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Digital detox: The Art of Disconnection
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Digital detox: The Art of Disconnection


Digital detox: The Art of Disconnection

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Digital Detoxification, or How to Disconnect From Screens and Better Reconnect With Yourself

Are you also tired of being constantly hyper-connected?

Do you feel like your phone is grafted to your hand and your brain automatically fusions with any screen that is nearby?




And more precisely, a digital detox kind of break.

Let’s go back to the essential, to the present moment.


What Is a Digital Detox?

A digital detox is a concept born in the United States that consists of disconnecting from your screens (smartphone, tablet, computer) to better reconnect with yourself.

The numbers are terrifying: we consult our phone between 25 and 50 times a day, 60% of us within an hour of waking up... and some of the effects can be really harmful: concentration problems, memory difficulties, sleep problems, low self-esteem, anxiety, depression…

digital detox.

But it is important to know that hyperconnection is rarely a real addiction. It is rather a form of social pressure that we find difficult to resist. 

A digital detox will therefore not really be a withdrawal. The objective is rather to learn to moderate oneself and to diversify one's activities in order to create links with others in a different way. And the more you achieve this detox gradually, regularly, and then when possible over a long period of time, the more its impact will be lasting and truly beneficial.

For a successful digital detox, there are a few tips to keep in mind:

Prepare Your Plan of Action (or Rather of Non-Action!)

Do you just want to reduce or completely cut your virtual presence? How, for how long? Remember to be clear about your goals if you want to go all the way.

Choose Your Moment Carefully

Weekends and vacations are a good choice to make a long-lasting digital disconnection, and the more you are in Nature and/or socially surrounded, the easier it will be.

Sort Through Your Apps on Your Phone

You certainly have applications that are more or less useful, so delete the ones that are not useful or that waste your time. Of course, you'll realize that all social applications are the first ones to be affected, the ones from which you need to detoxify the most.

Waiting to have access to a computer to consult them if they are no longer on your phone will already help you to restrict their use. You will soon realize that a simple daily visit to your accounts is more than enough to keep you informed of the essentials.

And of course, cut out the notifications, and eventually install an application that will allow you to manage your screen time. Personally, I use Forest, which I think is great.

Leave Your Phone Aside

At night, leave your phone off in the living room and replace it with a good old-fashioned alarm clock. We're back to traditional methods!

△ No More Screens After 8:30 PM!

Electronic detox.

A very simple rule that works really well for me: No more screens after 8:30 pm. Because we know very well that screens before going to bed can disturb sleep.

If you test this rule, you'll see how freeing yourself from any connection for the evening can be super beneficial and even enjoyable. This discipline of digital detoxification, which will quickly become a habit, will help you give your eyes the rest they need to calm the central nervous system before going to sleep.

It offers a break to your overstimulated mind during the day, and it will improve the quality of your sleep as well as your stress level.


A Small Morning Digital Detox

In the morning, for example, you could decide not to look at your phone until you've showered and finished breakfast, or until the kids are in school. Instead, use the time to tell your significant other about your dreams or reveal a juicy anecdote from your past to your kids, who love those.

Family Challenges

You could also challenge your family. Tell everyone to put away their phone, and announce that the first one who touches his phone does the dishes! Or at a restaurant with friends, put the bill into play.


Every Time You're About to Pick up Your Phone, Ask Yourself This Question:

"What would you do if, instead of wasting time on social networks, instead of compulsively checking for new messages, instead of playing a video game ... you left your phone in your bag?

Digital Detox in a Group

If you think you need support, it might be a good idea to do a digital detox with several people.

Compensates with other activities

Compensate with physical and social activities (real life), reading, writing, rest in Nature... These activities must be included in your initial action plan, they will represent your objectives.

Create Own Your Reward System

If you need motivation, you may want to offer yourself some rewards:

  • 1/2 day without a screen = buy a book
  • 1 day without screen = one massage

Plane Mode

And once you're ready, put your phone in airplane mode as soon as possible, stash it in a drawer and enjoy your digital detox!

Phone, internet & tv detox.

So, feel like giving it a try?


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