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Foam Mattress in Surrey | Free Delivery


Shopping for a foam mattress in the Surrey area—and anywhere else close to Vancouver—can be a tiring exercise: between the traffic jams, crowded parking lots, weather conditions—North Pole or Sahara—and waste of time, we all have more interesting things to do on a Saturday afternoon! So purchasing online can be a very attractive option, and that's why our Polysleep mattresses are available via our online store; on top of that, we’ll deliver it to your home in Surrey and everywhere else in British Columbia! If you get hives just thinking about trying mattresses for a whole afternoon, buying a mattress online is a smart choice!


What is the Polysleep Mattress?


Composed of a hybrid viscoelastic foam layer, a base layer acting as a boxspring, a transitional layer and an extra-firm frame unique in the industry, our Polysleep mattress—entirely made in Canada—can be compressed, folded, rolled and sent to your home in Surrey. Thanks to our fast delivery service, you’ll get your mattress in a very practical transport box, in just a few days. Once received, unpack it and it’ll expand back to its original shape in just a few minutes!


Why Hybrid Viscoelastic Foam?


This material is designed to conform to the shape of the body, proving you with unparalleled comfort. Even more, this foam only takes a few seconds to lower the temperature and firmness where it detects pressure points. And it doesn’t require you to spend astronomical sums or to buy a larger bed frame, since all our foam mattresses for sale close to Surrey are available in the following formats:


  • Twin;
  • Twin XL;
  • Full;
  • Queen;
  • King;
  • Californian King.


Our Foam Mattresses vs Spring Mattresses blog will inform you about the primary differences and advantages of each; read it without delay!


And what about the pillow?


If the type of mattress selected has an impact on sleep quality, the pillow also has a role to play! Made of 4 removable foam layers that can be adjusted into different positions, the Polysleep pillow is the perfect complement; adjust it to your taste and enjoy a unique and comfortable pillow suited to you! And just like all our foam mattresses, our pillows can be delivered anywhere in the Surrey area, so you can enjoy an exceptional combo and the ultimate sleep experience!

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