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Why Should I Buy A Memory Foam Mattress in A Box?
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Polysleep memory foam mattress in a box


Why Should I Buy A Memory Foam Mattress in A Box?

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Have you ever heard of memory foam mattress in a box? These mattresses are delivered straight to your door for your convenience.

For decades we’ve grown accustomed to buy and receive our mattress the conventional way. Stores, salesmen, delivery men, puzzles, and headaches have always been part of this purchasing experience. Therefore, it was time to make some improvements and make life a lot simpler. This is why the memory foam mattress in a box was created.

For those of you who are not convinced about how useful this innovative way of receiving a mattress can be, here are some points that will change your mind.


Memory Foam Mattress in A Box: An Easy Delivery

First, the main advantage of purchasing a memory foam mattress in a box is the delivery. By being shipped inside a box, the memory foam mattress can be easily transported everywhere. The package that contains the mattress can be left right in front of your door and, depending on which company you choose for your mattress, within a week no matter where you are in Canada! Isn’t it fast, convenient and useful for everybody to just have to carry a box to get a mattress?

When you receive your memory foam mattress in a box you should know that it has been compressed by an industrial machine so it can fit inside the box. Your mattress can be carried in narrow or small places without taking much space. It’s just ideal for tiny apartments, narrow corridors, staircases or even inside a car if you have to move the mattress somewhere else. Puzzles are no longer a part of the mattress experience when you buy a memory foam mattress in a box.

Making Your Move Much Easier!

Mattress being installed

When it is time to move a conventional mattress somewhere else, it can be a very complex and challenging task. With a memory foam mattress in a box,  the weight varies from 46 to 86 pounds depending on the size. It can easily be carried by one or two people and since the bed is in a box, you can easily move it from your room to your car. In fact, you just have to grab the package and place it wherever you want without needing much assistance.

Once you receive your memory foam mattress in a box, there is nothing easier than unboxing your mattress, except maybe falling asleep on it. This way, no more need to call friends or family to help you with your mattress installation.  You just have to open the box and get the mattress out of it. Most company will wrap their memory foam mattress in a box in a tight plastic cover that can easily be opened with a safe cutting tool. Once the plastic has been removed, the mattress immediately starts to grow back into its original shape and no need to wait before sleeping on it, you can do it as soon as you want.

If you’re still not convinced about how convenient a memory foam mattress in a box can be, there is only one remaining option: trying it!


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