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The 10 Best Horror Movies to Watch in Bed
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Best horror movies to watch in bed


The 10 Best Horror Movies to Watch in Bed

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Yes, video games are my great passion, but close by in my heart is my love of cinema. 

But what about horror movies?

Let’s just say, I have a love-hate relationship with horror movies

While I like seeing horror movies, it’s not uncommon for me to repeat while seeing one of those: "Why am I doing this to myself?". And then to pursue the viewing with one eye closed, as if the horror presented on the screen was less terrifying.

A very pleasant place to watch a horror movie is probably the bed. Snug and warm under the sheets, a memory foam pillow at hand to quickly cover my face and the proximity of my loving wife to chat with about the disturbing scenes unfolding before us. 

So get comfortable and get ready to discover my TOP 10 horror movies to watch in bed. Here are the scary movies that unsettled me, gave me the chills, those scary movies to see for Halloween.

Here Are My Top Ten Horror Movies to Watch in Bed

1 - Sinister

Sinister scariest horror movie

Released in 2012, this Scott Derrickson film tells the story of an uninspired mystery writer who decides to move with his family to a house where the former residents were found hanged. This film terrified me, disturbed me by its video footage on reels revealing terrible and mysterious events. I think this is the most frightening, intelligent, and disturbing film I have ever seen. Poor Ellison... (and poor me, terrorized in my bed until the movie’s very last scene).

2 - It

Best Halloween Movie It

Released in 2017, this modern take on the Stephen King classic is ultra-effective. This one tells this terrifying story of the seven kids who have to deal with a shapeshifter they have named "It". The movie is a bit long, but the cast is perfect and the script is particularly immersive. I could already see that red balloon floating in the corner of my room, a harbinger that a clown (I hate clowns) was going to come running into my room any minute, like a big jump-scare! Ah, Grippe-Sou, the dancing clown...

3 - Virus

Best scary movie Virus

This film by John Bruno released in 1999 did not receive good reviews. But for some reason, I still don't know why, this dark adventure of a broken-down Russian ship where strange scientific experiments took place really stuck with me. Jamie-Lee Curtis, good actors to accompany her, mystery and a strange technology impossible to explain. But?! What is this strange semi-mechanical and organic creature?

4 - The Grudge

Top horror movie The Grudge

This 2004 version of the Japanese horror film Ju-On: The Grudge is particularly effective and disturbing. Excellent adaptation by director Takashi Shimizu, it succeeded in scaring me so much that after watching the film, I still find myself looking several times at every dark corner of my house. I still think of that late evening when, comfortably installed in my bed, I was observing with attention the door of my room open in search of a pallid face...

5 - The Ring

Best horror movie The Ring

Released in 2002, this horror film by Gore Verbinski tells the terrifying story of a mysterious tape containing strange and disturbing images. What is this circle? Who is this girl? The mystery is dark and total, then the final punch is particularly effective. Very good movie! I almost imagined her coming out of the screen and then climbing slowly on my bed, close to my feet... her dark silhouette advancing towards me, her face covered by her hair, silent... Aaaargh! 

6 - Alien

Classic horror movie

Ridley Scott's film released in 1979, tells the story of seven astronauts from the Nostromo who respond to a distress signal. Of course, everything will go wrong and a ferocious xenomorph will chase them relentlessly, until the grand finale opposing the brave Ellen Ripley to the nasty bug whose structural perfection is matched only by its hostility. This monster has haunted my nightmares for a long time and has stressed me out in many video games!

7 - The Conjuring

The Conjuring Horror Movie

What a terrifying and disturbing movie! Based on a true story (this information terrifies me) of the paranormal investigative duo Ed and Lorraine Warren, this 2013 film tells us about the presence of a demonic entity. Forearm chills, stress, anxiety, and fright guaranteed! This movie is so immersive and absorbing, it's crazy! I can still see myself glancing at my wife, who is clutching her pillow like a big, comforting teddy bear and saying, "That movie is so disturbing! Are you watching something else?

8 - Poltergeist

Poltergeist cult horror movie 

This 1982 film directed by Tobe Hooper is almost as old as the first Alien film mentioned above, but is just as effective. It features the Freeling family who notice strange phenomena in their house. And well, there is also little Caroll Anne who disappears and communicates through the television. I could have chosen the 2nd Poltergeist, because it is just as disturbing. I've had nightmares about these movies (and that man in the hat). *Shivers*

9 - Insidious

Insidious Horror Movie Scary

Directed by James Wan, this film released in 2011 tells the story of a family who initially believe they are trapped in a haunted house. But in the end *SPOILER ALERT*, it is rather their son who is haunted, possessed. This creepy movie gave me many chills in my bed! So much so that after this movie, I was afraid of baby transmitters! At the time, the sound that emanated from this monitor during the night meant that I would not have a good night's sleep, because the baby had woken up. 

Already, the slightest sound emanating from this monitor was the object of stress. So imagine after watching this movie! I remember being in the room with my wife and saying, "Imagine hearing a voice, a guttural sound emanating from that little blue and white transmitter, the little red light flashing..." There are many terrifying and stressful things in Insidious, but this is clearly what stuck with me!

10 - Shining

Shining scariest movie of all time

Stanley Kubrick's cult horror film first seen in 1980, tells the story of Jack Torrance and his family who are trapped in a hotel in winter. As mysterious as it is unsettling, it may not be the scariest film, but it is certainly still effective! There is no specific order in my TOP 10, but certainly the movie Shining is one that unsettled me mentally for a night. I had a feeling that when I would have my head pressed down on my pillow and my eyes closed, that I would see Jack Torrance screaming right above my face ''Here's Johnny'' or even worse, discovering the word REDRUM on the walls of my room! Hahaha! And that famous scene in the bathroom... Wow, what an unsettling movie and what a fantastic performance by Jack Nicholson!


So that was my best horror movies’s shortlist that you should see in your bed. I could have told you about Dark Skies, but I was a bit disappointed by its finale. I could have mentioned that space movie Life: Unknown Origin, but the first half hour had such disturbing and disgusting sequences that I never had the courage to continue watching. The same goes for the SAW film series, which I refuse to see. Several Freddy Krueger movies or the Halloween series could have been in my TOP, for sure, as well as Annabelle, the Nun, or 1989's Leviathan, but at some point, I had to decide! 

Let's save some material for next year!


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