors. Machines that have center agitators can tear the mattress protector and spill its contents. 


Can I put my waterproof protector in the dryer?


You can place it in a dryer (or air dry it by fan or sun). Be sure to set it on tumble dry on low heat. Avoid ironing it as the heat from the iron could damage the waterproof material.


How to wash your mattress protector?


Wondering of how to make a mattress protector clean and shiny


So, how do you clean a mattress cover? 

When thinking about washing your mattress protector, the process might seem difficult. However, It's fairly easy to wash, although you'll want to read the label and get familiar with the instructions. 

Dry cleaning isn't recommended since it could ruin the waterproof material.

What to do before washing it?

When thinking about how to wash your mattress protector, some things you should do before are:

  • Check for open seams: Before you attempt to clean your mattress cover, you'll first want to check to see if there are open seams. If there are, your washing machine can clog with feathers and any other material your protector is constructed with. Always try to repair open seams before washing.

  • Pretreat stains: Before placing your protector in your machine, pretreat any stains with detergent and allow them to soak for about 10 to 15 minutes.

What temperature should I set?

Wash with cold water. Set your washer to the delicate or gentle cycle and only use lukewarm or cold water. Hot water could damage your protector's waterproof materials.

What cycle should you use?

When washing your cover, use the delicate cycle - the same setting you use for washing delicate clothing. 

What type of detergent?

Use a mild detergent to wash your mattress (with no builders). Don't use chlorine or bleach when washing. 

Be sure it goes through a complete rinse cycle after it's been washed to ensure all the detergent is rinsed out. 

Leftover detergent could cause mildew and mold to develop.


When to wash your mattress protector?


Wondering how often to wash your mattress cover? You only need to do so once a month or every two months (opposed to fitted sheets that should be cleaned every two weeks). 

However, you should wash the protector before you first use it to soften it and eliminate any odors.

  • Guest Bedrooms: Wash it before your guests come to visit and after they leave.

  • Allergy Sufferers: If the mattress cover becomes dirty, it could collect dander and dust mites which can trigger allergic reactions. Ideally, wash your protector every two to four weeks to help minimize allergic reactions to the build-up dirt.

  • Cold and Flu: Once your cold or flu has gone away, wash your mattress cover (and all other bedding) to eliminate any lingering bacteria and to help prevent spreading germs to others in the household.

  • After Spilling Food or Drink: If you've spilled food or drinks in your bed, be sure to immediately wash your mattress protector so no stains develop. There's no need to wash it if you only spilled water because it's waterproof.

How can I protect my mattress?


The father, mother and their child lying on their clean and well protected mattress


Polysleep’s tips on how to keep your mattress clean


  1. Choose a mattress with a waterproof cover, like Polysleep's mattresses, which you'll learn more about below. Their mattress protector is liquid resistant. It repels liquids instantly.

  2. When spilling food or drink, act immediately. As mentioned above, this will ensure you eliminate the stain before it has a chance to set into your mattress. You can use dishwashing liquid or white vinegar to remove nasty everyday stains.

  3. Use talcum powder to eliminate odors from your mattress and to keep them from coming back.

  4. Wash your mattress in the morning which will allow time for drying throughout the whole day. Rub washed areas using a clean towel and place the mattress by a door or window that's slightly open to air dry.

  5. It's not always recommended to clean a mattress with a steam cleaner.




Choosing the right mattress protector for your mattress is important. You want to ensure they provide essential benefits like being waterproof, breathable, and easy to wash.

And if in the meantime, you're in the market for a new hybrid mattress, choose a Polysleep mattress with its removable cover. We have four options for you:

  • The Origin Mattress Cover: This cover provides you with an amazing soft cotton-like feel. The Polysleep Origin Mattress cover is easy to wash and it's breathable and lightweight.

  • The Polysleep Mattress Soft Liquid Repellent Cover: The incredible soft liquid-repellent cover helps to reduce any accidents or spills. The Polysleep Mattress cover sides are crafted with premium mesh to provide better breathability and airflow.

  • The Zephyr Mattress Organic Nanobionic Cover: When you pair organic fibers with our Nanobionic technology, it results in a mattress cover that redirects the infrared rays of your body to recharge it more efficiently and quicker. In this way, The Zephyr Mattress cover helps to offer better-quality sleep.

  • The Baby Mattress Cover: The Organic Breathable Cover Tencel is biodegradable and is more absorbent than cotton. The Baby Mattress cover is cooler and softer than silk to help your baby sleep more soundly.

Check out our Origin mattress!

The Origin mattress by Polysleep available online

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