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Sexy Bedroom Ideas: 6 Things to Make Your Bedroom a Sexier Place
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Sexy bedroom ideas.


Sexy Bedroom Ideas: 6 Things to Make Your Bedroom a Sexier Place

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Has your bedroom lost its spark for romance and feels dull? Turned from a place of romance to a home office and movie theater all in one? Then it's no longer a sexy room. 

But all is not lost! If you're looking to spark up your bedroom, here I am to help you! Here are six sexy bedroom ideas!


#1: Move the mess

Clean mess sexy room.

A room full of clutter or mess does not send the message that this is a sexy room. How are you supposed to feel sexy when all you can see is the pile of laundry or the exercise bike in the corner?

Move your laundry basket to the closet or bathroom. Find somewhere else for the home office. And that exercise bike that silently judges you––put it in the garage. If you can’t move it then lose it or hide it with a decorative screen. Doing this is already a start for sexy bedroom decor.

And check under your sexy beds. In the world of feng shui, all objects have positive or negative chi. So those tax returns you’ve shoved in a box under the bed and pictures of old lovers, they all have to go. Sexy beds must have positive energy.


#2: Setting the scene… it’s all about lighting

Lightning sexy bedroom idea.

Lighting is important for creating sexy bedroom decor. You don’t need to be swinging from a chandelier for your bedroom to be sexy. We all know that lighting sets the mood. And let's face it, no one looks good under fluorescent lighting. But the right amount of light can turn your bedroom into a boudoir.

Install dimmer switches or lower the wattage of the bulbs. Use fairy lights to give a twinkling star effect and bring the outdoors in. Candles bring in a sexy room vibe. But be warned, don’t go crazy and end up setting the curtains on fire.  


#3: It’s all about the bed

Old bed not sexy.

If your bed is limp and old,, maybe it's time to look at changing your mattress and frame. You want a sexy bed, not one that sags and smells. With a bed that's not sexy at all, it's your love life that's likely to sag.

If the only noises you hear are squeaks, the springs are popping out, or the frame wobbles, chances are it's time for a new bed.

Go down to our nearest mattress store and test a few memory foam mattresses. Sexy beds need to be able to pass the jump up and down test.


#4: Getting between the sheets

Confy sheets sexy bed.

Good hotels know the secret to create a sexy room. 

As a general rule, good hotels have crisp, soft sheets and pillows that feel like clouds.

So take a close look at your sheets and pillows: have they outlived their usefulness? If so,  change them! When changing them, you can also think about adding a touch of bright colors. As far as fabric is concerned, silk or satin can be considered sexy as well. The choice is yours.

Just be sure to increase the thread count of your sheets. It's a little more expensive, but it's worth it.


#5: A color called desire

Sexy bedroom decor.

It’s amazing the difference color can make in a room. Sure, red is the color of passion but don’t paint the whole room. 

You don’t want to feel like you are in a horror movie. 

It’s all about accents. A little bit goes a long way to creating a sexy room. Use a wall texture or even metallic paint on the ceiling to bring in that lush feel and sexiness to the room.

Take your sexy bedroom ideas that bit further and change the curtains. Something sheer and floaty for a romantic feel. Or if you can see the neighbors then something heavier to muffle sound and sight.


#6: It’s all about love…

To get that sexy bedroom decor right, it’s all about things you love. Sexy bedroom ideas need to include things that make you happy and bring you joy. Change your playlist to add calming music for relaxation. And don’t forget to add some sexier tunes to get your groove on. And finally, a sexy bedroom should be a place where you can whisper sweet nothings to your partner. Not yelling to turn the TV down.


There you go. I hope that my sexy bedroom ideas will make you want to never leave the bedroom. :)


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