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Polysleep Zephyr vs Simba 2500 Comparison
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Polysleep Zephyr vs Simba 2500 Comparison

Here we go again! Today, we're here with the newest article of our comparative series on hybrid foam mattresses!

This time, Polysleep performs a side-by-side comparison of the Polysleep Zephyr mattress and the Simba 2500 mattress, two of the most advanced hybrid foam mattresses in Quebec and Canada. 


So, are you hesistating between the Zephyr mattress by Polysleep and the Simba 2500 mattress? Here are the results of our tests to help you choose the one that suits you best! 

Polysleep Zephyr VS Simba 2500: side-by-side comparison!

The Polysleep Zephyr mattress

Unboxing the Polysleep Zephyr mattress

The Polysleep Zephyr mattress is delivered free of charge to your door (except in the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut), rolled up in a recyclable cardboard box.

As for weight and dimensions, the box weighs between 55 lbs and 90 lbs, and measures 18" x 18" x 41". The mattress weighs between 54 lbs (Twin), and 89 lbs (King Californian). It is therefore recommended to handle it in pairs! 

Unboxing it is very simple! The box has been designed to make your job easier: you simply have to pull on the tab in the middle to open the box in two pieces. Then tip it to the floor and easily remove the mattress. 

Then unroll your mattress close to your box spring or directly on it. Remove the plastic, let it return to its shape, and that's it! You can sleep on it as soon as these steps are completed.

Please note that we do not include plastic tools in the box in order to reduce our ecological footprint.

    The Simba 2500 mattress

    Unboxing the Simba 2500 mattress

    For its part, the Simba 2500 mattress can be ordered online on the manufacturer's website, or from a specialized distributor such as "Dormez-Vous? ». 

    Concerning the delivery, you can choose a traditional delivery service or opt for the White Glove delivery service offered by Dormez-Vous. Free of charge in most of Canada, the White Glove deliverymen will drop off your mattress in your room. If you opt for regular delivery, please note that the box size will be 42.126" x 19.685" x 19.685". 

    However, the exact dimensions of the bed are not indicated other than by their name on the model page (ex. "large size"). It won’t be easy choosing sheets at the same time!

    Furthermore, neither the weight of the mattress nor the total weight including the box are indicated on the manufacturer's website. It will therefore be difficult to predict if you can install your Simba mattress alone! You might have to roll up your sleeves if you have to unpack it and install it by yourself! 

    Indeed, it's not as easy as with the Zephyr. 

    You will have to: 

    1. Lay the box down to open it. 
    2. Take out the mattress, which is folded in four. 
    3. Flip the mattress over so the sleeping surface faces up. 
    4. Place it on your bed frame. 
    5. Wait from 3 to 6 hours before you can sleep on it (up to 24-hour wait to get the final shape)

      Comparing the quality of the two mattresses

      Our Panda-Tester, the sleep expert, is curioust! Here's what he found under the covers of each mattress!

      The Zephyr mattress by Polysleep

      Opening & Foam Layers - Zephyr mattress

      11.5 inches thick, the Zephyr hybrid mattress is composed of 6 types of antimicrobial foams, divided into a total of 5 layers: 

      More precisely, the Zephyr is composed of: 

      • A Nanobionic® cover that captures your body's thermal energy and transforms it to ensure a better recovery during the night. Its composition: Polyester (88%), Spandex (1%), and organic cotton (11%).
      • A 1st layer of hybrid foam (density: 2.6 lb/ft3) with GelFlex Plus. This provides a thermo-regulating sleeping surface so that you can always sleep at the right temperature.
      • A 2nd layer of viscoelastic hybrid foam (density: 3.0 lb/ft3) ventilated and antimicrobial (ISO 20743 certified). It relieves pressure points and provides optimal air flow.
      • A 3rd layer of polyurethane foam support (density: 1.8 lb/ft3), with a polyurethane foam insert of different density (2.0 lb/ft3) in its center for better support at the hips.
      • A 4th support layer (polyurethane foam of 1.8 lb/ft3 density) that balances the mattress for long-term support. - a contour layer made of resistant polyurethane foam (Density: 2.0 lb/ft3) which acts as an ultra-firm support frame that reinforces the mattress and prevents it from sagging prematurely.

      In addition, our foams are CertiPUR-US certified. This means that they are manufactured without chemicals that are harmful to the ozone layer. Indoor air quality is guaranteed with less than 0.5 parts per million (ppm), while being Low VOC. 

      Finally, all Zephyr mattresses are manufactured according to the highest standards in Montreal, Quebec. So when you buy at Polysleep, you are supporting the local economy!

      • s2_alt
        5 layers
        of foam
      • s2_alt
        Hybrid foam
        with GelFlex Plus
      • s2_alt
      • s2_alt
        Supportive edges
      Polysleep Zephyr Logo5 layers of foam | 11.5" thickThe five inside layers of the Zephyr mattress
      • 1

        Top layer permeated with GelFlex Plus
        Micro-perforated foam for a mattress that breathes naturally (better temperature regulation).

      • 2

        Ventilated viscoelastic hybrid foam
        Antimocrobial foam, ISO 207443 certified, which ensures good air circulation and relieves pressure points.

      • 3

        Extra-firm supportive contour
        High density foam to provide a better support on the edges of the mattress.

      • 4

        Transition foam layers (targeted support)
        Transition layers offer targeted support to the hips.

      • 5

        High density base
        High density foam to perfectly balance the mattress.

      The Simba 2500 mattress

      Opening & Foam Layers - Simba 2500 mattress

      The Simba 2500 is a hybrid mattress that contains both foam and springs. With a thickness of 12 inches, it is composed of 4 layers protected with an anti-microbial cover.

      More precisely, this Simba mattress is composed of:

      • An antimicrobial sleeping surface (the cover).
      • A 1st layer made of Simbatex memory foam, just below the cover. This layer contains viscose and graphite slats for maximum freshness.
      • A 2nd layer made of miQro springs (up to 2500), which are supposed to offer maximum comfort and ventilation.
      • A 3rd transition-layer made of high-density foam.
      • Finally, a 4th layer of seven-zone support that eliminates pressure. The air channels within the mattress offer maximum ventilation.


      What’s more, Simba states that the foams used for the Simba 2500 are also CertiPUR-US certified, just like Polysleep foams. 
      They therefore have similar impacts on the environment. Finally, although each Simba 2500 is made in Canada, Simba is a British company.

      • 4 layers
        of foam

      • Simbatex
        Memory foam

      • MiQro springs

      • 7-zone
        backing layer
      Simba logo4 layers (foam or springs) + cover | 12" thickSimba Inside Layers
      • 1

        Simbatex foam layer
        Shaped memory foam, made of viscose and graphite strips to ensure maximum freshness.

      • 2

        MiQro ppring Layer
        Layer designed with approximately 2500 miQro springs for better comfort and good ventilation of the mattress.

      • 3

        Transition layer
        High density foam with CertiPUR-US certification.

      • 4

        7-zone backing layer
        Layer which, thanks to its seven support zones, eliminates pressure and increases the ventilation of the mattress.

      Let's compare firmness

      The firmness of a mattress refers to the feeling when you first lie on it. It differs from support, which is designed to improve the alignment of your spine.

      The Polysleep Zephyr mattress

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        The Simba 2500 mattress

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          Let's compare the reactivity of each mattress

          The reactivity of a mattress refers to how it bounces back when pressure is applied to it.

          The Polysleep Zephyr mattress

          Testing the Zephyr mattress foam

          This test is designed to evaluate the reactivity of the Zephyr foam in real time.

          We notice very significantly an almost instantaneous rebound of the Zephyr mattress foam when pressure is applied. The foam returns to its original shape very quickly, so you don't sink in and your body is properly supported. 

          The reactivity of the Zephyr foam is therefore extremely high.

            The Simba 2500 mattress

            Testing the Simba 2500 mattress foam

            We performed the same test with the first layers of the Simba mattress. You can see that the foam has not completely recovered its initial shape by the end of the video.

            This shows that the Simba mattress has a lower rebound, and therefore a lower reactivity than the Zephyr mattress.

              Let's compare the prices between the Polysleep Zephyr and the Simba 2500

              Simba $ $ $ $ $ $
              Polysleep $2045.0 $1431.5 $2145.0 $1501.5 $2345.0 $1641.5 $2545.0 $1781.5 $2945.0 $2061.5 $2945.0 $2061.5
              • TWIN
                • Simba
                • Polysleep
                  $2045.0 $1431.5
              • TWIN XL
                • Simba
                • Polysleep
                  $2145.0 $1501.5
              • FULL
                • Simba
                • Polysleep
                  $2345.0 $1641.5
              • QUEEN
                • Simba
                • Polysleep
                  $2545.0 $1781.5
              • KING
                • Simba
                • Polysleep
                  $2945.0 $2061.5
              • CAL KING
                • Simba
                • Polysleep
                  $2945.0 $2061.5

              Comparison of the support on the edges of each mattress

              If you are transitioning from a box spring mattress to a foam mattress, you may feel less support around the edges. If you are already sleeping on a foam mattress, you might have experienced this sensation as well.
              Also, this is an important point to consider if you want to get out of bed more easily, or if you tend to sleep near the edge of your mattress.

              The Polysleep Zephyr Mattress

              The Zephyr mattress provides support at the edges

              The Zephyr mattress has an integrated support contour. All the edges of the mattress are reinforced with an extremely resistant high density polyurethane foam. 

              This Polysleep-exclusive design provides firm support to those who sleep close to the edge of their mattress. It also makes getting out of bed easier. 

              Furthermore, it acts as an additional structural reinforcement that maximizes mattress durability and minimizes sagging when you get in or out of bed. 

              And all this is easily visible in the video: sagging is very minimal when the sleeper sits on the edge of the Zephyr mattress!

                The Simba Mattress 2500

                Support on the edges of the Simba 2500 mattress

                Edge support is generated by its base, but also by the layer just above. The latter is made of high-density foam with reinforcements along the edges. 

                However, in the video, the deformation and sagging are very noticeable when the sleeper sits down on the edge. 

                This is due to the fact that this reinforced layer at the ends is placed horizontally, like all the other internal layers. This severely weakens the reinforced structure of the mattress. 

                As a result, the entire contour of the mattress is not properly reinforced, which can lead to premature sagging over time.

                  Motion Isolation Test

                  Motion isolation refers to the way in which the mattress isolates and absorbs movement.

                  This can be a very important factor when making your decision.

                  For example, a good mattress that perfectly isolates movement means that you will no longer wake-up when your significant other or your pet gets up or moves during the night.

                  The Polysleep Zephyr Mattress

                  Motion Isolation Test - The Polysleep Zephyr Mattress

                  The tests to which the Zephyr mattress is subjected clearly show that it is very resistant to transferring movement.

                  In fact, our Panda-Tester had to exert a lot of energy until the bottles standing on the mattress fell off.

                  With the Zephyr, you will be isolated from the movements of your partner or pet during the night!

                    The Simba 2500 mattress

                    Motion Isolation Test - Simba 2500

                    Subjected to the same tests, the Simba 2500 mattress is much less resistant to movement transfer.

                    Indeed, from the beginning of the test, our Panda-Tester has a hard time making the bottles stand upright on the bed. Once they are standing, it only takes some light taps to make the bottles fall over!

                    This clearly demonstrates that its ability to isolate movement is far weaker than that of the Zephyr.

                      Mattress edge support: Weight Test

                      The Zephyr mattress by Polysleep

                      Weight test on the Zephyr mattress

                      For this test, a 50 lbs kettlebell is dropped on the edge of the Zephyr mattress. 

                      After dropping the kettlebell three times, it remained on the mattress twice, and fell only once. 

                      We can therefore conclude that the Zephyr mattress has a great capacity to absorb the pressure exerted by the weight, despite the significant impact

                        The Simba 2500 mattress

                        Weight test on the Simba 2500 mattress

                        The same test was carried out on the Simba 2500 mattress.

                        Although the weight stayed on the Simba 2500 twice, and fell off once like it did on the Zephyr, the way it happened was very different.

                        Indeed, the rebound after impact is much greater and the weight does not rest flat. Moreover, it sinks deeper into the mattress than on the Polysleep mattress.

                        The balance provided by the sleeping surface and the support provided on the edges are therefore lower for the Simba than for the Zephyr.

                          Services offered

                          Here is a short summary of the services offered by each company:

                          Simba mattress box Polysleep Canada Box
                          100% made in Canada YES YES (in Quebec)
                          Free delivery & returns YES (for delivery only) Yes ( return fee of 75$ will be deducted from your refund.)
                          10-year warranty YES YES
                          0% financing option (even during sales periods) YES YES


                          The objective of our comparisons is to show you, in a simple, clear and creative way, the differences between competing mattresses and ours. 

                          For this duel opposing the Simba 2500 mattress and the Zephyr mattress by Polysleep, we compared our technical specifications to those presented on the Simba website, but also performed various tests, which you can check-out in our videos. 

                          And yes! The search for the ideal hybrid foam mattress is difficuly. However, to make matters easy, if you want to improve the quality of your sleep, your mattress must be: comfortable, offer excellent support, and be adapted to your size and sleeping position. 

                          To help you decide, here is a summary of the biggest differences between the Zephyr and the Simba 2500

                          The Simba 2500 :

                          • Foam and springs: With a total of 4 layers (3 foam layers and one layer of springs), the Simba is a hybrid mattress intended for light sleepers.
                          • The cover: Although antimicrobial, it is not possible to remove it to wash it in case of stain. Not at all practical! Moreover, it is not water repellent. So think about using it with a mattress protector to avoid spilling liquids on it and optimize its lifespan. Unfortunately, it is possible that the mattress protector will reduce the air circulation through your mattress!
                          • Edge support: The Simba 2500 mattress offers little edge support (see video above), despite the fact that the manufacturer mentions that they are reinforced. The 2500 has a higher risk of premature sagging and therefore a shorter life span.

                          • Firmness: The firmness index of the Simba 2500 mattress is 5/10. It is therefore a moderately soft mattress. In theory, it is more adapted to those who sleep on their side, since they need a more flexible mattress. On the other hand, those sleeping on their stomach must turn to another mattress, as they will need a firm, even very firm mattress. Another important piece of information: this mattress is not recommended for sleepers over 200 lbs., since the support of the spine will be insufficient. 
                            Furthermore, during our test, our Panda-Tester felt uneven support, as well as the springs pressing on his back.
                          • Financing options: The Simba can be financed at 0%, regardless of whether it is on sale or not. 


                          The Polysleep Zephyr mattress:

                          • The foam: According to our tests, the reactivity of the Zephyr mattress foam is highly superior. Its lying surface quickly returns to its original shape compared to the Simba 2500 mattress with a much less reactive rebound as proven in our video. Furthermore, the Zephyr uses high-quality and antimicrobial foams (ISO 70743 compliant).
                            You can therefore say goodbye to allergies with a mattress with a very long lifespan. 

                          • The cover: The Polysleep Zephyr mattress is covered by a cover with the very innovative Nanobionic technology. It captures your body's heat and releases it back to you for a better recovery.

                          • Breathability: The first layer is made up of a memory foam infused with Gel Flex technology, which provides an excellent thermoregulation of your body overnight.

                          • Targeted support: The transition layer gives you targeted support at the hips, which will improve the alignment of your spine.

                          • Edge support: With this Polysleep mattress, the Zephyr has an integrated edge support along the extremities for better comfort and improved stability of the extremities. In addition, the high-density foam base is very resistant and helps balance the mattress, providing better support for a long time. 

                          • Firmness: Zephyr has a firmness index of 7/10. It is therefore a semi-firm model. It will be perfect for side sleepers with its special foam insert at the hips, which relieves pressure in this area and prevents sagging. It is also very well adapted for those sleeping on their back, with a perfectly adapted firmness. In addition, the Zephyr hybrid mattress can accommodate sleepers up to 250 lbs. Beyond that, an even firmer mattress is recommended to allow for a proper spine alignment.

                          • Financing options: Polysleep also offers a 0% financing option at all times for the Zephyr, even when it is on sale! 


                          If we talk numbers, a Queen size Simba 2500 will cost you $1,499. The Zephyr, which uses GelFlex hybrid foam, is priced at $2,145! Although there is a price difference between these two mattresses, this is justified by the much higher quality of the Zephyr mattress as well as more functionality. 

                          • A mattress with superior comfort, support and durability, thanks in part to its reinforced edges! 
                          • A Nanobionic cover maximizing your rest, for better recovery! 
                          • A first layer of memory foam infused with Gel Flex to sleep cooler. 
                          • A cover that maximizes your rest thanks to its Nanobionic technology, for a better recovery! 
                          • A mattress with free delivery and returns, which is not the case for the Simba. 
                          • A mattress designed and artisanally manufactured in Montreal, Quebec, by a Canadian company


                          In case you are wondering what we think of the Simba 2500 mattress: it simply offers far less than what the Zephyr can accomplish! 

                          Looking for good deals? Don't forget to visit our website to check out our current promotions! Still have questions? Do not hesitate to join us through our live chat service, by email or by phone every day of the week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. We will be happy to help you find the mattress that best suits your needs!

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