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Discover Polysleep in Montreal’s mattress stores!


That’s it… this can’t wait any longer! What you’ve been dreading for a few months just got confirmed: you have back pain in the morning, and you need to get a new mattress!


You’ve already made the connection: you’ll have to sacrifice the next weekends making the rounds of bedding stores in Montreal and the surrounding area to test mattresses, compare them, and make up your mind … in short, a scary movie!


Of course, you want the best value for your money on the Island of Montreal, without taking out a second mortgage on your home. And, in the best of all worlds, you would prefer a pub crawl to a tour of Montreal's mattress stores.


At Polysleep, we understand you! That's the reason why we started our foam mattress company. We will talk here below about the solutions we found!


Actually going to mattress stores in Montreal? It’s not 95 anymore!


Comparing mattresses and choosing yours in a store, that’s outdated! We’re in the 2.0 era: we can easily buy anything online, so why not your mattress in a box? And that’s what we’re offering you at Polysleep.


Buying your foam mattress couldn't be easier. Go to, select the mattress model and size that suits you, pay and hop! Your mattress will be delivered directly to your door. And it won’t cost you anything with our free delivery service. Take out the mattress from its box, give it time to expand back to its definitive shape, and hop again! You’ll be able to sleep in it that same night in your home in the city of Montreal.


Uncompromising guarantees for worry-free nights on the Island of Montreal!


However, one fear remains: how can I be sure that the mattress will suit me?


To this, our answer is: try it! We are partners with several mattress stores in Montreal, where you’ll be able to try our mattresses, to lie on top of them and touch the material to get a better idea of its quality.


On top of that, you’ll have a trial period of 100 nights after purchase to decide if the Origin, Polysleep or Zephyr foam mattress you ordered fulfills your expectations. For the Baby mattress, your little one will have 30 nights to make a definitive choice.


Also, the Origin and Baby mattresses are guaranteed for 5 years, while the Polysleep and Zephyr models come with a 10-year warranty. You’ll be able to sleep soundly on your Polysleep mattress in Montreal for a looooong time!


Mattresses that offer unparalleled comfort to support ratio in the city of Montreal!


“It's all well and good to talk about ease of purchase and satisfaction guarantee, but we should talk about the specifics of your foam mattresses!”


And you’re so right! What is unique about the Polysleep mattresses in the vicinity of Montreal? The fact that all our mattresses use viscoelastic hybrid foam.


This type of foam offers the best of all worlds: comfort at all time with just the right amount of support so you can have the dreamy nights! Regarding the Zephyr mattress, it features a memory foam mattress topper that uses GelFlex Plus technology. Thanks to the latter, it offers you personalized support while keeping you at the right temperature, summer and winter! Finally, both the Zephyr mattress and the Polysleep mattress have ultra-firm reinforcements on each side, to prevent premature flattening and to enhance the longevity of the mattress!


So visit HERE right now to choose your online mattress made in Canada, and to receive it at home in Montreal, or elsewhere in Canada!


Still not convinced by our mattresses? Consult our Foam mattress guide HERE. Also, take the time to consult our guide about “Choosing the dimensions of your bed” and our guide about mattress sizes to help you select the right mattress to match your bed.


We look forward to counting you among our customers!

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