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Polysleep vs Leesa: What Are the Differences?
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Polysleep vs Leesa: What Are the Differences?

Choosing a mattress requires time and attention. It's an investment for your daily well-being and peace of mind. As we sleep nearly ⅓ of our lives, better be a comfy and enjoyable mattress to make our nights sweet and peaceful.

To help you choose wisely and decide which mattress will best suit your needs, we have compared for you the Polysleep mattress to its American equivalent, the Leesa mattress.

From the box opening to the foam composition, we share detailed information about each mattress's features. You can trust the impartiality and expertise of our expert panda tester; he is uncompromising when it comes to sleep! 

Find everything you should know about the Polysleep vs Leesa mattress.

Polysleep vs Leesa: Side-by-Side Comparison

The Polysleep Mattress

Unboxing the Polysleep Mattress

Did you know that the Polysleep mattress packaging is made of recycled cardboard and is even compostable? We have opted for packaging that is as environmentally friendly as visually minimalist.

The Polysleep mattress box weighs between 33 lbs (for single models) and 89 lbs (king). We thus recommend you to carry it by two!

To open it, bring a pair of scissors, open the box from the top and take the mattress out. It's rolled up and vacuum-packed, so it comes out of the box easily. 

Then simply lay it flat and remove its packaging to let it take its proper shape. No additional tools needed, we keep waste to a minimum!

    The Leesa Mattress

    Unboxing the Leesa Mattress

    Just like Polysleep, Leesa supplies its vacuum sealed mattresses in a cardboard box.

    The box is entirely printed and colored following the image of the brand.

    The Leesa box weighs between 45 lbs (single mattress) to 92 lbs (king mattress), so it's also recommended to carry it by two.

    To unpack the mattress, you will need a pair of scissors. Open the box on the side to take out the mattress. Remove the plastic wrap after you have stretched it out to let it take its shape.

    Our panda tester had to put a little more effort to get his mattress out. He will be happy to rest after unpacking. ;)

      Polysleep vs Leesa: Quality Comparison

      The Polysleep Mattress

      Opening & Polysleep Foam Layers

      The Polysleep mattress is 10" high and is made of 4 distinct layers of foam

      Its strengths: its first antimicrobial layer and its foam support frame, totally innovative in the world of foam mattresses! It supports the edges of the bed and therefore offers a better balance during sleep. 

      • The cover is composed of 41% Polyviscose, 58% Polyester, and 1% Spandex. It's washable, water-resistant, and designed for softness and ventilation.
      • The first layer is a viscoelastic antimicrobial ventilated hybrid foam, Polysleep's specialty. It reduces your allergies and extends the life of your mattress by providing a healthier sleeping surface. Its density is 3.0 lb / ft3, ISO 20743 certified.
      • The second layer is made of a transition polyurethane foam. Its density is 1.8 lb / ft3.
      • The third layer is made of supporting polyurethane foam. Its density is 1.8 lb / ft3.
      • Lastly, the support frame is made of patented polyurethane foam. Its density is 2.0 lb / ft3.

      Our mattresses are also latex-free and their foam is CertiPUR-US® certified.

      The foam is guaranteed to be free of environmentally harmful chemicals and complies with Consumer Product Safety standards.

      • s2_alt
        4 layers
        of foam
      • s2_alt
        hybrid foam
      • s2_alt
      • s2_alt
        Proprietary Support Frame

      4 Layers of Foam | 10" Height

      • 1

        Breathable Top Layer
        Antimicrobial micro-perforated foam to provide better mattress breathability and optimal temperature regulation.

      • 2

        Transition Layer
        The comfort foam is softer and acts as a shock absorbent between the two other layers.

      • 3

        High-Density Foam Base
        High-density foam for long-lasting support and good mattress balance.

      • 4

        Proprietary Support Frame
        The support frame keeps the edges firm, prevents sagging, and reinforces the entire mattress.

      The Leesa Mattress

      How Thick Is the Leesa Mattress & Foam Layers

      The Leesa mattress is 10" high and is composed of 3 layers of foam. The first two are made of polyurethane and low-density memory foam. The third layer is made of high-density foam. 

      • The gray cover is made of seamless twill fabric designed with Leesa's iconic 4 stripes. It does not include a water-repellent treatment. You must add a protective cover, which is sold separately.
      • The first layer is 2" high and is a reactive foam designed for the comfort and breathability of the mattress. Its density is 3.0 lb / ft3.
      • The second layer is 2" high and is a contour memory foam designed to contour to the shape of the body. Its density is 3.0 lb / ft3.
      • The third foam layer is 6" high and serves as a support base for the mattress. Its density is 1.8 lb / ft3.

      The Leesa mattress does not contain any chemicals that could affect the ozone layer. Its foam is also CertiPUR-US® certified.

      Finally, Leesa designs mattresses with a fire barrier.

      • 3 layers
        of foam

      • Polyurethane

      • Flame

      • Twill

      3 Layers of Foam | 10" Height

      • 1

        Breathable Top layer
        Low-density comfort foam to provide ventilation and mattress temperature regulation.

      • 2

        Support Layer
        Low-density memory foam to support the body while sleeping.

      • 3

        Base Layer
        Mattress base with high-density foam to support people of all sizes and weights.

      • 4

        Fire Retardant Contour Cover
        The cover surrounding the mattress is made of fibers that can delay ignition in the event of a fire.

      Let’s Compare the Firmness of the Polysleep vs Leesa Mattresses

      The Polysleep Mattress

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        The Leesa Mattress

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          How Responsive Are Each Mattress?

          The Polysleep Mattress

          Polysleep Foam Testing

          In this video, you can observe how fast the foam reacts when there is pressure in motion. 

          Thanks to the density of its upper layer, the Polysleep mattress has a very rapid rebound time!

            The Leesa Mattress

            Leesa Foam Testing

            When exposed to the same test, the Leesa mattress shows a relatively slower reactivity. 

            The bounce observed shows motion transfer on the mattress.

              How Much Does Leesa Mattress Cost Compare to Polysleep

              Leesa $ $ $ $ $ $
              Polysleep $895.0 $626.5 $945.0 $661.5 $1095.0 $766.5 $1195.0 $836.5 $1395.0 $976.5 $1395.0 $976.5
              • TWIN
                • Leesa
                • Polysleep
                  $895.0 $626.5
              • TWIN XL
                • Leesa
                • Polysleep
                  $945.0 $661.5
              • FULL
                • Leesa
                • Polysleep
                  $1095.0 $766.5
              • QUEEN
                • Leesa
                • Polysleep
                  $1195.0 $836.5
              • KING
                • Leesa
                • Polysleep
                  $1395.0 $976.5
              • CAL KING
                • Leesa
                • Polysleep
                  $1395.0 $976.5

              Water Resistance Test

              The Polysleep Mattress

              Polysleep Liquid Repellency Test

              The Polysleep mattress cover includes a water-repellent treatment. While remaining light and airy, the cover features integrated fibers that considerably slow down the absorption of water.

              As you can see, the treatment allows the liquid to bounce off the floor. Then you just have to wipe off the remaining part. No stains or penetration!

              To confirm his move, our panda tester poured nearly two cups of water on the surface. We already told you, he doesn't joke about accidents.

              Besides, the cover is washable and can be easily removed. In case of an incident, you can easily protect the inner layers of your mattress.

                The Leesa Mattress

                Leesa Liquid Repellency Test

                The test conducted showed a significant penetration of water in the Leesa mattress cover. 

                Although a small part of the water bounced off the cover, the rest was directly soaked into the mattress. 

                However, the cover is removable and washable. If you’re wondering how to clean the Leesa mattress, you can always wash the cover by removing it in case of an incident. 

                To protect the Leesa mattress, you must buy their extra protective cover - part of the Leesa products. It prevents stains and water penetration. However, it affects air circulation.

                  What About the Mattress Edges?

                  The Polysleep Mattress

                  Support on the Edges of the Polysleep Mattress

                  Thanks to its extra firm support frame, the Polysleep mattress offers a similar resistance to spring mattresses. 

                  This edge reinforcement strengthens the edges of the bed and offers real support to the sleeper. It keeps the bed surface stable and balanced. It also makes it easier to get up and guarantees better stability of the mattress shape over time. 

                  Lastly, the video shows how this frame offers a better posture for your back and pelvis, thanks to this reinforcement. Exclusive Polysleep design!

                    The Leesa Mattress

                    Support on the Edges of the Leesa Mattress

                    The Leesa mattress does not feature a support frame. So it has the inconvenience of sagging further when sitting on the edges of the mattress. 

                    It's consequently less supportive of the spine and pelvis when sitting or lying on the edges. 

                    It can also result in mattress edge sagging over time.

                      What About the Motion Transfer?

                      The Polysleep Mattress

                      Polysleep Motion Transfer

                      The Polysleep mattress foam is designed to isolate movement over the entire sleeping surface. 

                      This gives it a score of 9/10 for the reduction of motion transfer! As shown in the video, both the edges and the inside of the mattress responded positively to the test.

                      Plus, when our panda tester sits on the edges, we observe that the bottles do not move!

                      No more sleepless nights and no more waking up at night. Our panda is satisfied to experience a peaceful sleep again and has reconciled with Mrs. Panda. ;)

                        The Leesa Mattress

                        Leesa Motion Transfer

                        Tests on the Leesa mattress have shown a light but still noticeable transfer. 

                        This gives it a score of 7.5/10 for the motion transfer reduction. The memory foam of the mattress allows to isolate a good part of the movements, but some waves still make their way. 

                        On the video, we can see that when our panda sits on the edges, the bottles fall immediately. 

                        Sleeping together in a Leesa mattress could disrupt the most sensitive sleepers, but it is suitable for those who sleep hard at night! 

                          Support on the Edges of the Mattress: The Weight Throw Test

                          The Polysleep Mattress

                          Weight Test on the Polysleep Mattress

                          To evaluate the edge support of the mattress, we dropped a 50-pound weight at the ends. It did not bounce and was directly stopped by the surface of the Polysleep mattress. 

                          The weight remained on the edge of the bed, demonstrating the support and balance offered by the Polysleep mattress during sleep.

                            The Leesa Mattress

                            Weight Test on the Leesa Mattress

                            The weight test shows a limited absorption of weight by the edge of the Leesa mattress.

                            The weight bounces and eventually falls off the bed. This means less support and balance at the edges of the Leesa mattresses.

                              Services Offered

                              At last, let's compare the offers, guarantees, and advantages offered by Polysleep vs Leesa:

                              100% Made in Canada NO YES (in Quebec)
                              Free delivery & returns YES Yes ( return fee of 75$ will be deducted from your refund.)
                              10-year warranty YES YES
                              0% financing option (even during sales periods) NO YES

                              Ready to Make Your Choice?

                              You are now aware of the tests' results carried out on Polysleep and Leesa mattresses. Our panda tester put on his best pajamas for the occasion, we hope you enjoyed his demonstrations! 

                              But above all, you can see through these tests that choosing a mattress requires attention, a good understanding of its composition and its strengths. Each sleeping needs and habits are different, it’s about finding the right option for you! 

                              In short, here are some of our observations on the differences between the Polysleep vs Leesa mattress.

                              Overall Leesa Sleep Review

                              • The foam: Leesa foam mattress review shows that the three layers are comparable in quality to Polysleep, but have proven to be slightly less firm, airy and responsive.
                              • The mattress cover: it's protected against fire, but does not show good resistance against water. It will require additional waterproof protection.
                              • Mattress edge support: the Leesa mattress is fairly well backed at the edges of the bed, but does not have a support contour. It's likely to sag over time and is not recommended for people who have trouble getting up.
                              • Firmness: Leesa offers a "soft" type mattress and is rated 5.5/10 on the firmness scale. So it's less suitable for tummy sleepers, who will feel their pelvis slightly sinking during their sleep.
                              • Financing option: Leesa Canada does not offer a financing option. 

                              One of Leesa’s main strengths is its community commitment. For every 10 mattresses purchased, Leesa donates one mattress to a family in need. Lastly, if you’re wondering where Leesa mattresses ship from, they’re designed, manufactured, and shipped from the USA.

                              Benefits of Polysleep vs Leesa Mattress: 

                              • The foam: the 4 layers of the mattress and its antimicrobial treatment are the main strengths of the foam used by Polysleep compared to Leesa's foam. 
                                Besides, you enjoy better firmness, ventilation, responsiveness, and protection against the unwanted accumulation of bacteria in your mattress. 
                              • The mattress cover: Polysleep water-repellent treatment offers much better protection against everyday incidents and prevents stains more effectively. 
                              • Mattress edge support: thanks to its support frame, the Polyseep mattress offers a significant advantage in keeping the mattress balanced and firm at the edges. 
                                This is an exclusive characteristic of the Polysleep mattress that makes us unique on the foam mattress market! If you switch from a spring mattress to a foam mattress, this function will provide you with similar support.
                                It's also an option for anyone who needs better edge support, or is used to spring mattresses!
                              • Firmness: with its rating of 6.5/10, the Polysleep mattress is perfect for those who like semi-firm surfaces while they sleep. 
                                It combines a soft feeling while supporting your body. Besides, it is suitable for sleeping in all positions!
                              • Financing option: we offer a 0% financing option at any time of the year, even when our mattresses are on discounts.
                              • The price: even when discounted, Leesa mattresses cost 10 to 35% more than the Polysleep mattresses. 


                              At last, Polysleep is also committed to its community! First of all, we strive to reduce pollution and unnecessary waste. Plus, all mattresses that are returned are offered to organizations to benefit people in need.

                              You are now aware of the main differences between the Polysleep vs Leesa mattress. It's your turn to evaluate which mattress best suits your budget and your needs! 

                              Interested in finding out more about our products? Our team is at your service to answer your questions via our chat or email. 

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