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How to Get More Energy Naturally (And Stop Feeling Weak & Tired)
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How to get more energy.


How to Get More Energy Naturally (And Stop Feeling Weak & Tired)

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Instead of looking for short-term solutions for how to get more energy, let's fix this once and for all so you can stop waking up tired and start thriving!

A lack of energy is really what stops us from leading a fulfilling life. Think about it - feeling weak, tired, and not knowing how to get more energy stops us doing all sorts of things that are ‘good’ for us, even when we know they will pay off hugely in the long term:

  • Working out

  • Going the extra mile at work

  • Socialising

  • Trying new things.

Things we know we ‘should’ do but don’t, because we just don’t know how to have more energy. So we stay where we are in all facets of life.


How To Get More Energy Every Day

How to have more energy.

So far so obvious though, right? We know we feel weak and tired and we do TRY to get more energy, but most of us plump for the ‘quick fixes’ of sugar and caffeine. The huge success of companies like Starbucks & Red Bull is built on this.

These shouldn’t be our long-term solutions though. There are simpler, healthier ways to get more energy throughout the day.

As a father of 3 who also trains clients at 6 am each morning, I like to think I have the battle scars to show I know a bit about thriving despite less than stellar sleep and early starts. So I would hereby like to give you my top 3 realistic tips for how to get more energy each and every day.


3 Simple Ways To Get More Energy

How to get more energy naturally.



The big one first! Seriously, if we fix this one then everything else is icing on the cake. A good night's sleep allows us to recover physically and mentally, and attack the next day. Terrible sleep makes it feel like the next day is attacking us!

By taking a few simple steps each day to ensure you sleep well each night, your energy levels will go through the roof. 



After a high carbohydrate lunch (bread, pasta, potatoes, etc) you can feel lethargic and lacking energy. Carbohydrates cause blood sugar to spike then drop suddenly as the body releases insulin. This is why you may find yourself yawning at your desk at 2 pm!

Consider focusing more on protein-rich foods at lunch (meat, fish, eggs, legumes), and save the carbohydrates for dinner time.


Morning Workouts

Controversial one maybe - if you already lack energy in the mornings then the idea of working out feels masochistic! But exercising in the morning releases endorphins, giving you energy and a positive outlook for the rest of the day. It will also ensure that your body is tired enough at the end of the day to get into a deep sleep, which we now know will give us more energy the following day!


Let’s Ditch the Quick Fixes

By sleeping longer and more deeply we can feel full of energy the next day. Morning workouts and using carbohydrates ‘strategically’ can ensure energy levels are high throughout the day too. 

And aside from these huge health and wellbeing pay-offs, there’s one more bonus - think of all the things you can buy with the money you’ll save on coffee and energy drinks!


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