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Should You Be Sleeping with Your Dog?
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Sleeping with your dog


Should You Be Sleeping with Your Dog?

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So, you've just become the proud owner of a new furry friend? Congratulations, it's the beginning of a great new adventure! I am sure that you will have many questions about how you can welcome this new family member in the best possible way. 

Do you wonder, for example, whether it is a good idea to sleep with your dog or not? Here is a little guide with the pros and cons.

Is Sleeping with Your Dog Good for Your Sleep?

Some pet owners like to sleep with their little companion because it improves their sleep quality. Several studies have indeed shown the positive effects of co-sleeping with a dog on the owners' physical and mental health. 

In the United States, research has shown that having a dog in the bed makes the owner feel more comfortable and secure. It reduces his heart rate and limits the appearance of sleep disorders and other health problems. 

However, if sleeping with your dog can help some people sleep better, it can also have the opposite effect for others. For example, people who sleep lightly or who wake up easily when there is any noise or movement!

A small animal that moves during the night, makes noises when dreaming or snores could disrupt your sleep. In cases like this, for better sleep efficiency, it is better to avoid letting your dog sleep with you.

Dog Sleeping in the Bed : a Personal Choice

When it comes to education, each owner is free to make his own choices. Sleeping with your dog is a personal decision that depends on your needs and preferences. Some people like to sleep with their dog in the bedroom or on the bed and others prefer to sleep in a separate room.

Why does my dog choose to sleep with me? Dogs are very social. They also like to sleep in a space where they feel good, soft and comfortable. This can be in the bedroom or elsewhere in the house. It all depends on the owner's willingness to share his bed or room, and whether the dog feels the same. 

Psst! Dogs sometimes sleep with their eyes open. If you wake up at night and discover your dog watching you with his eyes open while sleeping, don't panic! It happens!

Things to Know Before Sleeping with Your Dog

why does my dog choose to sleep with me

Is it ok to let your dog sleep with you? If you're not sure, there are a few things to consider. 

  1. Dog Training

Canine education rules have evolved a lot over time. Some believe that sleeping with his animal can influence the relationship of domination between the dog and his owner. However, everything depends on what the master teaches him! 

First, sleeping with the dog should be the owner's decision. If you choose this option, remember that consistency is the key. 

To clarify the rules, trainers advise having your dog wait for your permission before getting on the bed. He should also listen to you when you ask him to get off.

From time to time, have the dog sleep in another room and make him comfortable. This will help him understand that the bedroom is not his space, but yours. 

There are some cons in dog training. For example, avoid sleeping with your dog if:

  • He has separation anxiety;

  • He is reactive, nervous, growls or shows his teeth; 

  • He refuses to get out of bed when asked.

In any of these cases, don't let him sleep in the bed until the matter is resolved. If the animal is nervous, you can avoid incidents by putting a comfortable mat at the foot of the bed.

  1. Hygiene and Sleeping with Dogs

Not all dogs are kings of cleanliness. After a day of exploring and playing, your pet will rarely be at the top of his game, not to mention all the hair he may shed!

To start with, hair can carry dust and germs, which is conducive to the development of allergies. People who are sensitive to these kinds of allergens should avoid sleeping with their dog, even in the same room.

For optimal sleep, owners should also consider antimicrobial pillows and mattresses to help reduce allergies. This is the case with Polysleep's Memory Foam Mattresses and our Memory Foam Pillows.

Also, hair can carry parasites into the bed or bedroom (ticks, fleas, lice, etc.) that can be a risk to humans. 

You must accept the fact that your dog may leave a little dirt on the sheets or in the room! To avoid possible complications, remember to wash the bedding and remove hair from the mattress on a regular basis. 

Avoid sleeping with your dog if: 

  • You suffer from asthma or allergies;

  • You have an immune deficiency; 

  • Your dog is sick;

  • Your dog has parasites;

  • Or if your dog has a parasite treatment on him.

  1. Sleeping With Your Dog: A Couple's Decision

Sleeping with your dog in the room or in the bed does not only involve the dog’s owner. It can also affect other people around. 

Even if it is the owner's decision, it should not be imposed on others. Sleeping with your dog as a couple should only be done if both partners agree. 

So avoid inviting your dog into your bed if: 

  • Your partner does not agree;

  • The person you are sleeping with is asthmatic, suffers from respiratory disease, is immunocompromised, etc.

Can I Sleep with my Puppy?

is it ok to let your dog sleep with you

We know that sleeping with your little friend can be tempting at first! Before you start a habit, ask yourself if you'll want to continue sleeping together when he grows up. 

Also, remember that a puppy isn't potty-trained fully until he's 2 or 3 months old. To avoid accidents, wait until he's fully potty-trained before sharing your bed.

As a small dog, your puppy is also much more fragile., so be careful not to hurt him if you tend to move around during the night.

10 Tips for Sleeping Safely with Your Dog 

Health and hygiene:

  1. Wash and brush the dog regularly;

  2. Do a parasite check before sleeping;

  3. Deworm regularly and keep his vaccines up to date;

  4. Add a blanket for the dog, placed on your bed, above the sheets;

  5. Wash the sheets at least once a week;

  6. Vacuum your room several times a week;

  7. Air your room daily.


  1. Remember: the owner decides when the dog can get on the bed;

  2. Keep a basket in the room to send him to if he is restless or not following the rules;

  3. Set up another sleeping area for the dog in another room, where he will sleep from time to time. 

Enjoy Ideal Sleeping Conditions 

Regardless of your preference for sleeping with your dog or cat, the basis for quality sleep is quality bedding! To offer optimal comfort to both owners and dogs, check out our collection of hybrid foam mattresses, 100% made in Canada. 

Designed with premium materials, its foam is also antimicrobial, which reduces the risk of allergies. An ideal mattress for sleeping with your dog in complete safety. 


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