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Best Natural Sleep Aid for Elderly
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Best natural sleep aid for elderly


Best Natural Sleep Aid for Elderly

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Many older adults suffer from insomnia or experience a decline in the quality of their sleep. Difficulty falling asleep, poor sleep, early or nocturnal awakenings... The quality of sleep and its cycles change over time. If you experience some of these difficulties, pharmacological treatments should not be the first solution to consider! 

In fact, in addition to the risks of addiction, regular sleeping pills can lead to potential side effects such as confusion, falls and fractures in seniors. Fortunately, there are other, more gentle solutions to promote healthy sleep. Learn about some of the best natural sleeping aids for seniors. 

Herbal Teas and Soothing Plants for Sleep

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To cure insomnia or any other sleep problem, the best natural sleeping aids for seniors to consider are found in plants! Depending on the cause of insomnia, various herbs can help you improve sleep quality and reduce stress at night or regulate your sleep-wake cycle:

  • Chamomile 

  • Valerian root

  • Lavender

  • Lemon balm

  • Linden

  • Passionflower

  • Lemon balm

To enjoy their benefits, consume these plants in infusion, in capsules, or in tincture. Some can also be used in essential oils.

Additionally, melatonin is another short-term natural sleep aid. Known as the sleep hormone, melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland at night. Melatonin supplements help reduce the time it takes to fall asleep and are especially effective in case of jet lag.

Homeopathic Treatments

Natural sleeping aid

Among the natural remedies to improve sleep quality, homeopathy offers some of the best natural sleep aids for seniors. This alternative medicine can act as a preventive and curative measure to help restore regular sleep or combat insomnia in seniors. 

Homeopathy is especially interesting for seniors because it has no side effects and is not habit-forming. Depending on the cause of the sleep disorder, you can try different homeopathic dosages and treatments, including:

  • Arsenicum Album 9ch and Passionflower: these two remedies act in case of anxiety or too much cerebral activity. Arsenicum Album granules can also act in case of premature awakening. 

  • Arnica 9ch: relieves physical or emotional trauma and supports the body following a significant effort. Arnica can also help in case of evening anxiety. 

  • Aconitum Napellus: this treatment is recommended following a great fear. 

  • Stramonium 9ch: acts in case of fear of the dark or difficulty sleeping alone.

  • Nux Vomica 9ch: these pills are generally indicated in case of digestive disorders and also act in case of excessive consumption of stimulants (such as caffeine or alcohol) or excessive eating.

  • Coffea Cruda 9ch: in the form of granules, this treatment helps to combat insomnia due to excessive brain activity or overexcitement. This dilution also acts in case of insomnia due to too much coffee consumption. 

  • Ignatia Amara: this treatment acts on insomnia due to a shock or an annoyance. It can also help in the case of light sleep.

  • Gelsemium: those granules can act as a soothing agent in cases of anxiety, intellectual overwork or nervous breakdown.

With one or several of these dilutions, you can treat your sleep disorders and find a gentle and long-term solution for your body. Get advice from a specialized practitioner to find out which homeopathic remedy is right for you. 

Exposure to Natural Light

Elderly great sleep

Finally, the best natural sleep aid for seniors is to maintain a good lifestyle and sleeping habits. As we age, many people decrease their outings and physical activities, which can disrupt sleep patterns. 

This is why specialists recommend exposing yourself to natural light once a day to regulate your internal biological clock and regain a regular sleep cycle. 

Moreover, practicing daily physical activity facilitates a state of calmness in the evening and helps to fall asleep better. 

Quality Bedding for Better Sleep

Good sleep fights insomnia

Lastly, to maximize quality sleep, make sure you have the right bedding for your needs! Polysleep offers a variety of high-quality mattresses, delivered to your home. Take advantage of Quebec's mattress excellence to get a deep and restful sleep.


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