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Slow Living: Learning the Benefits of a Slow Life
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Slow living.


Slow Living: Learning the Benefits of a Slow Life

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Slowing down and getting back to basics to live happily

What Is Slow Living?

We've all heard about the slow living philosophy. This trend-concept aims to counter the harmful effects of living a fast-paced life. To slow down, to be happy, to reduce the risk of burnout or illness, basically to avoid getting lost or running straight into the wall...

Slow living is a philosophy of life that allows you to be anchored in the present moment, to feel your environment with more sensitivity, to live more consciously, to recreate more qualitative human links.

Slowing down the pace and enjoying each moment is the essence of life. While living at full speed, we lose the sense of what we do, the value of things, and we give stress a head start.

So of course, slow living is an attractive and seemingly obvious notion.

But having experienced the slow-living lifestyle, I can tell you that it is not necessarily the easiest thing to do. And yet, it's frighteningly effective!

The Secret of Slow Living?

Slow down. Disconnect to better reconnect to yourself. One step at a time, being indulgent with oneself.

I suggest you start with what you think could be a good first step towards the concept of slow life... disconnect from the screens. Take the time to read and write. Practice breathing exercises, walk in nature, and spend more quality time with your loved ones. Laugh, play, meditate, garden, take a bath, cook, develop your creativity, rest, or adapt your schedule according to your daily energy.

Slow life: reading.

Personally, I like to take the time to gauge my energy level in the morning before I get out of bed. I then adapt my day's activities as much as possible according to my energy level. It's a very effective method to make sure we are in tune with the rhythm our body and mind need, avoid pressure... learn to simply listen to each other.

Slow living necessarily goes through a connection to one's intuition. Being able to recognize what feels good and letting go of what doesn't is a must. Then it is possible to move away from the superfluous and to concentrate on the essential.

And you will also see that adopting a gentler life allows us to fight against all the negative energies that come to pollute our minds and prevent us from finding sleep.

After a few days, the results will already be there: you will fall asleep more quickly, and your sleep hygiene will be better.


Living Slowly Is a Way of Life

Finally, the slow living philosophy is not just to slow down your pace, it is a complete lifestyle that encompasses the way of consuming and other notions of ethical behavior such as Slow Fashion, Slow Food, Slow Travel, Slow Parenting, zero waste...

Slow lifestyle.

In the end, slow living is about rediscovering a taste for the simple things, regaining awareness of what really matters, purifying our needs, and letting go of everything that is not absolutely vital.

Does this lifestyle appeal to you? What would be the first thing you could do to move towards this concept?


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