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Top 4 Best Mattresses for Back Pain in Canada
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Best mattresses for back pain in Canada


Top 4 Best Mattresses for Back Pain in Canada

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Do you suffer from recurrent back pain? You are not the only one! In Canada, 4 out of 5 adults will suffer a back pain attack in their lifetime. There are many things you can do to help protect your back. For starters, we recommend that you look at your mattress!

Your mattress should be your first ally in relieving your back pain. To find the perfect sleeping partner, here is our list of the best mattresses for back pain, designed in Quebec and Canada.

Criteria for Choosing the Right Mattress for Your Back 

To know which type of mattress will suit your back pain, consider the following elements in your choice: 

The optimal firmness depends on the individual sleeper and their sleeping positions. The firmness level is usually between 1 (soft) and 10 (firm). For a person with back pain, we recommend a firmer mattress. A mattress between 6 and 7 (medium firm) is suitable for most sleepers and will be adapted to support their back.

To ensure good body support, the foam used in the mattress must have sufficient density. The denser it is, the more support the body will receive during the night. To provide relief and support for the back, choose foam layers with a density of 3.0 to 5.0 lbs/ft3

    The best mattresses for back pain in Canada are composed of one or more of the following materials:

  • Memory foam: known for its optimal back support, memory foam follows the contours of the body during the night, keeping the spine aligned and relieving pressure points. 

  • Springs: depending on the type of springs used, these mattresses usually offer great stability during sleep, a good distribution of pressure points, and optimal air circulation.

  • Latex foam: A superior foam quality (when it is all-natural), a latex mattress offers the same sleeping comfort and body support during sleep.

  • Hybrid: This type of mattress contains several technologies to improve sleep quality. It can have both springs and memory foam, or different layers of foam combined.

Make sure to consider the foam quality, and the number of layers used when choosing a mattress.  

When two of you sleep in one bed, sleep can be disrupted if your partner moves during the night. For someone who suffers from back pain, this can affect their sleep and even their pain. That's why we recommend choosing a mattress that isolates motion transfer.

The Best Mattresses for Back Pain in Canada

Now that you know the criteria for choosing a mattress for your back, here are our recommendations for the best local mattresses:

  1. Polysleep Zephyr Mattress

Zephyr best mattress for back pain in Canada

This top-of-the-line boxed mattress from Polysleep offers you a unique hybrid formula, thought to best relieve back pain during the night. Thanks to its different layers of hybrid reactive foam, it alleviates pressure points on the body while hugging its shape to better support it. 

Thanks to its multiple layers and technologies designed for sleepers, the Zephyr Mattress from Polysleep is one of the best mattresses for back pain in Canada. 

Zephyr Mattress Benefits 

  • Transitional layer with targeted extra support for the hips and shoulders

  • Excellent reduction of motion transfer

  • Top layer made of refreshing memory foam

  • Firmness of 7/10 (semi-firm): suitable for people who like to feel supported, while maintaining a soft sleeping surface

  • Solid support base to relieve back strain

  • 100% made in Canada

  1. Silk & Snow Hybrid

Silk & Snow Mattress

Designed to last over time, the S&S Hybrid mattress features a blend of memory foam and pocket springs to solidify the mattress base.  With these different technologies combined and its layers of support for the body, it is a mattress well known as a good choice in Canada if you have back pain. 

In addition to its spring base, it has different layers of foam, including a firm support contour to maintain the shape of the mattress over time.

S&S Hybrid Mattress Benefits

  • Suitable for heavier people

  • Targeted support under the hips and firmer support under the lumbar area

  • 4 lb/ft3 foam density

  • Contains 800 to 1200 pocket coils depending on mattress size

  1. Apollo Mattress

Apollo Mattress

The Apollo hybrid mattress offers an innovative solution of gel and copper-infused memory foam combined with a layer of micro springs. Composed of high-density foam, it supports the back and effectively relieves the body's pressure points. These different functions make it one of the best mattresses for back pain in Canada. 

Mattress Benefits 

  • Suitable for all types of sleeping positions 

  • 1-inch layer of pocketed micro-springs

  • Memory foam to envelop and support the back

  • Double layer of high-density foam at the base of the mattress

  1. Ghostbed Luxe

Ghostbed mattress

In the category of the best mattresses for back pain in Canada, we offer you the De Luxe mattress from Ghostbed. Made in Canada, this memory foam mattress has 7 distinct layers to better support your body. It’s different combinations of memory foam, both firm and bouncy, help keep your spine straight throughout the night. 

Mattress Advantages

  • 3-in-1 first layer: cover, memory foam, and cooling feature 

  • Good insulation of the movement 

  • Firmness 5.5/10 (average): suitable for light people who like to sleep on their side

  • High-density support layer

Sleep Solutions for Every Need

You are now familiar with our ranking of the best mattresses for back pain designed in Quebec or Canada. Would you like to learn more about Polysleep Mattresses? In addition to our selection of high-quality Canadian mattresses, we offer a variety of solutions to improve your night’s sleep! 

For people suffering from back pain, we recommend our Orthopedic Pillow, specially designed to support the spine and relieve pressure points. Take advantage of Canada’s finest to relax your body and get a soft sleep.


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