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Comparison between the Nectar mattress and the Polysleep mattress
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Comparison between the Nectar mattress and the Polysleep mattress


Comparison between the Nectar mattress and the Polysleep mattress

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One of your mattresses just died after many years of loyal service. You lit a candle in church so it could go to mattress heaven, and then went to its funeral by way of taking it out and throwing it in the trash. But you barely have time to grieve; you need a mattress as soon as possible. You do some research on the web via Google and come across several results on Nectar and Polysleep foam mattresses. The choice is a difficult one: both mattress manufacturers seem to offer quality and durable products. So, Nectar foam mattress, or Polysleep foam mattress? Find out the answer with our comparison below!

Both Nectar foam mattresses are very good mattresses! 

At Polysleep, we know that Nectar mattresses are good foam mattresses, and that's why we have studied them closely. The Nectar range consists of two mattresses with the "Nectar" and "Nectar Lush" models. 

The Nectar mattress: a standard memory foam mattress with five layers.

The first, the Nectar mattress, is a breathable foam mattress with a five-layer construction. 

The first quilted layer is made of memory foam, while the second layer, made of the same type of foam but with the addition of gel, distributes the sleeper's weight while dispersing body heat. 

The third is an adaptive Hi-Core layer and is also made of memory foam. Its role is to provide adapted support so that you don't sink into the mattress. 

The fourth is the base layer. Its purpose would be to stabilize the upper layers and so reinforce the support provided by the layer just above. The cover on top of this last layer, finally, is designed so that the mattress does not slip on the bed base or on the floor.

The Nectar Lush Mattress: the manufacturer's premium mattress.

The Nectar Lush model, for its part, offers the best of Nectar's know-how. The patented materials are designed to provide superior support for the sleeper while also helping the latter with efficient regulation of body heat. How does Nectar do this? According to Nectar, it does so with its 12-inch thickness, made up of various premium foams, including a layer of high-density memory foam. 

This mattress also features a dual-action cooling system, thanks to a cooling cover and a top layer of gel memory foam. 

For your information, the Nectar Lush mattress model will require some assembly. And that's about all you can find out about this mattress on the Nectar website!

Polysleep mattresses: three models for all budgets and all uses!

At Polysleep, on the other hand, we provide all the information about our mattresses, and even more, so that you can understand how they are designed, and how they are different! For adults, our lineup consists of the Origin, Polysleep and Zephyr models.

The Origin foam mattress: a durable foam mattress at a soft price.  

The Origin mattress is Polysleep's most competitive model in terms of pricing for a foam mattress, with a starting price of $540. This is perfect if you don't want to have to take out a mortgage at the bank and/or if you are a student!

But when we say low price, we don't mean low quality, quite the contrary. In fact, our Origin mattress offers an unbeatable performance-quality-price ratio. It has a breathable cover that, combined with its open-cell foam structure, will always allow you to sleep at the right temperature. This same foam is also antimicrobial, so you can also say goodbye to allergies! Finally, its base is made of high-density foam, for maximum longevity!

teenage girl with her headphones on and writing in diary on the bed Polysleep Origin

The Polysleep mattress: a very innovative mattress with cutting-edge support!

The Polysleep model also offers an excellent performance-quality-price ratio, as well as our most important innovations. Just like the Origin mattress, the Polysleep mattress is a foam mattress with a top layer made of breathable hybrid foam. The transitional layer is in the middle and serves as a link between the top layer and the high-density foam base. 

But the Polysleep model’s real innovation lies in its contours surrounding the layers to reinforce the structure and prevent any sagging. They are also ultra-firm, so you can really sit on the edge of your bed without any risk of deformation!

The Polysleep mattress

The Zephyr model: the best of Polysleep in a mattress!

With the Zephyr foam mattress, we are in another league. Indeed, with this mattress in a box, you’ll have, quite simply, the best of Polysleep!

A memory foam topper with GelFlex Plus technology and an open-cell foam layer just underneath to maximize airflow: you'll never be too hot or too cold! Just underneath this is the transitional layer, that will provide targeted support for your hips. The base, lastly, is made of high-density foam for added durability. And, icing on the cake: just like the Polysleep model, the Zephyr has ultra-firm contours to reinforce its structure over time!

The Polysleep Zephyr mattress

So in the Nectar vs. Polysleep mattress match, who is the big winner?

Presenting the competition is all well and good, but we should compare the mattresses! So who wins? Polysleep, of course! You might think: ‟Yeah-yeah, but that's because you're the ones writing this, so it's not objective!” Don't worry, we have good reasons to say that!

Polysleep mattresses offer more choices than Nectar foam mattresses!

While only two models are available at Nectar, Polysleep offers you more choice right from the start, with three models of foam mattresses for adults. So, just by considering the number of alternatives offered by Nectar, Polysleep has a winning start! 

On top of that, you'll be able to choose the mattress that best suits you in terms of support-to-comfort ratio, according to your preferences and the needs of the different parts of your body. This is particularly true in the case of the Zephyr mattress, which will offer you targeted support for your hips. So, say goodbye to your stiff pelvis in the morning! 

Perfect comfort from the very first minutes under the duvet with Polysleep! 

Man sound asleep on his Polysleep Mattress

Now comes a major difference: comfort. Both Nectar mattresses use memory foam that seems interesting at the outset; this type of foam will provide you with custom-made support by conforming to your body through the heat it gives off. But in our (very) cold winter climate, this advantage can quickly become a disadvantage. This is because memory foam becomes firmer at lower temperatures. This has two unpleasant consequences. The first is that you’ll feel as if you’re lying on a giant brick wall for the first few minutes in bed while it warms up. The second, derived from the first, is that you’ll have to be patient to obtain optimal comfort.

On the Polysleep side, all models are made of viscoelastic foam, except the Zephyr mattress. This has the advantage of offering you the comfort you are looking for as soon as you lie down. ‟Yes, but what about the Zephyr, whose mattress topper is made of memory foam?” To this we answer: ‟This mattress topper is thermo-regulating!” This means that both the mattress topper’s foam and your body will always be at the ideal temperature, giving you the comfort, you want as soon as you slide under the duvet! 

Nectar mattresses are good, but Polysleep mattresses are exceptional!

Ultimately, in case reading the whole text seemed too daunting for you, just remember the following: Nectar mattresses are very good, but Polysleep mattresses are playing in another league.

Just look at the performances of the mattresses compared:

  • Nectar only has two models to propose:

    • The Nectar, a five-layer memory foam mattress with a standard construction.

    • The Nectar Lush, the description of which remains vague on the Nectar site. 


  • At Polysleep, you have all the information you need to make an informed decision, and above all more choice, with three adult mattresses:

    • The Origin foam model offers you all the comfort and Polysleep support at a very soft price. 

    • Our great classic, the Polysleep model, with its multi-layer construction reinforced by ultra-firm contours for maximum durability. 

    • Our cream of the crop, the Zephyr mattress, featuring a thermo-regulating memory foam topper for optimum support without the foam being hard at bedtime, and targeted support at the hips for an ideal sleeping position. It also has ultra-firm reinforcements on its edges, just like the Polysleep model.


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In the end, you'll have more choice in terms of support at Polysleep and will benefit from all the comfort you always want thanks to the viscoelastic foam of our mattresses, except for the Zephyr. For their part, Nectar mattresses all use memory foam, which is hard for the first few minutes in cold weather. As for the Zephyr, while it uses this type of foam for its mattress topper, it has temperature-regulating properties so that both your body and its foam always remain at the right temperature for immediate comfort. So, don't wait any longer and order your Polysleep mattress online on our site!


Polysleep vs Nectar

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