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Love Coaching with Diana: Tips for intimate convos in bed
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Love Coaching Reconnect in Bed


Love Coaching with Diana: Tips for intimate convos in bed

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Have you ever experienced the benefits of an intimate conversation in bed with your significant other?

Diana Eskander, love expert and speaker, explains to Polysleep why your room is the ideal place to communicate with your partner.

Here you'll find some tips on how to create the ideal space and consider your bedroom as a place to connect.

The bedroom: a place of intimacy

Our best conversations often take place in the bedroom.

Why is that? Because it allows us to get away from all the things we have to do, cleaning, working, paying bills etc.

The warm and cozy space created by our bedroom is perfect for deeper, meaningful conversations.


A good conversation starts with setting up your space.

Think about the things that will make you feel at peace and relaxed:

How to improve the feeling your bedroom?

With your partner, you might consider:

- Removing the television from the bedroom

- Install blinds or curtains

- Invest in nice bedding/sheets or even add extra pillows. Some inspiration here! 

This will help create an atmosphere of comfort and intimacy in your bedroom.

- Adding a dimmer switch to adjust the lighting to suit the mood can be a game changer!

- Add candles, plants, and even flowers. However, not all plants have their place in your room and some can be dangerous to animals. Check out our guide to choose plants for your bedroom.

- Think about the colors and decor that you both really like and that help create this balance.

You can make a list of how you really want to feel in your bedroom, and then think about what you need to remove to create this feeling and what should be added.

The most important thing is to make sure that your room is really comfortable for you and your partner.

Your room is a place where you need to feel supported, rested, calm, inspired and sexy.

how to speak better in bed with your partner

The atmosphere is set...let's move on to "bed talk"!

Don't invite your partner only at bedtime. You can also start an intimate conversation by getting away from everything, lying down and getting comfortable together and allowing the pleasant conversations to flow:

As you get into bed, breathe out deeply and settle into your space.

Let the rest of your day pass.

Hold your partner close to you, perhaps holding and massaging their hand a little, and then settle down to have a really exciting conversation!

Be curious about each other, ask questions. If you do this without judging or criticizing, you are really inviting the space for a deeper conversation.

It's really important that you and your partner feel safe to dive into deeper layers, which, let's be honest, we all long for!

Understand that the person accompanying you is your partner, your ally.

You are on the same side, and even if you are not always on the same wavelength, sooner or later you will find yourself on at least one similar page by keeping this state of mind.

Have you ever heard of "never going to bed angry" ? In fact, it's best to leave some conversations on hold until you have more clarity and peace of mind in your heart.

You can choose to always give a hug and kiss before going to sleep!

We can easily take for granted what (or who!) is already in our lives. Your bed is a nice place to practice gratitude to connect with your partner and with yourself.

You can meditate, read, keep a journal, and simply indulge in the warmth and comfort of the space you both have created.

Your bedroom can easily be the refuge needed from the rest of the world where you can escape to every day.


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