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Why Sex Before Bed Helps You Sleep Better
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Sex before sleep


Why Sex Before Bed Helps You Sleep Better

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Maybe you've googled " tips for sleeping," hoping to find different ways to fall asleep. 

If white noise machines, sleeping masks, and black curtains didn't already help beat your insomnia, I have good news for you: sex before sleep can solve your problem!

You won't need sleeping pills anymore​​just a partner or your hand and maybe a sex toy. 


Sex before bed benefits

Sex before bedtime

Are you familiar with the sensation you get after a great workout session? The one in which all you want to do is take a shower and get in bed. 

Well, sex before bedtime can do the same. It will make your heart beat faster and tire you out, which is ideal to fall into a state of deep sleep.

Sex before bedtime will also boost and release many feel-good chemicals. Those chemicals will help you feel calm and relaxed and fall asleep. It has been scientifically proven that a little dance in the sheets with your partner will:

  • Release oxytocin, the "cuddle hormone," and dopamine, the "feeling good" hormone.

  • Ease anxiety that may be causing your insomnia.

  • Decrease levels of cortisol, the " stress" hormone.

  • Release prolactin, a hormone that makes you feel sleepy and relaxed.

  • Increase levels of vasopressin, the hormone linked to somnolence.

Makes sense why many men fall asleep immediately after sex, right? 

Women can also benefit from this natural sleeping aid...


Other tips for sleeping

In addition, these other pre-sleep activities promote falling asleep:

  • Reading––as long as you're not using bright LED light.

  • Listening to music––choose relaxing, calm music and ditch the heavy metal.

  • Meditating––you can try a meditation app.

  • Gazing at a candle in lit-light––this is a trick that we learn at yoga school.


What if you don't have a partner?

Ways to help you sleep masturbation

Don't worry! 

First,  it is important to note that only sex that results in orgasms will help you sleep better. And to have an orgasm, you don't always need a partner.

"Even if orgasms with a partner were associated with the perception of favorable sleep outcomes, orgasms achieved through masturbation (self-stimulation) were associated with the perception of better sleep quality and latency," says a 2019 study. 

Partner or not, having a great hybrid memory foam mattress that will support your comfort during sex is key to reaching the orgasmic skies.


Sex positions that help you have better sleep

You want to choose a position that will not turn you into a pretzel. The best sex position when it comes to sleeping better seems to be spooning. It feels natural, and it's the best way to go to bed. One person lays on their side and the other person spoons them from behind.

Another sex position that helps to fall asleep is the lotus. It is the perfect position for intimacy, connection, warmth, and of course, orgasm! Facing each other,  you are easily able to look into each other’s eyes and kiss sensually. When you gaze at each other intensely in dim light, you will find it easy to get calmer and…fall asleep. 


When you were looking for things to help you sleep, it probably didn't seem obvious that sex can help falling asleep. Now, you know that one of the ways to help you sleep can be having sex before bedtime. 

Sex before sleep works a whole lot better than sleeping pills. Ditch your sleeping pills, your noise machines, sleeping masks, and black curtains and have sex instead. 

You will surely notice the difference.


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