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How to style a bedroom without bed frame by Vivi Towers
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How to style a bedroom without bed frame by Vivi Towers


How to style a bedroom without bed frame by Vivi Towers

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A good night's rest doesn't have anything to do with being as far from the ground as possible. If you choose not to have a bed frame, it doesn't necessarily mean you'll be sacrificing comfort, especially if you own one of Polysleep's Mattresses. 

For example, The Zephyr Mattress has a Nanobionic Organic Cover that recharges your body faster and more efficiently, resulting in a better sleep quality. It also features a proprietary support frame that keeps your mattress from flattening when you sit on the edge and reinforces the structure. 

Floor beds can seem sloppy and untidy, but the trick to pulling them off is the styling, it’s really all about balance. 

When done right, low mattresses can create an easy-going cool look without looking like you tried too hard. 

So here are some home decor tips that will help you elevate your space.

zephyr mattress polysleep bedroom no bed frame inspiration

1. Rugs

Rugs add a non-permanent design element to a room.

Adding one underneath your mattress automatically sets the tone, creating a cozy ambiance while protecting your mattress from leaving it directly on the floor.

2. Bedding 

When it comes to choosing bedding, linen is soothing and always a great choice to dress up your bed in an effortless way.

To finish styling your bed, you can definitely play with different textures by adding extra pillows and a cute throw to reinforce the cozy vibes.

How to Make Your Room Look Good Without a Bed Frame

3. Plants

Plants in your bedroom help to purify the air. They absorb harmful gases through the pores in their leaves, filtering and cleaning the air you breathe every day. Here is a list of plants that can help you sleep but also to avoid in your bedroom! 

Aside from these benefits, they can also become a true decorative element!

When in doubt, stock up on your favourite indoor greens. Adding them will make any room full of life and serenity. 

One of the best parts of adding plants to any space is playing with the different ways of displaying them.


You can either hang them in planters, place them on shelves, or use decorative pots with different colours, shapes, and textures that compliment your space's aesthetic. 

style your bedroom with plants

4. Hang Some Art

Wall Art is one of the elements that matter the most in interior design. It opens up a space adding colour, vibrancy, and life into any room. 

It also reflects a lot about you, making your space feel way more personal and unique. 

Choose prints that speak to you and compliment the vibe of the room.

Picking different frames is super important when it comes to curating your wall art; I personally love gold frames for a more elevated look and oak frames as well for a subtle look.

How to Make Your Room Look Good Without a Bed Frame


5. Bedside Table

Having your bed placed on the floor doesn't mean you need to sacrifice having a bedside table where you can place a few of your must-have items for a bedtime ritual.

I always like to play along with these items to keep things stylish in the bedroom.  

When choosing your table, the sky is the limit.

You can choose from classic tables to sculptural stools, pedestals, a trunk, a bar stool, a side chair, etc. I like adding a small coffee table; it's a great alternative to a bedside table and doesn't take too much space.

I like to add a pair of my favourite books for the styling part, a cute lamp, maybe a vase with some pampa grass, and some scented candles to set the mood.  

How to Make Your Room Look Good Without a Bed Frame with Bedside Table


6. Mirrors

Mirrors are significant decorative objects; they reflect light and open up rooms and make them look great in general.

A good mirror can be a great ally when you have a small space. You can even use several of them in the same room.


Mirror in a bedroom styling tip

7. Vintage Decorative Items

I'm a huge fan of everything vintage, especially when decorating any room in my home.

There's something so unique and special about vintage pieces, probably the way they're made. Let's be honest, they don't make things anymore like they used to.

The craftsmanship and quality of the materials are definitely way better. 

Vintage objects have their own beautiful imperfections. They have a story behind and that Je ne sais quoi that adds character to any space.

They are also a great way to help the environment by repurposing and giving objects a second life.


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