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Polysleep vs. Bloom Air mattress comparison: which one wins?
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Polysleep vs. Bloom Air mattress comparison: which one wins?

Looking for an affordable mattress? There are plenty of options. But what about their quality and durability? 

To help you choose the best mattress according to your budget, Polysleep offers a series of comparative articles on the most popular hybrid foam mattresses in Quebec and Canada.

Today, we compare for you, with the help of videos, the Bloom Air mattress and the Polysleep mattress

Which one suits you best? Read below to get all the information you need to buy the perfect mattress.

Side-by-side test of Bloom Air and Polysleep mattresses!

The Polysleep Mattress

Unpacking the Polysleep mattress

The Polysleep mattress is delivered in a recycled cardboard box that can be composted to minimize our carbon footprint.

The box only features the Polysleep logo, and weighs between 33 lb (for a single bed) and 89 lb (for a king bed). It is better to have two people carry it!

Accessible from the top of the box, the mattress is rolled up and vacuum-packed. It will begin to take its shape as soon as it is taken out of its packaging! 

In an effort to be greener, no additional tools are provided. However, don't worry, simple scissors will do the trick!

    The Bloom Air Mattress

    Unpacking the Bloom Air Mattress

    The Bloom Air mattress arrives in a grey box, stamped "Bloom". Not very environmentally friendly with all this paint!

    After opening the top of the box, you discover a mattress rolled up in plastic wrapping. After that, you have to unroll it and then unfold it (it is folded in four).

    Only half of the Bloom Air mattress is compressed in its packaging.

    Its weight is not specified on the product page of the "Dormez-Vous?" website.

      Comparing the quality of the two mattresses

      Our Panda-Tester, the curious sleep specialist he is, wanted to know what was hidden inside these two foam mattresses. Here's what he found!

      The Polysleep Mattress

      Composition & foam layers of the Polysleep mattress

      With a total thickness of 10 inches, the Polysleep mattress is made of 4 layers of foam of different densities. 

      Its foam edge solidifies the extremities and reinforces the structure of the mattress. Its role is to provide optimal support at the extremities and limit any premature sagging at the edges. 

      Thus, the sleeping surface offers a perfect balance. The life of your hybrid foam mattress is also maximized! Here are the details of the composition of the different layers:

      41% Polyviscose / 58% Polyester / 1% Spandex. 
      Superior quality mesh, water-repellent and very soft.

      1st layer: 
      Hybrid viscoelastic Polysleep foam, antimicrobial and ventilated. 
      Density: 3.0 lb/ft3. 
      ISO certified 20743

      2nd layer:
      Polyurethane transition foam. 
      Density: 1.8 lb/ft3.

      3rd layer:
      Polyurethane support foam. 
      Density: 1.8 lb/ft3

      Contour layer:
      Type: Support frame. 
      Made of patented polyurethane foam. 
      Density: 2.0 lb/ft3.

      In addition, our foams are CertiPUR-US certified: they are therefore produced without chemical components harmful to the ozone layer. They also comply with the rules imposed by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and do not contain latex.

      • s2_alt
        4 layers
        of foam
      • s2_alt
        hybrid foam
      • s2_alt
      • s2_alt
      Polysleep Logo4 layers of foam | 10" thickPolysleep Inside Layers
      • 1

        Breathable top layer
        Micro-perforated foam for a mattress that breathes naturally.

      • 2

        Transition layer
        Soft comfort foam for a better transition to the base layer.

      • 3

        High density foam base
        High-density foam to balance the mattress for long-lasting support.

      • 4

        Proprietary Support Frame
        The built-in support frame keeps the edges from flattening and reinforces the structure.

      The Bloom Air Mattress

      Composition & Foam Layers - Bloom Air Mattress

      With a thickness of 9.5 inches, the Air mattress by Bloom has three layers of foam and a removable organic cotton cover that can be machine washed. 

      Without additional details on the manufacturer's website, we learn that the Bloom Air mattress has a layer of memory foam infused with gel. Theoretically, it is supposed to envelop our body, especially at the hips and shoulders, while limiting the transfer of movement.

      In addition, the mattress has another layer of memory foam, this one is ventilated, which combines with the gel-infused layer to provide effective thermoregulation. 

      Finally, the base is made of foam with bamboo charcoal. Its role is to eliminate impurities and odours released by the mattress over time. It also has ventilation channels that allow you to sleep in a cool environment. 

      The aforementioned foams are certified by the same CertiPUR-US accreditation as those of the Polysleep model, and therefore have the same properties with regard to the environment.

      • 3 layers
        of foam

      • Memory foam
        infused with gel

      • Ventilated

      • Base with
        bamboo charcoal
      Bloom Logo3 layers of foam | 9.5" thickBloom Inside Layers
      • 1

        Organic cotton cover
        The cover is removable, washing machine friendly and made with organic cotton.

      • 2

        Memory foam infused with gel
        This foam envelop the body and limit the transfer of movement.

      • 3

        Ventilated memory foam
        With the first foam layer, it enhances the thermoregulation of the mattress.

      • 4

        Foam incorporated with charcoal
        This last layer eliminates impurities and odours released by the mattress over time.

      Let's compare firmness

      The firmness of a mattress is felt just after lying down on the bed.

      Important: firmness differs from support, whose role is to allow optimal alignment of your spine.

      The Polysleep Mattress

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        The Bloom Air Mattress

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          Comparison of the reactivity of each mattress

          The reactivity of a mattress is measured by the quality of the rebound observed following the application of pressure.

          The Polysleep mattress

          Polysleep mattress foam control

          Following the application of pressure exerted by the hand of our Panda-Tester, we notice an immediate return of the mattress surface to its initial shape. 

          Conclusion: the surface of the Polysleep mattress is very dense, and it quickly rebounds to its original shape.

            The Bloom Air mattress

            Bloom Air mattress foam control

            On the Bloom Air side, the mattress returns to its initial shape just like the Polysleep mattress. However, this return is not instantaneous and takes 7 seconds. 

            The reactivity of the foam of the Bloom Air mattress is therefore inferior to that of the Polysleep mattress.


            This lack of bounce can cause back pain and feel like you're sinking and not being able to move properly in your bed. 


            A foam that is too "soft" in which you sink like butter is deceptively comfortable and promises you difficult awakenings. Should be strictly prohibited in lower back pain sufferers.

              Let's compare prices between the Polysleep mattress and the Bloom Air mattress

              Bloom $ $ $ $ $ $
              Polysleep $895.0 $945.0 $1095.0 $1195.0 $1395.0 $1395.0
              • TWIN
                • Bloom
                • Polysleep
              • TWIN XL
                • Bloom
                • Polysleep
              • FULL
                • Bloom
                • Polysleep
              • QUEEN
                • Bloom
                • Polysleep
              • KING
                • Bloom
                • Polysleep
              • CAL KING
                • Bloom
                • Polysleep

              Protection against liquids: it’s waterproof!

              A water-repellent cover is vital for your mattress, to protect it from perspiration and liquids that can penetrate it or stain it

              However, finding a mattress with a waterproof and breathable cover is not easy! 

              In order to help you, we have submitted the Polysleep and Bloom Air mattress covers to the water test!

              The Polysleep Mattress

              Water repellence test - Polysleep mattress

              The equivalent of two cups of water was poured on the surface of the Polysleep mattress.

              In the video, we can see that the water is immediately repelled by the cover and that most of it flows quickly on the ground. 

              As for the water remaining on the surface of the bed, it remains in the form of droplets. Once our Panda-Tester passes a rag over it, it is as if no water had been poured on the surface

              This proves that the water-repellent cover of the Polysleep mattress works well. Moreover, in case of a stain left by a liquid, the cover can be removed and washed.

                The Bloom Air Mattress

                Water repellence test - Bloom Air mattress

                The same test was conducted with the Bloom Air mattress

                In the video, we can see that the water penetrates almost instantaneously into the sleeping surface. The turquoise blue layer underneath, also reached by the liquid, is visible. 

                Finally, we can observe that the mesh of which the contour of the mattress is made of, is also impregnated with water.

                Therefore, the water-repellent properties of the Bloom Air cover are non-existent. If you spill liquid on the Bloom Air mattress, it will absorb it.

                  Comparing edge support of each mattress

                  Have you ever had the impression of being unstable when sleeping near the edges of your mattress?

                  Worse, because of this instability, have you ever fallen off? If so, it could be due to the lack of reinforcements along the edges of your mattress!

                  Let's take a look at it together!

                  The Polysleep Mattress

                  Edge support - Polysleep mattress

                  When sitting on the edge of the bed, we notice a dip behind the posterior of our Panda-Tester. This one is normal and rather small compared to the pressure exerted. 

                  Moreover, the shape of the edge of the mattress changes very little, even after our Panda-Tester has sat down. The sagging is not very pronounced!

                  In fact, thanks to the integrated support edges that surround the Polysleep mattress, there is increased support along the edges and the whole structure is reinforced. 

                  This prevents the premature sagging of your Polysleep mattress and prolongs its lifespan.

                    The Bloom Air Mattress

                    Edge support - Bloom Air mattress

                    The same test was conducted on the edges of the Bloom Air mattress. 

                    In the video, we can see that once our Panda-Tester is seated, the dip formed behind him is much deeper than on the Polysleep mattress. 

                    Moreover, we can also notice an important deformation of the edge. This can eventually lead to premature sagging

                    All this is caused by the lack of reinforcement on the edges of the Bloom Air mattress.

                      Motion isolation test

                      Motion isolation is the way a movement is absorbed and isolated by the mattress.

                      This is especially important if you sleep in a bed with your partner: if they move or get up at night, you probably don't want to be woken up by their movements.

                      Be sure to take this into account when you purchase a hybrid foam mattress

                      The Polysleep Mattress

                      Motion isolation - Polysleep mattress

                      To test the motion isolation, our Panda-Tester placed water bottles standing on the surface of the Polysleep mattress.

                      At no time did the movements performed by our expert cause the bottles to fall.

                      Therefore, we can conclude that the Polysleep mattress has excellent motion isolation. If one of the sleepers moves during the night, the other will not be disturbed while sleeping.

                        The Bloom Air Mattress

                        Motion isolation - Bloom Air Mattress

                        The same tests were conducted with the Bloom Air mattress to test its ability to isolate movement.

                        Whether it is wriggling, patting or doing pushups on the mattress: the water bottles fall out every time. 

                        The Bloom Air does not pass any of the tests! Its ability to isolate movement seems much lower than that of the Polysleep mattress.

                          Support on the edges of the mattress: weight throw test

                          The Polysleep Mattress

                          Weight test on the Polysleep mattress

                          For this weight test, a 50 lb kettlebell was dropped at the edge of the mattress three times. 

                          Each time, the weight remained on the sleeping surface. Moreover, after each throw, the weight hits the mattress but does not bounce back. 

                          The pressure generated by the kettlebell is always completely absorbed despite the impact! The sleeping surface of the Polysleep mattress therefore offers optimal support, whether it is on the edges or in the middle of the mattress.

                            The Bloom Air Mattress

                            Weight test on the Bloom Air mattress

                            As with the Polysleep mattress, a 50 lb kettlebell was dropped on the edge of the Bloom Air mattress.

                            During the two releases, the kettlebell's bounce is highly visible; it even does a backflip after the first release. It is clear that the Bloom Air absorbs the pressure of the weight at impact with much less efficiency.

                            This shows that the support at the edges of the Bloom mattress as well as the balance of its sleeping surface are not as good as those of the Polysleep mattress!

                              Services Offered

                              Here is a short summary of the services offered by each company.

                              The Bloom Air mattress box The Polysleep mattress Box
                              100% made in Canada NO YES (in Quebec)
                              Free delivery & returns YES Yes ( return fee of 75$ will be deducted from your refund.)
                              10-year warranty N/A YES
                              0% financing option (even during sales periods) YES YES


                              The goal of this Bloom Air vs Polysleep matchup is to show, using concrete examples, the differences between these two foam mattresses.

                              Using to our test videos and the characteristics indicated on the manufacturers' websites, we offer a series of comparisons between Polysleep mattresses and those of other brands in Canada.

                              Our objective: to give you all the information you need to choose the best mattress for you, that is, a mattress that is perfectly adapted to your morphology and sleeping position.

                              You will find, summarized below, the main distinguishing points between the Bloom Air mattress and the Polysleep model.

                              Bloom Air :

                              • The foam: With a total of 3 layers of foam (1 layer of memory foam with thermoregulating gel + 1 layer of ventilated memory foam + the foam base with bamboo charcoal and ventilation channels), the Bloom Air can suit a wide range of sleeper profiles in terms of weight.


                              • The Cover: Made of organic cotton, it can be removed and machine washed. However, as our video test shows, the Bloom cover is not water repellent. In the event of an accidental spill, it will let everything seep through!


                              • Edge support: The absence of targeted reinforcement around the edges can cause premature sagging of the mattress, reduce support and shorten its lifespan.


                              • Firmness: On our firmness scale, the Bloom Air is rated at 5.5/10. It is therefore "moderately firm". In addition, its memory foams and personalized support make Bloom Air an ideal mattress for side and back sleepers.


                              • However, given its moderate firmness, it will not be suitable for those sleeping on their stomach, who need a really firm mattress.


                              • It is finally a mattress that, given its firmness index, will accommodate sleepers weighing up to about 230 lbs. It will therefore be suitable for a large number of profiles!


                              • Financing options :The Bloom Air can be financed at 0%, even if it is on sale.


                              Le matelas Polysleep :

                              • The foam: As you can see in the test video, the foam of the Polysleep mattress has an instantaneous bounce. Its foam is much more reactive than the Bloom Air's one.


                              • Generally speaking, the foams used by Polysleep are of superior grade and the Polysleep mattress is no exception. This guarantees a maximum longevity for your mattress!


                              • The cover: This one is very soft and water repellent, but also breathable. The ventilation of your mattress will therefore be optimal, even on the sleeping surface!


                              • Edge support: Just like the Zephyr model, the Polysleep mattress has a reinforced supporting edge integrated all around the horizontal foam layers. As a result, the entire structure of your mattress is solidified, ensuring better comfort and longevity.


                              • Firmness: The Polysleep mattress, with its index of 6.5/10, is "moderately firm". This makes it particularly suitable for those who sleep on their back or on their side, since it provides good support for the spine and hips


                              • People who sleep on their stomach will prefer it to the Bloom Air mattress. However, they would be much better suited with firmer mattress, since these offer much more support for those who prefer this sleeping position.


                              • Financing options: The Polysleep mattress can also be financed at 0%, even during promotional periods


                              More specifically, a Queen size Polysleep mattress will cost you $1,050. The Bloom Air: $799 for a mattress of the same dimensions.

                              The Polysleep is therefore more expensive. But why such a price difference?

                              By choosing a Polysleep mattress, you benefit from:

                              • A reinforced support edge that will offer you support and comfort, but also an exceptional longevity!


                              • A breathable and waterproof cover, which is not offered by the Bloom cover.


                              • High quality hybrid foams, developed exclusively by Polysleep.


                              • Mattresses made in Montreal, Quebec, by a purely Canadian brand, while the Bloom is made in China.


                              To conclude, you already know our opinion on the Bloom Air mattress compared to Polysleep. It is certainly a good mattress, but Polysleep is far superior. Hence the price difference!

                              Finally, take a look at our product pages to know if you are eligible for an offer! Do not hesitate to contact us via our online chat or by email if you have any questions! We will be happy to help you.

                              We look forward to counting you among the great family of Polysleep mattress owners!

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