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What is the best light color for sleep?
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The best light for sleeping demonstrated by a moon in the bulb center


What is the best light color for sleep?

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If you’re having trouble sleeping and are looking for a way to remedy it, you may want to take a look at some of the colors you’re exposed to in your bedroom. 

Your sleep-wake cycle is controlled by melatonin, a hormone in your pineal gland that helps to regulate your sleep/wake cycle. 

Now, you might be asking what does that have to do with color? Well, specific photoreceptors in your eyes see a color, send a message to your brain that alters how much melatonin is produced, thus affecting your sleep. 

Your sleep and mattresses expert at Polysleep tells you below what color of light helps you sleep, but also what to avoid. 

What is the best color of light for sleep?

Woman sleeping in bed under dark light

That depends! There is still research to be done on the subject but so far, some of them has pointed out the benefits of some colors over others.

For instance, a study done in 2012 showed that 30 minutes of red light therapy helped 20 female basketball players have not only better sleep quality, but improved levels of melatonin compared to those who did not receive the therapy. 

An additional study in 2017 showed that red light was also beneficial in inducing sleep

Therefore, it does seem that the best color of light for sleep is red.

What light color helps your child sleep better?

A child sleeping in his bed under a orange light

When it comes to children, parents know how difficult it can be to get their children to sleep. 

While blue and white are believed to be calming colors, those colors are actually thought to negatively impact the sleep of children

A study in 2018 found that melatonin was suppressed when children were exposed to white-ish blue light

Additionally, the researchers found that children exposed to yellow light had their melatonin suppressed even more than with the blueish-white light

If you want the best color of light for your children, swap the whites and yellows for something warmer. 

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What is the worst light color for sleep?

A green laptop screen is harmful to sleep

It’s well known, and even more so since COVID made much of our world virtual, that blue light, specifically from items such as fluorescent lights and electronic screens, greatly affects our sleep by elevating corticosterone, a stress hormone which counteracts our sleep.

However, a 2001 study showed that green light also suppressed melatonin that would help us sleep. 

Try to avoid those screens,  and any green or too bright lights too  before sleep. Instead, choose a red light for your bedroom. 

Smart lights can be a great solution to change your light color during the day. 

Polysleep’s tips to help you sleep better

Besides following the color advice for better sleep above, here are a few other pro sleep tips to help you get the quality sleep you need  and deserve.

1) Create habits during the day that improve sleep.

While there are certainly lights that improve and hinder your sleep, it is also important to get some sunlight during the day.

Ensure you get daily exercise which will help you get a good night sleep. And while as adults, we love them, it is important to restrict naps

2) Watch the foods and beverages you eat and drink before bed.

Avoid consuming caffeine later in the day, as well as alcohol and soda in the late afternoon and evening. 

Stay away from fried foods or foods high in sugar, protein and fat at night. 

While water is great to drink, avoid drinking it a lot before bed. You would have to wake up to handle all that water, which would disrupt your sleep!

3) Sleep on a comfortable mattress and pillows.

If your bed is uncomfortable, there is no way you will have a good night's sleep. 

So, if you are in the market for a new mattress, consider a Polysleep mattress, which uses ventilated viscoelastic hybrid foam designed to support your body and promote airflow. 

In conjunction with the other tips listed, Polysleep mattresses and customizable pillows will help you to get the goodnight sleep you deserve.

4) Create a relaxing nighttime environment.

Make sure you try some calming activities before bed such as reading. Your room should be a comfortable temperature with no distractions. 

It also helps you to have a good night sleep once you are aware your children are fast asleep (see above for lights for your children!).

Sleep authorities have told us just how detrimental blue screens were for our sleep patterns, but now you are aware of the lights that hinder and enhance your sleep. 

So, what exactly is the best light color for sleep? 

Research shows its red for adults and warm colors, such as red or amber, for children. Using a dimmable smart light bulb is a great solution to adapt the lights in your bedroom or your baby’s one depending on your needs during the day.

While there are lots of tips that help you with lifestyle changes for a better night's sleep, two things would help immensely: using the best light color for sleep - red  - and a super comfortable mattress from Polysleep. You can thank us later.

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Baby sleeping comfortably in bed

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