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Master Bedroom Ideas: How to Create a Cozy and Warm Bedroom
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Master bedroom ideas


Master Bedroom Ideas: How to Create a Cozy and Warm Bedroom

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With fall slowly approaching and the colder weather settling in, it's also time to relax and unwind indoors. Isn't a master bedroom the perfect place to relax? 

However, in order to succeed in unplugging from everyday life, the decor and layout of the room must be thought out accordingly. 

Here are some master bedroom ideas and decoration tips to help you create a bedroom that is ideal for those slow Sundays.


#1 Good Bedroom Design Starts with Good Storage

First, it is important to plan the layout of the room so that everything is put in its proper place. This will reduce visual noise and highlight focal points and the room’s decor.

An example of this is the bedside table. Since it is a small piece of furniture, it is important to prioritize the type of objects that will be placed on it and to organize everything well. 

The bedside table of an avid reader will inevitably be filled with books (not like that’s a bad thing), but it would be interesting to place and order them so that they fit into the decor. The same goes for bedside lamps and other elements considered to be more “practical”. 

Think of including some decorative accessories and your master bedroom should look splendid! 


Master bedroom decor



#2  Taking Inspiration from Trends

The current trend in a master bedroom is to work with texture rather than color. Indeed, it is preferable to opt for a neutral or monochromatic color palette and punctuate it with different decorative elements. For a modern master bedroom, decorative objects can be made of more organic materials such as linen, cotton and wool, pottery, wood and, of course, plants, whether dry or natural.


Master bedroom design


 #3 The Bed: The Real Master in the Room!

Last but not least, one master bedroom idea is to treat the bed as the centerpiece of the room and make it inviting. 

First, let's talk about what goes on behind it, which is the headboard. 

There are several options to consider. The first option is to decorate the wall behind the bed, the bed itself or add a piece of art to create a focal point.

The wall behind the bed can be painted entirely in a different color than the rest of the room, a wallpaper can be used to give definition and it is also possible to use both mediums (paint and wallpaper) to frame the bed with different shapes. 


Small master bedroom ideas


Secondly, it is possible to place emphasis on the headboard so that it has a major impact on the master bedroom’s atmosphere. To reiterate what was mentioned earlier: harmonizing headboard’s texture with the room’s atmosphere can add warmth. Whether it's an upholstered headboard, wood, rattan or even a headboard created with built-in furniture.


Master bedroom decor ideas


And of course, THE best way to make the master bedroom "cozy" is by dressing the bed in a lush way. For instance, include multiple cushions, throws, a heavy and a fluffy comforter with a soft cover in a soothing color. Add flannel, bamboo or Egyptian cotton sheets and memory foam pillows adapted to your needs and comfort. 


Master bedroom lightning


Simply add to these a cup of coffee, a comforting candle, an engaging book or a podcast and you're all set. You'll be able to welcome fall with open arms, in the comfort of a warm and cozy master bedroom decor.


Stay tuned for more design, decorating and ambiance tips!


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