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What Type of Mattress Is Best for Kids?
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What type of mattress for kids


What Type of Mattress Is Best for Kids?

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Children need time to rest and recharge, so a good mattress is essential. It isn't a straightforward answer if you're wondering what type of mattress is best for kids. There are several factors to take into consideration.

Here is our guide to finding the perfect mattress for your children.

So What Is the Best Mattress?

Children spend roughly 6 hours a day at school and another 3 to 5 hours playing. For about 10 hours a day, their minds are running and absorb everything they see, hear and feel around them. 

It is a lot of energy used that runs out at some point. So nap and bedtime are crucial for the child's development, and a good mattress is a must.

Here are three essential factors to consider when choosing the best mattress for kids.

Factor 1: How Old Is Your Child?

Their age could determine the bed size they need and the softness. 

  • A baby or toddler would need a crib mattress pad, flatter and smaller. It will prevent fluids that could ruin a mattress and leave your child soaked all night. For example, the Polysleep Baby Mattress was designed so that your baby can sleep comfortably, safely and stay dry all night.

  • A young child could use a single-bed or toddler bed with a larger and firmer mattress. 

  • Older kids to teenagers will need a single-bed, full or more prominent mattress (like the Twin Polysleep Mattress or Origin Mattress). As for the softness, it is really a matter of taste, or needs. 

Factor 2: How Does Your Child Sleep?

The position your child gravitates towards changes the mattress you need. Is your child a side sleeper or back sleeper? 

  • Softer mattresses are best for side sleepers. They offer more support and contouring. 

  • Whereas back sleepers tend to do better on a more firm mattress.

Factor 3: Does Your Child Sleep Hot Or Restless?

The type of the mattress's material can be a determining factor as well. 

  • Spring-bed over foam can make a big difference for the rowdy sleeper. 

  • For children who tend to get hot, choose mattresses that are breathable and have the ability to regulate temperature.

Factor 4: How Active is Your Kid?

It may also be a good idea to account for the bounce of the mattress type when jumping on the bed. This is going to happen at some point with more active kids.

Factor 5: What is Your Budget?

Last but not least, consider the long-term cost of changing a mattress over the years as your kids will grow up. You will have to change mattresses so it is good to consider your budget before investing in a mattress.

Foam or spring mattress for kids?

Spring Mattresses

One advantage of spring mattresses is that they are usually well ventilated and durable. However, they tend to be heavier, less adaptable to the body’s temperature, and quite expensive.

Choosing a spring mattress for a kid is really a matter of choice, but with all the disadvantages mentioned above, it is usually less interesting for a baby.

If you’d like to go for a spring mattress, go for a spring mattress with a higher spring count and make sure that your kid tries multiple mattresses before you buy one. Comfort and build quality can vary greatly from one spring mattress to another, so make sure your kid won’t have problems sleeping after a few nights.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Are memory foam mattresses good for kids? The answer to that is yes, with the right memory foam mattress.

Younger kids such as infants and toddlers need firmness in their mattress to support the growing bones and avoid obstructing their airways while sleeping. Polysleep has affordable foam mattresses with enough support to conform to the shape of the baby's face and body. The Polysleep Baby Mattress provides the perfect airflow, support, and comfort your little one needs to sleep soundly every night. 

A memory foam mattress is also good for kids aged 3 or more. It allows the body to sink in during sleep, offering less sleep disturbance. Many are also hypoallergenic which allows allergic children to sleep better.

In need, you can learn more about the 8 types of foam for your kid's mattress.


Similar to adults, children have to "feel" which mattress is right for them. Spend a day with them trying mattresses at the mattress store. Determine what they are most comfortable with. 

Don’t have time to go to a mattress store? Order one of our mattresses online and try it at home!

Since all mattresses are made for different body types and temperatures, it’s important to take some time to find what type of mattress is best for kids. Your child's comfort and your budget should be the priority. 


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