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5 Ways to Boost Your Immune System
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Boost immune system


5 Ways to Boost Your Immune System

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Immunity is not passive. With some simple changes and additions to their lifestyle, anybody can boost their immune system. 

Your health is especially important in this post-pandemic world; here are 5 ways you can boost your immune system.


#1: Change your diet

Shiitake, Maitake, and Chaga are 3 types of functional mushrooms proven to support the body's immune response. Great sources of nutrients, they are easy to incorporate into your diet. Some companies even produce mushroom powders, such as Four Stigmatic.

Additionally, you can start adding fermented food to your diet. Three-quarters of our immune system is in our gut. So if you want to have a strong immune system, it's imperative you take care of it. Add kefir, kimchi, kombucha, tempeh, miso, or yogurt to your meals. 

If you're not intimidated by the after-taste, garlic is another natural immune booster. You can cook garlic with your meals, but if you're up for a challenge, you can also eat it raw.


#2: Take some vitamin supplements.

Vitamin supplements are essential for a healthy lifestyle. If you don't know which supplements to get, I recommend magnesium, vitamin C, and vitamin D.

  • Magnesium plays an important role in immune function by reducing inflammation. If you want to avoid supplements, foods such as nuts, leafy greens, fish, and beans are high in magnesium. 

  • Vitamin C is another well-known immunity supplement. Have your vitamin C early in the morning for extra energy on the go. Add some food high in vitamin C to your meals, such as lemon, orange, pineapple, broccoli, and cauliflower. 

  • Studies have shown that vitamin D deficiency leads to autoimmune diseases. Supplementing with vitamin D has benefits, but you can also get your source of vitamin D from the sun.


#3: Move your body

Exercise assists your body by detoxifying your lymph system

Walking or doing chores, along with other intense exercises such as working out or going to the gym can improve your immune system. When you exercise, you sweat, and sweat is the body’s way to eliminate toxins.

You can also jump on a mini-trampoline to increase your lymph flow. The G-forces created by rebounding get your lymph fluid flowing. 

When you exercise, remember to drink a lot of water to improve the functioning of the lymph system.


#4: Fast

Fasting supports immunity, the growth of new white blood cells, and detoxifies the body. 

If you don't know how or where to start with fasting, intermittent fasting can be a good start. Simply skip breakfast and have your first meal at lunchtime. 

You can also have a longer fasting period. Quit eating at sunrise and eat only at sunset for a week or two. Allow yourself to have plenty of water to detoxify.

After fasting, make your own immunity booster: add half a teaspoon of turmeric in a glass of water and drink it. Add ginger to it for extra benefits.


#5: Meditate and practice gratitude

Meditation is not only good for the mind, but it also helps strengthen the immune system, repairing skin, bones, and muscles. 

Once or twice a day, pause for 15 minutes and close your eyes. Focus within yourself and if any thoughts are coming, just observe them and let them pass by. If the only time you have available is when it's time to go to bed, try bed meditation.

Along with meditation, gratitude practice has many benefits. A study shows that people practicing gratitude report feeling healthier than those who don't. Gratitude can lower cortisol levels by 25% too.

Regularly practice gratitude by having a gratitude journal and filling up one to three pages a day.


Boosting your immune system has never been so easy. Yet too many people rely on Western medicine to fix their immune system when it is too late. 

So give these tips a go and see the changes for yourself.


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