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10 Relaxing Video Games Before Going to Bed
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10 Relaxing Video Games Before Going to Bed

Video games

10 Relaxing Video Games Before Going to Bed

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Video games are my great passion. The main reason being the range of emotions it succeeds in creating in me year after year. I have a winning sequence in Call of Duty, I feel like the king of the world... but ten minutes later, nothing works anymore and I swear in front of my screen, promising with a clenched fist to never play it again (in vain, of course).  

To take my mind off it, I launch a quick TETRIS 99. I manage to get past the stressful TOP 10, but then, everything starts to fall apart... I make a mistake, then two, I feel hot, my joints hurt, I finish the game in the third position. My heart wants to get out of my chest, I feel like splitting my Switch on my knees! I take a deep breath, turn off my console, go to bed to sleep, and... nothing happens. Have you ever tried to sleep with your teeth and fists clenched!? Well, I can't do that. 

Let's just say that these are pretty far from being relaxing video games... 

So I thought of a very special list, based on my personal video gaming experiences. 10 relaxing games that put me, after a few minutes, in a state of calm and zenitude before falling gently into a peaceful sleep.

My favorite relaxing video games


Golf Story

Golf Story is a relaxing video game.

An endearing adventure. This game touched my nostalgic heart. Here, our friendly golfer friend tries to take his place among the greatest by performing various tasks related to golf, but in a crazy context. It's a calm video game that you play in a relaxed way, with a smile on your face.

Beyond Blue

Beyond blue: a calming video game.

A scuba diving game, based on the documentary series Blue Planet 2. A videogame experience where you enjoy swimming near sperm whales, fishes, and exploring the sea bed. Highly educational, this relaxing game is really close to being contemplative and plunges us into a real state of tranquility.

Bridge Constructor Portal

Bridge Constructor Portal Screenshot.

This game takes a special place in my heart because it fits into the exciting world of Portal. Here, the player has to build bridges under the watchful eye of the GLaDOS artificial intelligence. Simple, funny, endearing, it forces us to rack our brains more and more as we progress, but remains very calming.

State of Mind

Play State of Mind before going to sleep.

A particularly astonishing adventure set in the near future and revolving around the concept of transhumanism. Slowly paced game, superb art direction, scenario taking the lead from journalist Richard Nolan. One of my favorites!

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2

A screenshot from Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2.

Really? Oh yes! Recently launched, it offers a very complete creation mode where you can build your own virtual skatepark and spend hours thinking about the ideal course! A ramp here, a jump there, you'll dream about it!


Minecraft is a chill video game.

Forget about relaxation in survival mode, but creative mode is just so calming. An idea is germinating in your mind? The idea of creating that huge castle you saw in a movie yesterday? Go for it! Simply create your masterpiece! 

A PlayStation VR mode was released in September. This could create a feeling of awesomeness like no other when I'm in the heart of my castle! Hmm... but this might awaken my senses and take Minecraft out of the relaxing games category!

Super Mario Maker 2

The game Super Mario Maker 2.

Another creation game. Very complete, rich, and user-friendly. The tools are easy to use and once you get the idea of how to play it, you're just into the creative process. Ah yes, avoid playing other people's levels before bedtime, because you never know if you're going to stumble upon a 3652 peaks dungeon, or a giant Bowser that spits fire. Only play creation before bedtime!

Animal Crossing New Horizons

One of the most relaxing video game is Animal Crossing New Horizons.

He's been a big talker this year. A breath of fresh air, peace of mind at every game, each time you wake on this paradise island. 

An immersive game, joyfully addictive, but above all, very calm. Gently developing your little corner of paradise, with many possibilities to create, it is certainly a very calming video game.

The Sims 4

The Sims 4 is a great video game to relax to.

My wife loves the experience offered by this game. Nothing annoying or stressful, except managing several Sims simultaneously and... learning to accept the occasional arrival of the Grim Reaper when your virtual friends are taking their last breath. I remember watching one of my wife's Sims get accidentally crushed by a retractable bed! But aside from those funny moments, The Sims 4 is definitely part of the relaxing games category.

Clubhouse Games 51 Worldwide Classics

Clubhouse Games 51 Worldwide Classics

With this game, it is possible to combine your desire to play and your need to relax and sleep. A short game of Blackjack, two of Volte-Face (I love this game), a bit of Golf, a game of billiards, a little Yam's and POOF!... you’re asleep. Nice variety for all tastes with its many relaxing mini-games.


And the games to avoid before going to sleep? All the "Battle Royale" type games and horror games. I have a turbo mega list to share with you! We'll talk about it later!

If ever, in spite of this great relaxing games list, you can't get to sleep, there are always the classic tricks, the little rituals to do before going to bed.


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