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Polysleep vs Casper Comparison
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Polysleep vs Casper Comparison

For many people, buying a new mattress represents a significant investment.


That's why getting good advice is essential! Therefore, we have created a series of comparative articles on the different mattresses that come in a box. 


Discover the complete and objective comparison between our Polysleep mattress and the Casper Original mattress.  If you want to choose the mattress that best suits your needs, stay with us!

Polysleep vs Casper: side-by-side comparison!

The Polysleep Mattress

Unpacking the Polysleep mattress

The Polysleep mattress comes in a recycled cardboard box that can be composted to minimize its carbon footprint

The base weight of the box is 33 pounds for twin mattresses. It can weigh up to 89 pounds for king size mattresses. 

The mattress is rolled up and vacuum-packed and can be removed from the box by opening it from the top. 

No plastic tools are provided to avoid the use of disposable materials. A pair of scissors will do the trick! :)

    The Casper mattress

    Unpacking the Casper mattress

    The Casper Original mattress comes in a box printed in the brand's colors. 

    With a starting weight of 53 lbs for twin mattresses, the box can weigh up to 109 lbs for king size mattresses. 

    Just like Polysleep, the mattress is rolled up and vacuum packed in the box. The box also contains a guide about the company.

      Quality comparison between the two mattresses

      Our panda tester always checks both mattresses with a fine-tooth comb! Here's what he found under the covers of these mattresses...

      The Polysleep mattress

      Opening & Polysleep Foam Layers

      The Polysleep mattress is made of 4 layers of foam and is 10" high: 

      Cover - 41% Polyviscose, 58% Polyester, 1% Spandex. Water repellent, soft and of superior quality mesh. 

      First layer - Polysleep's viscoelastic antimicrobial ventilated hybrid foam - Density of 3.0 lb/cu.ft (ISO 20743 certified).

      Second layer - Transitional polyurethane foam - Density of 1.8 lb/cu.ft

      Third layer - Supporting polyurethane foam - Density of 1.8 lb/cu.ft 

      Contour layer - Patented polyurethane foam support frame - Density of 2.0 lb/cu.ft 

      Foam layers are certified by the CertiPUR-US® program

      This means that they are manufactured without ozone-depleting chemicals and are regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

      Important: All foams used in Polysleep products are latex-free.

      • s2_alt
        4 layers
        of foam
      • s2_alt
        hybrid foam
      • s2_alt
      • s2_alt
        Proprietary Support Frame
      Polysleep logo4 layers of foam | 10" heightPolysleep Inside Layers
      • 1

        Breathable top layer
        Micro-perforated foam for a mattress that breathes naturally (better temperature regulation)

      • 2

        Transition layer
        Soft comfort foam for a better transition to the base layer

      • 3

        High density foam base
        High-density foam to balance the mattress for long-lasting support.

      • 4

        Proprietary Support Frame
        The built-in support frame keeps the mattress from flattening when you sit on the edge and reinforces the structure.

      The Casper Mattress

      Opening & Casper Foam Layers

      The Casper mattress is composed of 3 layers of foam and measures 11" high:

      Cover - The Casper mattress cover is made of knitted polyester.

      First layer - Perforated breathable foam, body conforming.

      Second layer - Zonal memory foam layer to ease the transition between the upper and lower layers.

      Third layer - Denser base layer of polyurethane foam.

      • 3 layers
        of foam

      • Polyurethane

      • Open-cell

      • Micro-quilted
      Casper logo3 layers of foam | 11" heightCasper Inside Mattress
      • 1

        Top layer of breathable polyurethane foam
        A layer of breathable foam perforated to increase air flow and promote circulation.

      • 2

        Layer of memory foam with targeted support
        Layer of memory foam with 3 ergonomic areas to help align the spine

      • 3

        Durable polyurethane foam base
        Designed to prevent sinking and sagging.

      • 4

        No integrated support frame
        The foam layers take the entire width of the mattress. There is no additional support at the edges.

      Let's compare firmness

      It is important to understand the difference between firmness and support of a mattress

      Firmness is the immediate feeling when you first lie down on a mattress, while support refers to how it keeps your spine in line. 

      So it's possible to have a soft mattress with very good support, or a firm mattress that creates so many pressure points that it's not suitable for you.

      The Polysleep Mattress

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        The Casper Mattress

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          Let's compare the reactivity of each mattress

          Good rebound is synonymous with better foam reactivity.
          Quality foam gives you the feeling of "floating" and relieves the feeling of pressure on the body.

          The Polysleep Mattress

          Polysleep Foam Testing

          For this test, we wanted to present in real time the reactivity or "rebound" of the foam.

          Thus, we notice that the foam of the Polysleep mattress quickly regains its shape, with an almost imperceptible rebound time.

            The Casper Mattress

            Casper Foam Testing

            The Casper mattress is slightly more responsive than most competitive foam mattress models.

            However, we observe that the foam of the Casper mattress resumes its shape more slowly than the Polysleep mattress.

              Let's compare prices between Polysleep and Casper

              Casper $ $ $ $ $ $
              Polysleep $895.0 $945.0 $1095.0 $1195.0 $1395.0 $1395.0
              • TWIN
                • Casper
                • Polysleep
              • TWIN XL
                • Casper
                • Polysleep
              • FULL
                • Casper
                • Polysleep
              • QUEEN
                • Casper
                • Polysleep
              • KING
                • Casper
                • Polysleep
              • CAL KING
                • Casper
                • Polysleep

              Protection against liquids: the waterproof test!

              Choosing a mattress with extra protection against liquids is essential to the durability of your sleeping surface. However, finding a cover with a water-repellent treatment that works, is comfortable and breathable is another story!

              The Polysleep Mattress

              Polysleep liquid repellency test

              The Polysleep mattress is composed of a very airy and light waterproof cover, which is also removable and washable. 

              During our liquid resistance test, we poured about 2 cups of water on the surface of the mattress. 

              The water was instantly repelled from the surface of the cover, then trickled down to the floor. The remaining liquid was easily wiped off, with no water or stains remaining.

                The Casper Mattress

                Casper liquid repellency test

                The Casper mattress cover does not protect the mattress against liquids. We observe that spilled water immediately seeps into the mattress. 

                In addition, the cover is not removable either, making the cleaning operation delicate and more complicated in case of stains.

                  Let's compare the support on the edges of each mattress

                  Another point too often overlooked when shopping for a foam mattress: 

                  Are the edges of the mattress properly supported? 

                  Indeed, the support offered by some brands of foam mattresses regarding the edges of their product is not discussed enough... 

                  If you want more stability, or if you find it difficult to get out of bed easily, we recommend that you study this important aspect carefully!

                  The Polysleep Mattress

                  Support on the edges of the Polysleep mattress

                  The Polysleep mattress has an integrated support frame that encompasses the entire mattress. 

                  This unique feature, exclusive to the Polysleep mattress, provides true end-to-end support for a more balanced sleeping surface

                  In the video, you can observe minimal sagging at the edges of the Polysleep mattress, especially when you take the white part of the cover as a reference.

                    The Casper Mattress

                    Support on the edges of the Casper mattress

                    The durable base of the Casper mattress is supposed to prevent sagging. However, it does not consist of an integrated support frame. The mattress has a tendency to sag unevenly and the weight is therefore not properly distributed.

                    So, if you tend to get closer to the edges of your mattress during sleep, you could feel the unpleasant sensation of sagging... Or worse, feel like you're falling!

                    Lack of support at the edges also makes it more difficult to get out of bed.

                      Motion Transfer Test

                      For this test, a mattress obtaining a high score indicates a better resistance of the mattress to the transfer of movement. In other words, you will be able to rest deeper, longer! 

                      Click on the videos below to discover our 3 motion transfer tests, covering both the edges and the interior area of each mattress.

                      The Polysleep Mattress

                      Polysleep Motion Transfer

                      The Polysleep mattress has a 9/10 rating for the reduction of movement transfer. The edges and interior areas of the mattress have withstood all tests resulting in a truly well-balanced sleeping surface. So, don't worry about being disturbed (or disturbing your bed partner) during the night! The tests prove a perfect isolation of movements on the mattress.

                      Here are other tests performed on the Polysleep mattress by specialized sites: 

                        The Casper Mattress

                        Casper Motion Transfer

                        The edges of the Casper mattress are fully compressed when you sit on it, giving the sensation of sinking. The same thing happens within the interior areas (like the one in the middle of the mattress for example), no matter if you are lying on your stomach, on your back, or even on your side.

                        The absence of complete weight distribution on the mattress brings an important transfer of movement that could be disturbing if you sleep with a bed partner. In fact, if you sleep with someone who tends to move during the night, or who gets up earlier, you could be woken up earlier than expected.

                          Support on the edges of the mattress: Weight throw test

                          The Polysleep Mattress

                          Weight test on the Polysleep mattress

                          For this test, a 50 lb kettlebell was released on the edges of the mattress. We see that the Polysleep mattress effectively absorbs the pressure of the weight and that the weight does not roll off the mattress despite the impact. 

                          We can therefore visually attest a very good support on the edges of the mattress and good balance of the sleeping surface.

                            The Casper Mattress

                            Weight test on the Casper mattress

                            The same 50 lb kettlebell was also released at the ends of the Casper mattress. The edge of the mattress immediately collapsed as soon as it came in contact with the weight, which ended up falling to the ground.

                            The lack of cushioning hence indicates a weakness in the distribution of the weight on the surface of the mattress.

                              Services Offered

                              Here is a short summary of the services offered by each company.

                              Polysleep box
                              100% Made in Canada YES. However, Casper is an American company. YES (in Quebec)
                              Free delivery & returns YES Yes (return fee of 75$ will be deducted from your refund.)
                              10-year warranty YES YES
                              0% financing option (even during sales periods) NO YES


                              The objective of this comparison is to show you in a practical way the differences between the Casper Original mattress and the Polysleep mattress. To do so, we simply observed the results of our video tests. 

                              We are not telling you anything new by telling you that the sleeping surface you choose has a direct impact on the quality of your sleep and, as a result, on your health. We all have different sleep needs. That's why it's important to compare and understand which features are important to you.

                              Here's a quick summary of the main differences observed to help you in your choice of mattress:




                              • Foam: With only 3 layers of foam, Casper has designed its mattress by prioritizing the sensation of responsiveness for light sleepers.


                              • Mattress cover: Although the Casper mattress comes with a recycled polyester cover, it is not liquid proof.


                              • It is recommended to equip the mattress with an additional waterproof layer by using a mattress protector. However, this could hinder air circulation within your mattress.


                              • Moreover, the cover is not removable. So it's not possible to put it in the machine in case of a stain!


                              • Support of mattress edges: The Casper mattress shows poor support at the edges. It therefore tends to sink deeper at the sides (see test video above).


                              • Firmness: With a firmness rating of 5.5/10, the Casper Original mattress is not recommended for people weighing more than 230 pounds due to its design. Heavier people may experience discomfort over time due to the lack of support around the hips and shoulders.


                              • Financing option: Casper offers a 0% financing option, for which you must first pre-qualify. This financing option is not available if a discount is applied to the mattress.




                              • Foam: Following our tests, we noticed that the foam used in the Polysleep mattress has a better rebound and comes back in place faster than the one used in the Casper Original mattress. The hybrid foam used by Polysleep is known for its superior quality and will allow your mattress to withstand the test of time. In addition, the foam used by Polysleep distinguishes itself by its antimicrobial treatment certified ISO 20743:2013. You benefit from a healthier sleeping surface, greatly reducing the quantity of germs that accumulate each year in your mattress.


                              • Mattress cover: The Polysleep mattress is wrapped in a soft, liquid-repellent cover that protects your mattress against any accident, while maintaining optimal breathability.


                              • Support on mattress edges: A support frame integrated to the Polysleep mattress offers more comfort and ensures the stability of the mattress edges. In addition, the densified foam base layer acts as a box spring and provides additional reinforcement.


                              • Firmness: The Polysleep mattress offers a firmness rating of 6.5/10 corresponding to a medium firm surface. The mattress will meet the needs of people who appreciate the "soft" feeling of a mattress but are looking for a sleeping surface that is still firm enough.


                              • Financing option: Polysleep offers a 0% financing option valid at all times, also during promotional periods.


                              A Queen size Polysleep mattress retails for $1050, while the Casper mattress will cost you $1395. So, Polysleep offers more features within its mattress for a more affordable price: integrated support frame, liquid-repellent cover, and antimicrobial foam… There's only one thing left to say: don't forget to check if you qualify for a discount! 


                              Do you have any questions? Don't hesitate to write to us via our chat option or by email. Our team will be happy to guide you to the best suitable mattress for you!

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