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Foam Mattress in Terrebonne | Free Delivery


Shopping for a foam mattress in the Terrebonne area—as well as elsewhere! —can be exhausting: visiting numerous stores, comparing mattress prices and features, trying them… and on top of that, is lying down 4-5 minutes on a mattress in a store truly enough to figure out if it’ll be comfortable? That’s why it's possible to purchase your Polysleep mattress online and to receive it at home, in Terrebonne, a few days later!


A Trial Period of 100 Nights


You’ll enjoy a trial period of 100 nights, long enough to really test your mattress; since the best mattress isn’t necessarily the one we’re selling, but the one in which you’ll sleep best, and that is why you’ll be able to return it to us if you don’t like it, and we’ll give you a full refund without questions! The same goes for our Polysleep pillow; composed of several adjustable foam layers, you can try it in various ways by using more or less foam layers, that you can even fold of roll!


What is our Online Mattress made of?


All our foam mattresses available in Terrebonne and elsewhere in Lanaudiere are made in Quebec and composed of different foam layers:


  • The base layer acts as a boxspring and is made of high-density foam;
  • The transitional layer ensures maximum support;
  • The top layer, made of hybrid viscoelastic ventilated foam, keeps you cool all night by letting air circulate, while moulding itself to the shape of your body;
  • The extra-firm frame, proprietary to Polysleep, prevents the edges of the mattress from flattening.
  • Lastly, a spill-proof cover protects the mattress by preventing liquids from penetrating it; practical if you love to have your coffee in bed but Clumsiness is your middle name!



Delivery of your Mattress


No matter the size of mattress you need—Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and Californian King—our Polysleep mattress can be delivered for free everywhere in the Terrebonne area. Its composition allows us to compress, fold and roll it; that way, you’ll receive your mattress in a box, and the only thing left will be to remove it from its package. It’ll expand back to its original shape in only a few minutes!

To find out more about our foam mattresses available close to Terrebonne, or to get some advice, for example, on the best way to choose your mattress or on what to eat before going to sleep, browse through the various sections of our website!

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