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What is an antimicrobial agent and how can it improve my mattress?
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What is an antimicrobial agent and how can it improve my mattress?

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We have all heard—especially in recent months—about bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms that damage our immune system, as well as about various products, such as the famous hydroalcoholic gels, which can stop the proliferation of these microbes. But there are many other antimicrobial products, and many of them are even used in everyday items such as towels and mattresses.

What is an antimicrobial agent?

Antimicrobial agents are substances that inhibit or kill microorganisms. In other words, they are products that reduce the multiplication of microbes or even destroy them. The site identifies different types of antibacterial agents (organic, inorganic, natural, synthetic) as well as different application processes (integration, post-treatment or grafting) that can be used in textiles, such as in antimicrobial mattresses and covers.

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An antimicrobial mattress: a wise choice

Antimicrobial mattresses can be found both in the healthcare sector (a hospital bed mattress for example) or at home (for a medical mattress at home or simply for your everyday mattress). Highly appreciated by people suffering from allergies or asthma, an antimicrobial mattress considerably reduces the presence of allergens by protecting it from the accumulation of bacteria. Hypoallergenic, these mattresses are also anti-dust mite, anti-mould and antifungal.

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A longer lifespan

Antimicrobial mattresses—like antimicrobial pillows—have an extended lifespan because of the antimicrobial cover that not only protects them from bacteria and microorganisms, but also from contact with skin and sweat, which feed bacteria. So you kill two birds with one stone by acquiring a product that's better for your health, and that will serve you for years to come!

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What is the ISO 20743:2013 standard?

This standard indicates that the mattress is certified antimicrobial, meeting very strict quality criteria. Polysleep mattresses and their medical-grade foam have received this certification, so you can sleep with peace of mind knowing that you're getting an antibacterial product that can also reduce your allergies, if you suffer from them!

Polysleep's foam is antimicrobial

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