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How to Decorate a White Bedroom?
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Decorate white bedroom


How to Decorate a White Bedroom?

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Timeless, uncluttered, minimalist, zen, the “white bedroom look” is always in fashion and adjectives abound to praise its virtues! Like a marvelous blank canvas, it only awaits your creativity to highlight your personality. The secret to making this haven of peace a success is to “wake it up”, even warm it up, with the right decorative accessories. 

Wondering how to decorate a white bedroom? Here are some tips to create your own little cocoon.


Which White Paint to Choose?

Modern white bedroom

Source : Peinture MF

White evokes light and visually enlarges the space. But a plethora of shades of white has been created by paint manufacturers. 


How to Choose the Right One? 

It is recommended to examine the white samples on the wall in daylight and at different times of the day. Warm whites, tinted with beige, ochre, or pink, will bring warmth to bedrooms with little sunlight. Cool whites, tinted with gray, blue, or green, are suitable for bedrooms with lots of light and enhance a very contemporary and sober look.


Color in Small Touches

Bedroom which white paint to choose

Source : Pexels/Vlada Karpovich

The omnipresence of white paint can also create a clinical effect. That's why I recommend adding small touches of color here and there to create a contrasting effect and give character to the bedroom. 

  • A charcoal gray or fir green accent chair will bring a cozy feel without neglecting the tranquility. 

  • Accessories such as cushions and rugs in earthy colors - terracotta, ochre, saffron, brick, burnt earth, yellow - warm up the white perfectly. 

  • Powdered mineral shades, such as beiges tinted with pink, will bring even more softness. 

  • Don't forget jewel materials like gold, copper, and brass. They give a touch of light by dressing the accessories as a bedside lamp.


Natural Materials for a Cocooning Atmosphere

White bedroom Flora Design

Source : Flora Design

There is nothing like organic materials and natural fiber to enhance the lightness of your own little “white cloud”.

Bouclair comforter cover

Source : Bouclair

  • A natural wood or bamboo bedside table will bring warmth, color, and authenticity to the bedroom without weighing it down. 

  • You can also opt for accessories in beige and ecru colors in textured fabrics or material effects. Like this comforter cover by Bouclair

  • And why not throw in large woolen knits on a curly wool seat or a macramé hanging? For example, these superb creations by Flora Design.



Added to a white décor, houseplants add that exquisite touch of nature for a zen-like feel, as well as improving air quality and instilling a sense of well-being. 


Focus: The Bed!

Bed white bedroom

Source : Pexels

All these decorating tips are not enough to transform a white bedroom into a real place of relaxation if we do not pay special attention to the centerpiece: the bed. First of all, you have to take care of its location! 

According to the rules of Feng Shui, it is recommended to stick the headboard of the bed to the wall and to move it as far away as possible from the door, in order to disconnect from the outside world. 

The choice of the mattress is also essential. Is it better to choose a foam, latex, or spring mattress? Extra soft, medium, or firm?


Polysleep Mattresses

Viscoelastic Hybrid Foam mattresses

All these questions are very personal and can become a real headache. To help you out a little, the Viscoelastic Hybrid Foam mattresses offer all the advantages of these different types of mattresses: support, pressure points detection, air circulation... They are 6 to 11.5 inches thick and are made of 3 layers of foam: the first, firm enough to be used as a box spring; the second, high density for increased support, and the top layer, ventilated, antimicrobial and soft. 

All Polysleep mattresses have a medium firmness and are suitable for all body types. Although they are suitable for the vast majority of bases or box springs, you can get more firmness by combining them with the Polysleep bed base.

The ideal is always to try it out... and to take your time! That's why Polysleep offers a 100-night trial period after every online purchase. 

I hope this little guide will help you decorate your white room. If you have any suggestions or ideas that I haven't mentioned, don't hesitate to tell me in the comments!


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