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Move More, Sleep Better!
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Move More, Sleep Better!

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We’ve been told for years that having an active lifestyle is good for everybody, but did you know that exercise is also a great way to sleep better? The snow is now gone so it’s time to start enjoying the nice weather that comes with summer! The return of the sun and the heat also means the return of outdoor activities and a less sedentary way of life! 

In recent years, several studies have shown that moving is a way to fight insomnia and can solve many sleep problems.

We all want the hours spent on our mattress to help us start the day without feeling tired, but many sleep problems can prevent you from feeling completely rested. It is estimated that about 20% of the population suffers from insomnia, which is a fairly high proportion. So, the question is how do you reduce that number so that as many people as possible can sleep better at night? Part of the answer would be in the sport.

How Sports Helps You Sleep Better


We all know that to sleep better at night helps move the next day because we have more energy and our body is more alert. But the opposite is true too! Moving helps to sleep better at night and studies have proven it.


By practicing an average of nearly 150 minutes of sport a week, a person sees on average his or her sleep quality increase by 65%. Indeed, physical exercise would have several effects on anxiety, the main cause of insomnia.


That’s why active people fall asleep faster on their mattresses and have better sleep. In fact, playing a sport or doing exercise on a regular basis every week would help the body regulate its internal clock. It is this biological clock that is responsible for sleep cycles and that can potentially cause sleep problems if it is poorly adjusted to the person’s daily routine.


However, remember to avoid physical activity within 3 hours before going to bed. Also, avoid sport after dinner! Indeed, it is a time to relax and deactivate your body.


A Good Mattress Increases the Benefits of Your Training 

Back pain is very common after a workout! Too often, we forget that a good mattress helps the body to rest rests efficiently. Also, you should get the best mattress to provide the best sleep ever!

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For athletes or those who will soon become aware that sports can help them sleep better, the Polysleep mattress has been designed for all types of sleepers and comes in a box. It is ready for use within minutes of unpacking and is guaranteed for 10 years.

Whether it’s to relax after a marathon, after a yoga session or for a nap, the Polysleep mattress will be a major asset in your quest for perfect sleep!


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