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How to Fall Asleep: 5 Reasons to Choose Polysleep
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How to Fall Asleep: 5 Reasons to Choose Polysleep

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If like thousands of people you have difficulties figuring out how to fall asleep fast and how to stay asleep, know that the problem might not only be psychological. Sometimes, it comes from something as simple as having an old mattress that just doesn’t give us the level of comfort we need. However, choosing a new mattress can be challenging. Shopping for a new mattress online, even more so. Fortunately, the Polysleep mattress is changing the game for you.

So, if you want to know how to fall asleep fast and how to stay asleep, here are 5 ways a Polysleep mattress can help you that will have you convinced.


That’s right. Sometimes, all you need to actually learn how to fall asleep fast is a mattress that offers you the right support. The right support starts with the right foundation. From its Origin Memory Foam Mattress to the Zephyr High-End Mattress, every Polysleep Mattresses have a high-density foam base layer that acts as a box spring and provides the ultimate support. Ultimate means full lumbar reinforcement and no weight limit. In other words, we're here for you, your back and you will have no trouble figuring out how to fall asleep thanks to our ultimate support.

Polysleep mattress being installed on a foundation

How to Fall Asleep: Seek the Maximum Comfort Level

Figuring out how to fall asleep fast is not only a question of support but also a question of comfort. We know that there are a lot of foam mattresses out there, but the Polysleep mattress has an undeniable edge. Teaming up with a foam maker with over 50 years of experience has given us the expertise to eclipse all others.

How? It’s all thanks to a soft foam layer designed specifically for unparalleled comfort. It’s topped with a ventilated hybrid foam, which allows air to circulate and prevents moisture from accumulating. It also helps reduce temperature and firmness under the body’s pressure points in seconds, providing you with the most comfortable good night’s sleep. Want to know how to fall asleep fast? Get yourself the maximum comfort level with a Polysleep mattress.

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A Unique and Ingenious Design

We designed the Polysleep mattress with one thing in mind: to be the best mattress on the market and offer you the best solution on how to fall asleep. The result? We checked all of the competition’s boxes... and then some. Having support and comfort covered, we go the extra mile with a unique design innovation: our extra-firm supporting side rails, which reinforces the sides of the mattress. This added support, the first of its kind, prevents the mattress from flattening out when you’re rolling toward the edge of the bed during your sleep. This bed will always be comfortable, no matter what position you choose.

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How to fall asleep: Temperature regulation

As mentioned earlier, the Polysleep mattress is made of viscoelastic foam which allows the mattress to breathe. During summer, it will help to keep the mattress cool and comfortable. It is much easier to figure out how to fall asleep in a cool room than when you are sweating your life out, after all. We can only shed so many clothes, but a Polysleep mattress will help to keep the temperature to an acceptable level.


It’s Spill Proof and Made in Canada

Lying in bed isn’t only about how to fall asleep; sometimes it’s also about how we can enjoy our bed in different ways! To top it all off, every Polysleep mattress comes with a protective easy-to-wash liquid-repellant cover. It’s soft to the touch and its sides are made out of a mesh, which allows the mattress to breathe. It’ll make breakfast in bed stress-free and much more enjoyable. You can sleep without worries knowing that your bed won’t be affected by liquids! Being stress-free is another good way to learn how to fall asleep, no?

It’s also 100% Canadian made! We are proud to say that the Polysleep mattress is designed and manufactured locally, inside and out. Buying local is something we fiercely believe in. That’s why it was important for us to work with local designers and creators to showcase their incredible work.

Have you figured out how to fall asleep, now?

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