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Your good old mattress is done. The signs of its swan song are all there: sore muscles upon waking up, flattened edges and unsavory smells despite your efforts to keep it clean. It’s time for a change, and you’re already seeing yourself having to sail the seas of mattress stores of North York and its surroundings in the Toronto suburbs to buy a new one. Your headache is starting, but you must be ready and on the look out. This is unbelievable in the 2.0 era! Just like you, we were fed up at Polysleep. That’s why we’ve decided to allow you to order your Polysleep mattress directly online from your home in North York!


Shopping for your mattress online from the Toronto suburbs: nothing but advantages!


We, too, went trough this. That’s in fact why we’ve created our company! With our Polysleep mattresses, our goal was to simplify the purchasing process in the mattress industry everywhere across Canada, included in North York, in the suburbs of Toronto.


With Polysleep, you’ll benefit from a purchase experience 2.0. Choose a Polysleep mattress among the three offered in adult sizes (Origin mattress, Polysleep mattress or Zephyr mattress), and order it in a step on our website.


From that point on, we’ll take care of everything. You’ll receive your mattress in a box straight to your door via free delivery. Drag the box directly into your sleeping den, take it out of its package, wait for the mattress to expand back to its definitive shape, and ta-dah! You’ll be able to sleep on your Polysleep mattress that same night in North York.


But the magic doesn’t stop here. You’ll be able to test your mattress, no matter the model, for a trial period of 100 nights. If you’re not convinced, we’ll come directly to your home to rewrap it and pick it up! And in the more probable case you want to keep it, you’ll have peace of mind thanks to our warranty of 5 years for the Origin model, and of 10 years for the Polysleep and Zephyr mattresses. So you’ll sleep like a log in the suburbs of Toronto for many years!


“Err, are you selling super services, or foam mattresses?”


Ok, it’s now time to talk about the Polysleep mattress that you’ll surely to order from North York. Our mattresses are made up of viscoelastic hybrid foam, a material that has the characteristic of providing you with just the right amount of support, on top of royal comfort! It will detect each of your pressure points to relieve them, and make sure that your spine is perfectly aligned. Even more, the viscoelastic foam of Polysleep mattresses is breathable, to allow optimal dissipation of heat, no matter the season.


On top of this, on the Polysleep and Zephyr models, we’ve added ultra-firm reinforced edges to the support frame of the mattress. They help to prevent the typical flattening of foam mattresses that you’ll see in the mattress stores of North York. That way, the structure is reinforced and your Polysleep mattress will last for an even longer time! And you won’t be the only one to be able to enjoy the qualities of our mattresses, since we’ve also given thought to your family’s next generation with our baby mattress, also made of foam. Little Georges will sleep like an angel!


All that’s left now is for you to order your mattress made in Canada online, directly from the Polysleep website! If you’re not convinced, you can always fall back on our foam mattress guide. And so you don’t end up with bad surprises, be sure to refer to our other guides, the first one about mattress sizes and the second about how to choose the dimension of your bed!

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